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    I am a junior in high school. I am a baritone. Some of my repertoire is "O del mio dolce ardor"- Gluck, "Per la gloria"- Bonocini, "Whe'er you walk"- Handel, "Arm, arm ye brave!"- Handel, "The Vagabond"- Williams, "Music for a while"- Purcell.
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    Eric Whitacre, Morten Lauridsen, Arvo Part, Samuel Barber, G.F. Handel, John Rutter
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  1. Hey everyone, I just was wondering since you started composing, how long do you think it took you to actually make good music? I was also wondering, would taking lessons on this site or even in person actually help me become a better composer??
  2. Got back from my visit to St. Olaf College on Tuesday. The choir was absolutely heavenly!!!

    1. Morgri


      I know a professor from there who teaches theory. He used to teach at my ungrad university in Texas. Pretty cool guy.

  3. Cool, yeah I'm sort of split between the two I like both!! I guess I should use paper first though so I can erase all of the crappy stuff I write, but it takes longer to write on paper..... hmmm what ever I guess I'll choose sooner or later lol thanks for the help.
  4. Which do you all think is better to use for composition, pencil and paper or finale? I've done all of my work on FInale so far, but I'm going to write one with pencil and paper. Also do you think that writing with Finale sort of stops the use of your imagination? Thanks!!!!
  5. Morivou, I think I'd just like to get experience from them and I'd like to get my music heard by more people. That being said.... recordings and performances would be nice!
  6. Does anyone know of good composition competitions to enter? Preferably I would like them to be free and chorally oriented. Are competitions even worth entering anyway??? Thanks for the help!!
  7. Hi, I am a beginning composer, but I have been singing since 4th grade. I was just wondering since I'm sort of brand new to it, should I try to compose as many works as possible and not try to perfect them or try to make the works I do compose have more quality. Thanks for your help! :nod:
  8. Hi I just wanted to know everyone's opinions on what the best choir sound library is, I'm looking to purchase one but I just don't know which is best.
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