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  1. Thank you for the comment. As for the dissonance, I intend the chord to be like that but it may sound weird. LOL Thanks for a warm welcome!
  2. Hello, This is my first post on this website. I am a radiologist doctor in Thailand who really loves composing music. This song was originally written as slow ballad music sung in Thai language. Later I made this arranged version. I record this on Sonar. Love to hear your comment. PS. You can also check other works I compose on this soundcloud account! https://soundcloud.com/charat-chukiat/i-cant-forget-you
  3. Hi, Diana I'm currently work in Bangkok,Thailand and have made some music for short films I wonder if you still looking for a composer who wants to do this work for your little Georgie I am willing to make your animation come alive with my music I can do it for free This is my personal website: If you are interested then write me the email : charatchukiat@hotmail.com
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