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  1. This is a pretty soothing listen. I have also looked at the score and it seems that you are using a 3-note chord for the second and thirds beats of the waltz. Normally, that can sound quite heavy for beats 2 and 3 for a waltz on an actual piano, but then again, it may have been your intention to do so. But anyways, keep it up!
  2. This is the 2nd revision of my intermezzo from Op. 21. Sorry for the hiatus. I have been busy lately and haven't got time to properly write anything.
  3. In terms of style, I was going for an east-meets-west sort of thing, with the pentatonic scales in the end parts and the sort of mini polonaise in the middle part. Maybe there could be a better way to do this? On the mm changes and rhythmic irregularity, yes, I am still pretty much experimenting with this. Anyways, thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it. :D Awww, this is sweet. Thanks! :D
  4. Whoa! Thanks for your detailed suggestions! I will look into them and see what I can do.
  5. This is a new little personal project I am working on. Your feedback is most appreciated. For now, I have managed to write the first piece. * I have updated this post with the revised version of the first piece. * Apologies for the hiatus. I have been busy lately.
  6. Whoa, epic review! Thanks a bunch, mate! I'm gonna frame this review! :D
  7. This is serene and yet it still feels subtly dynamic. Great recording as well. Keep it up.
  8. Another old composition of mine, back when I used to write by hand. Managed to digitize this one as well.
  9. This is an old composition (a favourite of mine, actually) which I originally wrote by hand and have recently made an effort to digitize and re-rendered using a slightly better soundfont. This is a revised version, but I think it can still be further improved. Enjoy.
  10. Your sonata has a very Mozart-ian mischief to it, coupled with some Beethoven-esque textures and rhythmic patterns, especially the third movement. It's an interesting piece of work, although I must admit that the second movement feels more like a loose 'Berceuse' than a 'Romanza'. Maybe some variations on the repeats could help develop the piece better. Other than that, good work.
  11. The prelude definitely have some Hovhaness vibe to it. Nice buid-up to the fugue. Interesting fugue, as well. Doesn't seem like a fugue in the strictest sense, but then again, there are those that defy common compositional practices for fugues, so yeah, good work!
  12. Merry Christmas! Thansk for the feedback
  13. Merry Christmas, people! "Gaudete!" Op. 20 ** Score to be uploaded in the future. *** I just realised that I may have uploaded this on the wrong forum.
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