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  1. Hello Dchisanthako! I'm going to agree with markstyles - your genre seems to be symphonic pop! I do like this! You guys did a good job... But I think... for the ending notes of each sentence/phrase, there ought to be a more cleaner finish - I don't know whether it was arranged like that, but although the singer's voice was rather wonderful, like at the end of "The show goes o-o-on" on the "on" section, there was some "shaky notes". I'm not saying that you have to stay on ONE note at the end of these phrases, I do like the strings of - melisma, was it? - but the rhythm that you chose didn't seem to entirely hit the beat that the accompanying instruments were on. Also, one note for recording vocals - because your instrumentals were quite passionate, I think it is important to make sure that the singers are able to have dynamical differentiation. From what I hear, the vocals are in one volume, and the instruments are moving at its own pace. :) Hope I wasn't too harsh!!! Keep going!
  2. This is really delicate and eloquent! I really do love the melodies that you've created!!! :) However, personally for me, I think there should be some more extended periods of rhythmic excitement - You've used quite a lot of quavers, but some smaller units - like semi-quavers - when you did use them -- I found my ears wanting to hear more of those too! I think from experience Chinese music tends to be a little more excite-able and maybe this is why I am suggesting more semi-quavers and the like.... Overall, this is super calming! Thank you for sharing, Lilac.
  3. IF anyone is willing to throw me some classical music to listen to, I will be grateful. I've been long removed from that style of music: Or any that make YC composers so much more unique than the pop stars out there with their blazing make-up and underwear-dancing... Haaha...! So please help if you want to!!

  4. -- Emptied response due to construction reasons -- ;)
  5. -- Emptied response due to construction reasons -- ;)
  6. Heckel, Heckel, Heckel, Heckel. FLY Heckel!!

  7. I used to think having a huge skill-set of various instruments would be cool, but you know what? Piano is enough. If I ever am able to be given a time machine, I'd take up the double bass though!!!
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