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  1. I would as soon as they can switch and again right before they play.
  2. Do you mean like a first flute part splits mid-way to flute and picc. or split solo part? If so just start it split and indicate which instrument is which. This is personally how I would do it (also preferring the top option as a player). I'm not sure if this would be classified as the "traditional way" though.
  3. I've gotten in a hard swing mood, but I can't seem to find anything. Just curious what pieces here people might have to suggest. I'm thinking hard swing like what someone would play when a dancer would come out or whatever, it just has a dirty kind of feel to it. Here is the kinda feel I'm looking for - (I wouldn't listen too long for good sounds however). As a side humor note - If anyone can explain to me why on earth the lead trumpet would stand like that, I'll give them a cookie.
  4. Thanks Ken for your advice and encouragement. It is greatly appreciated. Pate, I appreciate that perspective and I believe that too. (Sorry for the lack of content in this, I am pressed on time at the moment, but felt like making it known that I am still reading off this topic with people's ideas, opinions, and suggestions.
  5. Thanks, I'm just looking ahead because I know what I want to do and I see myself doing it. Thanks, yeah I love playing too, so I have been refining it. Navy
  6. Most parts that I have played that switch from trumpet to flugal and back have "To Trumpet" right after the flugal part is done and then again write "Trumpet" above the part to be played that way...
  7. Then that is a more outrageous claim. To be so judgmental on that basic level is utterly ridiculous. Just because I made a post with uncertainty on the question I was asking does not mean that I am "illiterate" with the way I use my words. Exact phrasing for what I was asking was escaping me. You can feel free to just leave the thread if you are going to be that ridiculous. I have PLENTY of testing credentials to refute that ridiculous statement you just made, beyond the fact that the expanse between now and when I would be going for a PhD would be more than enough time to refine my writing even more. Sunday is a relaxed day, so beyond the fact that I never asked about writing, I do not plan to write my best prose on Sundays. The topic refers to music, as does the forum, and not a single person's writing style or ability. Thanks and have a nice day.
  8. Notice that I never said composition for PhD. Please read. Beyond the fact that your post just sounded rude and was helpful none whatsoever.
  9. I figured this would be a good place to get in touch with people who are well-established or semi-established conductors, composers, people in higher ed. I have a few questions since I will be a High School senior next year. Currently I am looking at going to UGA (University of Georgia) for an Undergrad Composition. From here I am looking at going to Graduate School in a more lucrative place local (such as Belmont, Bervard, Furman, etc) to do a masters in Conducting with a possible concentration in Wind Band. Then again going up for a DMA or PhD (Still lost in the difference) up in Cincinnati, Julliard, and more of those upper schools. My hope is to teach higher ed, be a clinician, be a composer, be a conductor for a big ensemble, or basically that path. I was wondering if the people here have much experience to pick my mind and give me advice. I LOVE conducting and I LOVE composing. I feel like it would be a great life for me. I beg you to ask me questions, point me to people, point me to websites, and give me advice just because I want to be informed. Thanks -Patrick
  10. I'm working on it haha.... it so weird to work with.
  11. I'll give it a try for the heck of it lol... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradise_Lost_%28play%29 So Pickup A2, A1, D3, E1, Rest9, A2 "This page was last modified on 24 March 2013 at 04:37." 3+4(7)/2 at 201bpm? Maybe something else? xD
  12. Late response, but thanks for the suggestions!
  13. Personally, I would just play louder. You could always notate it down at mf and then the musicians will adjust themselves based on the music, which you could mention in performance notes. If you want more of a bugle sound you could have the part played with a bugle, just a thought. When I play Flugel I don't like to play loud, esspecially down low, but its possible. Its low register really pops out anyway. Kinda like when you have a french horn playing low.
  14. Trumpet players can bend notes to quarter tones yes. The further up in the harmonic series they are, the harder it gets. Pressing a valve down half way allows an easier bending, but the sound produced is similar to a buzzing sound. It isn't open.
  15. I was wondering if anyone on here knew of good pieces that fit the Equinox. Like Light/Dark. Yin Yang. Equality and such since the equinox is when there is the same ammount of daylight as darkness? All pieces welcome, but ones that would work well into a marching show would be even better. Classical. Modern. Choral. Orchestra. Wind Ensemble. Any pieces really... Thanks!
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