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    Reading Law at Pembroke College, Cambridge. Singaporean, madly in love with classical music, chess, and literature. Other interests: quantum chromodymanics, deep-sea marine biology, astrophysics, minerology, table tennis, basketball, debating
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    Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Godowsky, Prokofiev, Shostakovich
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    Polystylistic, though certainly not classical / baroque
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  1. Changed some bits of my fugue, and added some program notes/ analysis. Hope it helps people enjoy the little beastie more!
  2. I'm going to put this here, late and loose though it is, for the poo poos and giggles. I'm still not writing stuff *for* competitions, so I can claim some spurious principled consistency here. http://www.youngcomposers.com/music/listen/6045/prelude-no-18-dance-ii-and-19-fugue-/
  3. Finally wrote and uploaded some stuff. It's good to be back, for a while at least.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. xiangyik


      Maybe I will! What are the terms of the competition? :)

    3. Stirling_Radliff
    4. xiangyik


      Pah, there's a limit of 10. I'll enter anyway, and see what happens.

  4. So I'm not *quite* back to posting stuff here, but at least I'm putting stuff on youtube!

    1. Austenite


      Good enough. Hopefully you'll want to check on our latest works as well :p ...

  5. Cambridge A won Euros and I am now European debating champion. ohmygodohmygodohmygod. This is surreal. Breathe.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. tuohey


      Congrats! Are you still at Cambridge this year? I'm starting at Fitzwilliam in October

    3. xiangyik


      Yep, I'm still at Pembroke. I've living at 2 Selwyn Gardens, however, so Fitz isn't actually that far away! Excellent.

    4. tuohey


      Cool, I'll have to say hello at some point! I have no idea where I'm living yet. I know it's a house owned by Fitz but they won't tell me the address until just before I get there.

  6. No surprise here, Luderart: it's you.
  7. FIRST! Booyeah. And I don't even like law that much.

    1. Kvothe


      Studying law aye?

    2. .fseventsd


      good work, congrats

  8. Moar preludes! Rawr.

  9. A new prelude, after a bazillion years. Written the day the exams ended, and suitably dizzily maniac.

    1. Sarastro


      Welcome back! It sounds like a Mario game music on steroids (my awful usb connection only allowed me to listen to a couple of seconds, though ;)

    2. xiangyik


      I've got no idea what Mario music sounds like, but I've seen people on youtube compare Kapustin to it. :) Tell me what you think when you've had a full listen.

  10. ... and my Sibelius has inexplicably come alive again, just in time for exams. Glory hallelujah.

  11. ... and my Sibelius has inexplicably come alive again, just in time for exams. Glory hallelujah.

  12. Austenite -- how many pieces of yours have you not listed that are already on this site? "Best" is meant to be reserved for something really special, you know. :) I'm particularly fond of my Passacaglia, mostly because I like variations, because they are fun to listen to. Now that wasn't too shamelessly self-promoting, was it?
  13. I believe Beethoven is still a superior teacher how to compose long pieces with little material. Take his first movement of Eroica. Most of 20 minutes are based on just a basic triad. Awesome. Could not agree more re Beethoven. Look at the Diabelli Variations! Or the Pastoral Symphony, or the motivic gorgeousness of the 5th. Anyway, when it comes to areas for development: restraint, melody, modulation, and (judging from the comments people usually make on my pieces) playability. :) No running away from that one, I guess.
  14. Ugh, Sibelius 6 has completely died on me. Clicking on the icon does nothing. Fantastic.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TJS


      Someone at your school must have it, I would think? Maybe re-installing Windows is another option.

    3. xiangyik


      The Cambridge University bookshop has a special offer going on for students! Hmm. I'm not sure if it applies to lawyers. Or maybeee I could get an illegal rip with a help of a compsci and a music major.

    4. xrsbit


      I'm sure you could easily find an illegal rip on your own.

  15. Ugh, Sibelius 6 has completely died on me. Clicking on the icon does nothing. Fantastic.

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