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  1. Great playing and piece!
  2. Sepharite

    The Snake Charmer's Abode

    This is excellent music. Great production value! You probably get this a lot but it does have that Hans Zimmer sound, especially the keyboard style instrument, whatever you call it. I might look into getting Ancient ERA Persia as well.
  3. Here's a little scene that I am developing. Intro is showcasing the many heroes (game of thrones style), as they sneak into a mysterious castle at night. Avoiding the guards. And finally reaching the goal at the end. It's a fairly simple piece/experiment. I hope you guys like it.
  4. Sepharite

    Your room at midnight - for solo violin

    Beautiful playing and composition. I'm getting Red Violin vibes. Are you a professional player? If not, why not? That said, the composition is beautiful. Great use of techniques and phrasing. I wasn't able to identity a theme, or motif throughout the piece; was one established? Congrats on the piece and performance.
  5. Sepharite

    Mystery/Thriller Segment

    Great comment, thanks. You are right with Section 4... it does sound too confident. I'll have to add some non-chordal notes to promote the urgency and panic.
  6. I'm writing music for a small indie film, and here's a short scene. The MC is drunk and high, and a little confused... thinks everything is out to get him 0:00-0:31 - He's on the ground crying of relief and joy 0:31- 2:22 - MC gets back up, and decides he's going home. But essentially wanders around aimlessly, getting freaked out by every small thing. [I borrowed a lot of Zimmer here 🙂 ] 2:22 - 2:35 - Builds up to the "climax", where he sees a monster. Starts backing up slowly, almost stumbling 2:35 - End - He feels like he's being chased, and almost runs into traffic at the end. What do you think>
  7. Sepharite

    -=Speaking Light=-

    Sounds interesting! Very much atmospheric music for a sci-fi menu or of that sort. Piano part reminded me a WestWorld. Overall, great use of different sounds to create a unique atmosphere. Great work.
  8. Sepharite

    Repetitive music

    A little repetitive but still interesting to listen to. It rambles a bit towards the end but I think could use some tightening on the rhythms, as many have stated before.
  9. Sepharite

    My First Time Writing a Piano Piece

    Sounds really nice! I was downloading the piece a couple of times before realizing that it's a glitch lol. This would make a great choir piece, more than a piano piece though.
  10. Sepharite

    Piano Sequence

    Thanks for listening! Glad you found it interesting. I think Minimalism is still polyphony, depending on how its composed. In this case, it's still polyphony because while the notes are the same, the timing is shifted becoming a new phrase each time. Speaking of Reich, check out this piece:
  11. Sepharite

    Spoken In The Silence

    Very beautiful. I love this. You have lots of talent, keep it up.
  12. Sepharite

    Piano Sequence

    Just experimented with sounds using Reich's methods. I thought this sounded cool so I wanted to share with you guys. Hopefully you guys get a kick out of it.
  13. This is wonderful stuff. The first composition is nice and light, has great momentum. I really liked the Symphony Movement 1 version too. Reminded me of Mitsuda, particularly his Chrono Trigger/Cross OST. I didn't find the piece particularly repetitive... just the right amount of notes! Keep this up.
  14. Sepharite

    Deep in the Bowels - Experiment

    Thanks Rabbival507! That was actually the first thing that popped into my head when I was playing this, but went along with it because I love Joe Hisaishi so much. Monarcheon: Thanks! I will see if I can edit the soundfonts so it can reverb a bit more afterwards. I agree the second half does get boring after a while. I'll see if I can add some non harmonic notes.
  15. Sepharite

    Dreams, I have

    What are some good way to increase tension? Increasing disonance?