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    My name is Violet! I'm not very familiar with the depths of composition so do help me out.
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    Piano, Violin.
  1. The chat is back!

    1. froglegs


      Never even knew what it was anyway.

    2. jawoodruff


      Thanks to Occupy YC! Proof that the occupy movement DOES work!!

    3. HeckelphoneNYC


      YAY! :D

      Occupy Music Street :D We're Oms!

  2. ... Yes. The chatbar has been gone for quite a number of days. It feels empty and weird without seeing it there. Thanks!
  3. Calvin and Hobbes? Haha, Heckel, is Calvin trying to gobble down Hobbes' leg? It must be yummy~tiger meat...ah.

  4. 1) Treat the singers as humans 2) Be friendly, because nobody likes to work under the baton of scary conductors. It's good to be authoritative occasionally, and by "authoritative" i mean strict. 3)Argument? That's actually quite unlikely to happen, if you're a good conductor, and if they're really ethical musicians lol. 4) Complaining about passages is good because it identifies the problem. Solve it with them and don't forget to ask them about their opinions as well. It's making music as a group together! All the best!
  5. You'll probably come up with a concerto when you're in the bathroom since the resonance is good for a soloist.
  6. For me when I first heard music, the element I cared about most is the melody. If the melody is..erm.."boring", or if there's absolutely NO obvious melody, then I would just switch my ears off immediately. But as I slowly step into the musical world I began to take note of more details, like "wow how do they piece these together" etc. To really appeal to non-musicians, I think there must be something that is catchy in the piece. Well things are different for musicians now. :)
  7. Happy hari raya puasa!

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    2. johnbucket


      I know precisely where you are from now. Thank you for sharing this with me.

    3. VioletXuu



    4. HeckelphoneNYC
  8. If only some composers didn't die so young..life is cruel but am still glad they even lived

    1. SYS65


      well, I won't last much

    2. johnbucket


      If only some composers died younger ...

    3. VioletXuu


      Some composers' prowess only reveal as they mature.

  9. Is the music today still a form of expression? Or has it become purely experimental?..

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    2. VioletXuu


      Because he is just so awesome?

    3. SYS65


      I do express myself most of the time, my works usually mean something

    4. VioletXuu


      heh, personally I prefer works that express emotional stuff as well as stories :)

  10. Oh gosh, Smetana's Vltava is digesting me like a delicious hotdog

  11. I'm going for a chopin. And I'll be bach in a minuet! :D :D :D

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    2. VioletXuu


      there's another one which i have forgotten. sigh.

    3. MariusChamberlin


      I mustache you a question, but I'm shaving it for later.

      -Sean Connery

    4. VioletXuu


      you mean, "must-etch"? :)

  12. Yup, as Heckel said, it's really fun to create harmonics in the strings. Both artificial and natural harmonics are possible to create with the strings instrument. For example for Liebermann's Piccolo Concerto, the strings in the introduction have "free" bowings for the artificial harmonics. It is used mainly to provide a subtle background effect, and it's most effective in creating a mysterious/beautiful/peaceful effect. :D :D :D
  13. I would wish to play the oboe! It has such a beautiful sound. :)
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