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  1. 1. Which software do you use? MuseScore 2. Do you use it for composing or simply to typesetting Sometimes I use it for composing and sometimes for typesetting. It just helps me to hear the things I'm writing. 3. If you use it for composing, do you find that it helps the creative process? When I don't know what to write, I can always let the computer play everything I've written. Then I try to hear the rest in my head. I this way it helps. 4. In what ways does it limit your composing in either the short term or the long term? I can't make crescendo on my computer and the composition sounds a little bit flat (this sounded like the right word to me).
  2. I like sitting down behind my keyboard and let my hands play things. Finally I come back to the same melody again and again. This is most of the time something I like. Then I go to the computer and write it down. That's just the method that works for me. I'm not a professional composer so this is also the only way to get my music played, even though it's not a very nice sound :phones:.
  3. Now you say it... I never thought of his music that way. *turns on Pirates of the Caribbean music :smithy: *
  4. I have the same annoying problem, but sometimes it could be helpful to! Sometimes I hear a few notes and I make a whole piece from that. The only sad thing is that I can't remember it eventually. I'm doing that to sometimes. One time I had a boring piece of music which my teacher wanted me to play and somewhere I hit a wrong note from which I started composing.
  5. I don't think that really works. He didn't have an official training, but he is a musician despite the fact that he's no papers. When you want to listen to the different voices, you will hear it. Maybe you do it after you listened some hundred times, but you'll hear it.
  6. I usually hate it that people like what I make because they know me. I rather get some critique that's right, than some applause from the ones who know me. That doesn't mean I don't like good comments offcourse and when I give someone some bad critique he or she is upset about; I'm sorry!
  7. Maybe this is not the right place to ask this, because everyone here is a musician, but how do non-musicians listen to music? Do they really hear the accompaniment or do they only listen to the melody, what do they notice and what not, etc. The only things I have read before were the articles about song writing (how to make your song popular).
  8. What does it care if something looks like the work of another composer? It's made for film and if it is nice to hear, okay then. I love listening to the music of John Williams and many other film composers. They all make their own music. I never read a review of a piece on this forum were someone says: "This is much like ...". Why care when someone else became famous with it?
  9. I compose when I'm bored. Sometimes I make a start at the computer and I hear the rest in my head. I simply can't write this down because I forget it a few seconds later :(!
  10. I want to play almost all instruments. The previous summer I picked up a blues harp (Mouthorgan). This time it's the dizi his turn (Chinese flute). At this moment I cannot get more instruments at home. I already play the piano and my parents don't like the fact that I already have a keyboard, recorder, pan flute, glockenspiel and blues harp at home. Beside that my brothers have three guitars, one saxophone, another recorder and a penny whistle (Irish whistle) and we have three other recorders (two alto and one tenor). I would like to play the violin to have the real sound at home. The computer doesn't really sound like a violin.
  11. Hey, I'm using the free software MuseScore to write my music. When I'm done, I can save my music as a midi. Now my question is: how can I improve my midis? I'm wondering if there is some free software that does that. MuseScore is a program that works with sound fonts. These are the sound fonts I have on my computer: FluidR3_GM TimGM6mb synthgms Lianne
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