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    I'm called the musical child by my mom a lot and I see why she calls me that now.
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  1. I have no idea what to call this, but this is a spawn of an idea that came to me recently and I'm hoping it turned out well. Lemme know what you guys think!
  2. I notice I have a bad habit of disappearing from this site and reappearing randomly with new music but here we are now. The title is a work in progress still. But other than that, this came to be a thing when I looked outside one morning and saw it was snowing outside and the beginning of the piece stuck in my head and the rest is history.
  3. This is insanely good, I'm getting a hint of Stravinsky for some reason but wow! I was blown away by this piece
  4. So I was cruising around the site and I came across a piece by @celloman99 which was Dawn and Sunrise, I listened to this and thought, this is cool! Suddenly inspiration hit and I made a very crappy opposite version of their piece and called it accordingly. If it's bad I totally get it because I put it together in quite a hurry and mainly did this for fun, so tear away at it!
  5. I've been stewing on what you two said about questionable dissonances and I must either not be hearing them or I did it on purpose...I've been slowly editing and adding to it too so I'll have another score and recording to add I think
  6. Wow I am at a loss for words and I can just feel it in the melodic lines like the yearning to see your girlfriend. This is such a beautiful piece of music and I could honestly listen to this several times and never get sick of it
  7. The story begins with me having the end of this piece swirling around in my head for the last two months so my mission was to finally build a piece around that ending and I'm convinced I did what I needed to do. Now there really isn't much of a story behind this piece but my brain seems to like the idea of a circus for some reason, I haven't figured out why that is. But I will be happy to take any thoughts or advice on what is done. I'm convinced this is not the final version of this piece so I expect to be editing this for a while. (It starts out kind of loud, just warning you) Uploaded the updated score. Enjoy!
  8. Sorry for getting back to you both so late. Ilv - I see what you mean in those sections, I'll fiddle around some more with the notes and go from there Monarcheon - Thanks for the comment! I'll be honest I have no idea I was doing any indication of Klangfarbenmelodie but looking at it I must have done that unintentionally and I did rework the transition a little bit but it's not where to it fits just yet so I'm going to be updating this soon!
  9. Hey, long time no see. This is a piece I wrote a year ago and have been slowly editing since then and I think I've finally got it to where I want to. Long story short, this is a piece that follows the progression of a storm I was watching one night and became influenced by Leave comments/suggestions/critiques and so on ^^
  10. I tend to appear randomly then disappear for months, whoops

  11. Goodness, I'm always enchanted by your music, it's so pleasing and fun to listen to. Excellent job
  12. Once upon a time, I wrote a piece called The Eclipse when I was like...15. It was awful, I just started writing a choral/orchestral piece called The Eclipse with no reference to the other at all...well then

    1. Austenite


      Hopefully the newer work will "Eclipse" the old, awful one ;)

    2. KJthesleepdeprived


      Nice! :P

      I've been doing just the opposite in directly re-writing my old mediocre work. Hopefully we'll both succeed in the second effort!

  13. The title of my piece is so misleading, it's actually a tone poem and not a symphony xD

  14. The summer life, it is actually really nice

    1. JFTFT


      I don't disagree at all!

  15. This isn't the finished work but I sketched this over the summer and here is the basics of the three movements. What do you think? https://soundcloud.com/darnell-cobra-hamilton/the-night-beckons

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