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  1. He hasn't? Anyway where I am it's already the 28th!
  2. I'll have a look at all of the compositions once Klavierspieler submits his.

    1. froglegs


      Oh sorry guys! Found it!

    2. SergeOfArniVillage
    3. HeckelphoneNYC



  4. I'm still gonna come back to the November 2011 competition so don't stop that thread.

    1. calebhines


      Cool! I just completed a draft of my submission earlier today. Though, technically, it's no longer the November competition; just a regular, non-monthly competition.

  5. I'm not quite gone yet. I'll let you know when I am. By the way, what's with the new layout and everything??? Looks weird. :/

    1. ClarkN


      hehehe, zing to people who think you're gone.

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      ooooh frog, how sweet, your first YC layout change ? don't worry, you'll have many more :)

    3. jrcramer


      Also sprach die Mexicaner

  6. This was actually the November competition.
  7. Yes I'm around. Don't do anything to the competition.
  8. I don't seem to be "logging off forever" as I had planned. How is everything? :D

    1. jawoodruff


      Good, and welcome back. Please don't leave again.. our children were worried sick about their father (you).

    2. SYS65


      I've seen it several times, people can say goodbye but can't leave, this site is addictive.

    3. Morivou


      You try, and try, and try. But it always draws you back for some reason.

      Unless you're Nico... or... a lot of other people.

  9. *rises from the dead* (just to annoy Ian!)

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      Don't be ridiculous, Phil: he didn't say that! He said, "I'm logging off this forum forever"!

  10. I am logging off this website forever.

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    2. froglegs


      I'm gonna come back next year to judge the November competition.

    3. Austenite


      I was wondering if you were going to leave it behind just like that...

    4. SYS65


      The Nov. 2012 one ???

  11. I was having a conversation with our very own Mr. Lidell (aka Morivou) about a month ago when we started talking about the Australian composer Carl Vine. Morivou tells me that his music is known to only a handful of people where he comes from, but here is Australia I don't know any classical musician who has never heard of Carl Vine! I had been wondering after that conversation how many people outside Australia know any of our professional composers at all, so I decided to make this thread to see how many of you are familiar with these people and their music. These are probably the top six most famous composers in Australia I can think of. No. 1: Ross Edwards. Edwards is famous for his "maninya" style of dance-like music. He is well known in Australia particularly for his Marimba Dances, Dawn Mantras, and his violin concerto subtitled "Maninyas." This is the third movement of that concerto: No. 2: Peter Sculthorpe. Born in 1929 Launceston, Tasmania, he is the second oldest of the six. His music is heavily influenced on Indonesian Gamelan music. He is primarily known for his orchestral pieces "Sun Music" (there are several of those), "Kakadu," and "Earth Cry." He is also known for his 18 or so string quartets. This is "Earth Cry:" No. 3: Nigel Westlake. I am assuming he is the among the best known out of the composers here. He has written several guitar works that I know and is also known for his film soundtracks. He is most famous here for his "Antarctica Suite" for guitar and orchestra (taken from his soundtrack to a documentary about Antarctica) and his soundtrack to the movie "Babe." This is the best known movement of the "Antarctica Suite": No. 4: Carl Vine. This composer is primarily known for his piano sonatas and six symphonies (but he might write more, you never know). His music can be somewhat more aggressive and dissonant than the three above, but his music is quite popular here. This is the first movement of his first piano sonata: No. 5: Percy Graniger. The oldest (and probably most eccentric) of the six, born in Melbourne (the city in which I am currently residing). He has collected and arranged many English and Irish folk songs as well as composing some highly original compositions such as his ballet score "The Warriors." This is a recording of him in 1908 playing his piece "Sheperd's Hey." No. 6: Brett Dean. My personal favourite of the six. Brett Dean's music is probably the most "European sounding." It is often densely atonal and the least (oh I hate this word) "accessible." He has played viola in the Berlin Phil and his most famous composition would probably be his incredible opera "Bliss" based on the novel by Peter Carey:
  12. Hahah! "Lots of screaming people" definitely in the scene in the mental hospital! :D
  13. OK. I've added treehugger1995 as a judge.
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