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  1. Sorry for taking sooooooooo long to answer this, but my master's degree duties are driving me crazy. I just can't say enough... Well, as for the winner... @fishyfry Congratulations!!! Your piece is extraordinary! I surely will include it in my repertoire. I also plan to record it, but it may take like an eternity, as I'm really busy at the university. Maybe on April, my (theoretical) "vacation". I'd also like to mention @Monarcheon's Sketch No. 136, especially the second movement (which I could play without all the difficulties of the other movements). I really liked some parts of it, and I may give it a further try later on. Thank all you guys for the entries. And sorry again for my long absence. I may remain absent from the site for quite a long time, maybe up to next year's first semester. Wish me luck o/
  2. I know the deadline was on 08/01, but I'm really busy these days. I shall give the results this weekend.
  3. When do we tell our fugue-subject-receiving day? And how do we tell it?
  4. @Monarcheon Hey, great work! One question: do you want me to whisper the words into the recorder (while fingering that B)? Or just outside, like normal speech? Also, is there any meaning for these words? As my native language is Portuguese, I may tend to pronounce them in a Portuguese-like way... is that ok?
  5. Congratulations to everyone, especially the winners! I particularly enjoyed this competition very much! The moments of composing, rehearsing, recording and researching for the program-writing were very fun. Also, thanks for the judges for their patience in writing the reviews, they are much valuable! I hope the next competition is just as fun as this one^^ (or better!)
  6. I apreciate your comment, but: - What do you mean by "don't resolve correctly"? What is the correct way to do something like this? - and where is the confusion since you do realize it "ends on the 'technically speaking' dominant"?
  7. I really want to try this, not only with this piece, but with other as well^^ But the thing is that I don't have a tenor recorder yet. And my soprano is terrible. Summing up, I just have a decent alto, and below-average soprano and alto =/
  8. Sometimes the muses come whisper at my ear and everything just flows faster. Here are my pieces for you^^ I do realize that No. 2 may be frowned upon because of the double-stops. I'll take the risk^^
  9. So, @danishali903 called for solo viola pieces. Here are my 2 cents. I really hope the double-stops in the second piece are not uncomfortable to play :D In fact, all those legatures of the second piece can be ignored and substituted by whatever you think is more idiomatic and executable.
  10. I'm so into it! Expect something in the next few days!!! BTW, great thing you're doing about the hospitals^^
  11. Man, I'm so in doubt if I enter as a judge or a participant... put me in the participants for now. One question: the "You may write in open score (if writing for keyboard)" guideline is neceessary? I understand that "may" means that you can do it, but does it mean, in this context, that we "must" write in open score?
  12. Prelúdio e Fuga (SAT).mp3 This is a Prelude and Fugue for recorder trio (soprano, alto and tenor). I composed it for a trio (which was a quartet, but one person gave up) I would take part in, but then the whole group "ceased to exist" without a single rehearsal with everybody (= 3 people). The Prelude and Fugue continues to existe, but now without a concrete destiny. Hope you enjoy^^ OBS: I changed the VST to flutes because Garritan's recorder sound is a scream of pain from hell. OBS2: I didn't put dynamics, articulations or anything else because I'm lazy.
  13. My humble and succint opinions about the quotes: 1) Agreed, although I don't really think the word "rule" is the most appropriate here. I believe "reference" is closer to the intention. 2) Witty. Agreed. 3) AGREED!!!!! PLEASE!!!! *said the one that is competing right now* 4) A bit "schoppenhaueran" and overdrammatic. 5) Personal experience, not much to say. 6) Yes. YES! This quote must be properly analyzed not to be misunderstood. 7) Not agreed. But I do believe there must be a strong reason for him to say this, and I don't know this reason, so my disagreement is merely a quick opinion. 8) Yes. 9) Personal experience again. 10) Agreed at some extent. I do believe that these bad things help us to create (not only composers, but artists). I don't think they are mandatory, though. 11) I believe that what he actually said is a bit different, but ok. I have some reservations a out this statement, but I do agree with it somehow. 12) A bit unnecessary, but ok. I don't agree not disagree. 13) OK, I do agree, but I don't think it has anything to do with religion. 14) Yeah.... ok, sometimes. 15) Witty. Personal opinions again. 16) YEEEEEES!!!!! PUH-LEEEEEEASE!!!! CAGE RULES!!!! 17) Personal thoughts. 18) Can't agree more! 19) Hm... I don't think ALL of the great achievements. 20) No. 21) No. God, no. (also, he's obviously lying) 22) Yes!
  14. Great! So do it! Luderart already submitted two pieces (up to now). I'm not setting a limit.
  15. I'd really prefer to stay acoustics, because it'd be much simpler to perform anywhere. I do like the pedal electronics idea, though. Can you think the electronics as an ad libitum part? Or two different versions? Or two entries?
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