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  1. Hi Noah, Thanks for your review of my piece. I listened to your 5 lively "daydream"-s and enjoyed them. Well done to you also!
  2. Thanks Gustav Johnson and Tónskáld for your reviews of my piece. I appreciate them (also KJ's) especially since we are all in the same competition together and it would perhaps be difficult to be objective in one's judgements of other entrants pieces! Thanks Gustav for taking the time to review the piece movement by movement. I appreciate the feedback, and your admiration of my work. Thanks Tónskáld. Interesting common point between our two entries! Let me add that I found your entry pretty impressive. I appreciate your feedback even more knowing you are a violist. I am happy to know that you are a big fan of my music!
  3. Yes, I noticed that! Indeed! Thanks! I enjoyed listening to your piece also, with its lively and rhythmic theme. Thanks, and good luck to you too KJ!
  4. This is my "Five Sententiae for Viola Op. 324". It is my entry for the YC Fall 2019, "Poor Form" competition. As I have explained in the title page of the score, at least the 5th movement is much longer than the usual length of my sententiae due to the requirement of combining the previous 4 movements' styles/developments/processes.
  5. Hi DanJTitchener. Sorry to inform you but all works posted prior to the April-May 2016 renovation of this website have been deleted. I had posted 181 pieces. But fortunately I had backups on my PC of everything I had posted. I hope that you had backups too. If you don't have backups, contact chopin and he might be able to send you some of your posted pieces from his own backup.
  6. Count me in as a participant, hoping that I will be able to finish my piece within the next 16 days!
  7. Thanks for your review, appreciation, criticism, and suggestion.
  8. Thanks for your review and compliments as well as criticism regarding the piece.
  9. Thanks for your review. I thought the title "Reverie" said something about it, in the sense of the meaning of '"reverie" as the musical form defined in the Oxford dictionary as "Mus. An instrumental composition suggestive of a dreamy or musing state." (Oxford Talking Dictionary, 1998). "Since the piece was composed 7.5 years ago, I do not remember much about the circumstances of its composition.
  10. I had never heard it. But there is some resemblance in the contour of the two pieces.
  11. That last movement is also my main worry and would be the the main reason if in the end I decided not to participate in this competition. I just feel it is too artificial and artistically restrictive to have to combine all the preceding movements' "branching processes". Besides how is "in some way" to be interpreted in the phrase "in some way combining the branching processes of the other movements", not to mention "branching processes"?
  12. Another issue that comes up is: what are we to name the work as a whole and the individual movements? Are we free in that regard? Can I name the individual movements "Sententia", a name I have given to many short pieces of mine? And should I do so, would I be allowed to add a title page including a definition of "sententia" as I usually do with my other examples of sententiae posted in YC? These are some additional questions that occurred to me and regarding which I would appreciate clarifications.
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