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    My name is Benjamin Kovacs

    A hobby and a jobs of mine include playing music, composing music. I play music for 11 years, i have 4 main musical instruments have a total of 11, but we play every type of musical instrument (piano, guitar, violin, flute). I am a classical pianist and jazz, blues, classical guitar and flute artist (I play three different kinds of flute: Irish flute, flute in English, German flute). In addition, variations can write symphonic works, his own plays and adaptations as well. At my age, few of us who have been written into several pieces for symphony orchestra and voices as well. Composing music for me is a process which is almost a minute in my head pops out, then just try to mentally put together the music will sound at the same time to write it. Click to write down the music itself is complex, test it on the instruments that I wrote that particular piece. If I write obviously jazz guitar, saxophone and grand-pianora write melodies, but the full symphony orchestra like the best work. Playing music, composing music while also teaching guitar and piano as well. It feels really good to see that the people next to you who you are learning, those voices are killing it, plucking the ones you set up in exactly. Wonderful feeling. For me, music is life, everything in the world. No wonder so much as composers role model I set for myself and working on compositions like Jhon Williams, Howard Shore, Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Nick Glennie Smith, Javier Naverette ... etc. ....". home studio fix my music in general and my own label favorable settlement are born. "
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    Hungary, 2318 Szigetszentmarton
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    Student, Composer, Synchronous actors,Musician
  • Interests
    composing, painting ,drawing,music
  • Favorite Composers
    Howard Shore, John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Nick-Glennie Smith
  • My Compositional Styles
    Symphony, Sonata,Jazz,Concerto
  • Notation Software/Sequencers
    Fl studio ,Goldwave, Power Sound Editor
  • Instruments Played
    Piano, Guitar, Piccolo Flute, Violin
  1. Join this sonata or symphonic works if you listen to, if not always good for a long-held violin solo began woodwinds cut into the middle of all this. As Chopin said, "Quiet wind can be so strong as what you whip up a storm," which means that less is more. Good if you have built up a nice piece. can then enter a slow start with a piano, violin choir or perhaps long-held oboe, bassoons, clarinets. Then return to the variant and the steps for access to the larger brass instruments of the...

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    2. MusicFiend
  2. Kids! In the film composers of serious music artists, works written for symphony orchestra, sonatas, violin concerts, symphonic poems, etc .... So a film composer, it is very much to do with the classic, or classical music, this is only happening in 21st century ..
  3. Ithink it is not immediately required university, college or conservatory to go if you want to be a composer and, above all want to be a good composer. The schools will learn iylen itself composing of the structures, stages, variation, situations, actions and funds kapősz a while until the degree to which it is written that "Music". But whether you have a paper in your hand you have written to the composer, you'll still be a great gently caress too. I say of music learning and himself that someone says to allow himself to be a composer, bringeth enough home lerülni and to study a profession, trade books to buy or the Internet to learn. Of course good to have a teacher who can help, but best on straight roads, yourself, to boot.
  4. Yeah, well, very complicated thing each instrument separately tune written for cello and bass C key, a violin G clef, piano playing is both a G and F clef on the grass lot where F where G was so not an easy thing it. Write a symphonic work is simply inhuman task. Exactly pay attention to everything, write it down and try to strive for harmony between the instruments. If there is no harmony, then everything goes wrong. Ö9sszeállított melody in my head very, very, very difficult to carry both voice and on paper. I do know ... This is nothing to be ashamed of.
  5. This era musical point of view, I think it extremely interesting. Indeed, when we stepped out quietly in the Renaissance, the Baroque music era begins. The main characteristic of baroque music in the "harpsichord playing 'what time is Motzart also like to use, although they have so called" Piano-forte ". By all accounts, the damage to Impressionism itself almost 40 years after 1830 it really began, because the 1820-30-ies were already present. Schubert, Rossini, Chopin, Liszt Ferenc Schumman and later also had to create something at that time that the we all have a part of 21st century life vált.A 18th century. Motzart hegdűket and Vivaldi is typically used, because at this age was in the Vivaldi "cult of the violin" and each of his works written for violin, then this is Motzart grew up.
  6. I'm playing a Yamaha piano and a beautiful voice and beautiful sound, it's really good at tilting: D They all recommend it for Yamaha.
  7. When the birth of a melody in my head quickly, or sing in the studio, or a piece of paper I write a score that does not forget it ... say, has happened before was that I did not know what I wrote down: D XD
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