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  1. Thanks for the comments! Will reply to each one shortly. Here’s a slightly updated version with a new theme. it’s not supposed to be tied together. But two separate themes. The last theme is the monster theme.
  2. I love it! Better than most pop music I listen to. Everything is in minor and depressing.
  3. Awesome! Sounds like Battle with Gilgamesh from FF series. It got a little repetitive towards the end and would have used some variety in instrumentation or perhaps dynamics. Good stuff
  4. Here’s a little solo I created. I wanted to give it the style of Hisaishi. I hope I did it some justice!
  5. Shunned - Part 1.mp3I made some short ideas for a film maker earlier. Just wanted to share them with you guys. It's a psychological horror. Part 1: Introduction of the character Part 2: Her descent into madness Part 3: Glimmer of Hope, a ray of sun, in a cavern of despair Part 4: Ending theme. Drone shot over the aftermath (bodies)
  6. It is very complex but unfortunately my ears cannot understand it.
  7. Just a simple piano theme I've been experimenting with. Wanted to capture the theme of Passion with some Fury.
  8. Short piece that I composed but haven't had the muse to complete it. Wondering what you all thought of it. Thanks!
  9. Very cool! But this subforum is for original compositions, not performance.
  10. Sounds great. My thoughts are, when they reveal Luke it builds up but nothing happens, and then you build it up again when he takes off his hood. Building up and then tapering away is good for dramatic effect but once you do it too many times within the same scene, it starts to confuse the audience and subvert their expectations and is distracting. Overall, the music is great though, I really felt the emotion and climax of the scene, and its importance. Great work!
  11. Nothing can ever beat John William's score but this is my quick attempt at this infamous scene.
  12. Absolutely beautiful. Cannot comment on how to improve but you did a tremendous job.
  13. Minor sound changes and instrumental fixes.
  14. Great piece. I wasn't fully captivated until towards the 2:30 mark when the choir came in for the climax. Then on, it was beautiful.
  15. Thank you! Glad you liked it. Thanks for the nice comments. All of the sounds are from a Spitfire Audio collection, none of this is played by me. :) And glad you were able to hear the feeling and emotions of the forest. I do think it needs some editing in timing and notes, as some notes are off beat and sound a bit convoluted after hearing it back. Glad you enjoyed it though, and will definitely keep up the composing streak. Thanks!
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