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  1. Soliloquy for Violin No. 30

    Thanks for your review, your appreciation of the piece, and your suggestions!
  2. Profile picture purge?

    I just opened my computer and visited YC to find that my profile had changed to the one with an L encircled within a violet circle!
  3. Soliloquy for Violin No. 30

    This is my soliloquy for violin No. 30. Here is the link to my Soliloquy for Violin No. 29: https://www.youngcomposers.com/t34240/soliloquy-for-violin-no-29/
  4. Profile picture purge?

    I think it happened only several days ago to Maarten Bauer.
  5. [Trial] Play this passage

    Or one might have to be satisfied with posting photos of those fingerings!
  6. [Trial] Play this passage

    Perhaps seeing, as in a video of the passage showing the impractical/difficult fingerings involved, might be even more helpful!
  7. Composition App?

    How about just starting by creating a thread for it on YC where composers and performers can post their passages and their recordings?
  8. Soliloquy for Violoncello No. 13

    Thanks Maarten and Willibald for your reviews! Thank you Maarten for your appreciation of the piece as well as your reasonable suggestion. Willibald: Great to hear that you find the piece interesting. Thanks for your interesting observations!

    According to my calculations, the vote distribution is the following: 1. 5 2. 0 3. 4 4. 5 But never mind, it was close between submissions 1, 3, & 4. It's good that chopin will find a solution! Congratulations everyone for your designs!
  10. Melodrama No.2 ''We Draaien Door''

    I echo Luis' opinion. You have great natural talent for orchestration and have mastered the modern idiom! As such perhaps the judges are right and you might be the next Stravinsky!
  11. This is my Soliloquy for Violoncello No. 13. It was inspired by my getting back my cello after a long time. I practiced it, hoping to be able to adequately perform it and be able to post my performance of it instead of the computer-generated MP3. However, having not touched the cello for many years, I still need much more practice to give it a smooth performance, let alone a good interpretation of the piece, and hence do justice to the piece in performance. Maybe, I'll do so in the future. In the meantime, any cellist who is interested in the piece would be welcome to take up the challenge, perform the piece, and post their performance! Reviews are also welcome.

    So I guess it will be "Congratulations submission 4" then! I think it would be great if every participant shared what software they used to create their logos/favicons. I used the MS Paint software.

    Sorry, I didn't know that! Might I not decline to vote then? Do I have to pick one of the other three submissions?

    What happens if there is a tie, as is currently the case?
  15. Thanks Maarten. Glad that you liked the video and the music. Indeed, this video-composition is a step further from the Turtle from my "Music From My Lens" suite about animal photos. And the vibraphone was a suggestion by your fellow-judge Noah Brode in his review of that movement, a suggestion that I made use of for this piece!