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  1. 7 licks that made by me to show the most important aspects of blues piano. There are slow motions in this video as well to make it easier to follow. I'm working on PDF notations and hope can provide them soon.
  2. I was struggling to choose between one or two violins. But in some parts the double notes would be very difficult to play by one violin. Also in one measure there is a contrapuntal motion that I liked it very much! And that made using two violins inevitable!
  3. Hi everyone! I will be so glad if you listen to my new album "10 Short Romances & Other Stories" on spotify :) I put the link below and I also upload one of the romances with the score here. Hope you enjoy! https://open.spotify.com/album/2wOwTIDkmCrwLyTZLN3qBb?fbclid=IwAR2YLudAo1HQyX2-drJfDYuEaIJXItf-_NcBxAwJdGDwcLhT2EVcichnynw
  4. Thank you for responding. This is my variation on Hanon exercises to make them musical. I also wanted to keep Hanon's simplicity, so I didn't change the tonality and rhythm. And I'm very happy you liked it :)
  5. Hi everyone! I recently wrote a variation on Hanon Exercises and tried to make it beautiful! Would love to know your opinion about it :)

    1. Behdad


      Here is the link:


  6. Hi! This is my recent instrumental album :"Nine Short Romances", Tha main instrument here is the piano, but I used some other instruments as well.
  7. Hi! I recently finished an instrumental album named "Nine Short Romances". It is my pleasure if you hear it. :)


  8. Hi! I recently uploaded a symphonietta in "large ensemble" and there I asked a question. My works are often tonal and sounds like the classic and romantic periods.(although sometimes I do some innovations in harmony that weren't common in those eras). Do you think this kind of music works nowadays? This is my main concern these days. It would be greatly appreciated if you participate in this discussion.

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    2. Austenite


      I tend to stick to Romanticism, but still willing to creatively pick whatever I deem appropiate from other styles. I don't think that should be an issue at all :) .

    3. KJthesleepdeprived


      If that is where you find your voice, then that is that. As someone who is still finding his own style, I am not ruling out anything just because it's 'old'. Those older styles still have a place in music. Look at Dan and Austenite. Each is a fine composer in his own niche. There will never be too much of their classical or romantic. I would eagerly hear more of each.

    4. andy-uk


      I think it would be called neoclassical style. Stravinsky did this too starting with Pulcinella..

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