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    I was born in Nicosia, Cyprus. I took my first lessons at a local music school were I started as a bouzouki student. I began my classical education with clarinet lessons and music theory. Later on took classical harmony and when I heard my first chord sequence on piano I suddenly fell in love with composition.  I was lucky to enroll in a university, the Ionian, in the island of Corfu. There I had the opportunity to meet some very charismatic people and expand my vision to beyond what I was before.  I use music to externalize my feelings, my thoughts. I studied classical composition in the conservatory, later at the University just to realize that I don't have enough colors to paint with satisfaction on my music canvas. I try to expand my palette through technology and knowledge. I admit I rely on my intuition and instinct on many cases as a composer but also as a person. Also I believe I got a little lost lately in the process of externalizing my inner self, because I have many dark sides as a character.  In the process of finding my own style and language, I am in the midst of a first small series of music pieces laying between electronic ambient, classical symphonic and contemporary influences.
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    Cyprus, Nicosia
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    Freelance Composer
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    Technology, Martial Arts, Philosophy
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    Ligeti, Xenakis, Berg, Liszt, Bach, D. Elfman, H. Zimmer
  • My Compositional Styles
    Neoromantism, Contemporary, 20th century styles and experimentation
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    Finale 2011, Cubase SX5,5, Wavelab 6, Native Instruments, East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold, Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Instruments Played
    Clarinet, Bouzouki, Guitar, Keys
  1. Can you tell us a bit about the situation with Societies that handle copyright management for composers? Do you have experience using them? What is the proper time for a composer to join and how practical is the use of them? I am reviewing some of them in order to find out which suits best my situation. Do you believe international societies are better or I should turn to local? Thanks, Christopher
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