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  1. I am going to learn the first 4 movements and be able to play them perfectly, and maybe look at the chaconne this summer, in order to work on it this fall with my prof.
  2. Bach...Partita no. 2 in D minor for solo violin
  3. I don't have a favorite...although, I love...Gringolts, Janine Jansen(gorgeous new violinist) Perlman, Shaham, ummm....yeah
  4. Don't mean to beat a dead horse, but yea, it should sound the same(if you're talking about regular, smooth, detache strokes)
  5. Doesn't anyone think about sex anymore??? :P Ummm...it really doesn't matter with the speed or the length, 5-10 minutes would be ideal though... Level of difficulty... Nothing above B 6 And no fast double stop passages. lol i fail at those(currently anyway)
  6. Hey everyone... I really don't have the funds to pay for a work, but I am really looking for some new violin music to add to my repertoire...there's not much out there that's really good. So if ya'll want to compose a piece for me with or without piano, tonal, not too terribly difficult( I don't have all of the time in the world, lol) And if it's good enough...I'll perform it live AND record it(lol...so that's not the best incentive...)
  7. So...I used to be really anal about just about all music composed in the last 100 year or so, I have come to realize that I have genuinely missed much enjoyable music. So therefore, I need a list! Who is going to get credit for showing me the best modern music! I dig Higdon, but...I don't know who else I should listen to.
  8. Touche... Well, the pieces that everyone likes but I dislike happen to be the ones that I currently play at any given time. I hate how I play great music. lol
  9. I am offended. How DARE YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT ADDING ANOTHER WIND!!!! Strings ftw!!!! That is all. EDIT: No one will get mad if you add a sax. And if they do, they'll probably get mad at most anything else. And personally, I love the soft tonal quality of the sax, and I'd love to see more orchestral music written with them in,
  10. If I understand your example...it's called a secondary dominant. It's chromatic to the scale but at the same time pointing towards a diatonic chord.
  11. And with the hundreds of composers...it can be rather daunting. lol
  12. Those are wonderful sites indeed...one drawback to Werner is that it has no search function...you can only browse composers and editors. :(
  13. Oops...I didn't think of that...lalalalalalala....Last thing I want is the price of a baby grand added to my account, lol. Thanks for the info though! I will look at the piano in a new light now. :D
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