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  1. Luco

    Very nice! Great build up, definitely impressive incidental music. I can hear a bit of Thomas Newman in there.
  2. Prelude 1 op.2

    Pretty music, I like the tonality of the piece. It had just the right amount of dissonance for me. Like Maarten said, it gets a little repetitive. It would enjoy some variation. The sheet is weird, I can't follow it at all. I think it's the wrong piece.
  3. Despair

    I'm liking this. I enjoyed the buildup in the beginning, you can feel the raw emotion. The second variation was cool.. good use of the left hand. My suggestion is perhaps have a middle voice during the sections when the left hand isn't so busy, just to give it some variety. Good work.
  4. Last Goodbye

    Scene: A family member is in their deathbed, and everyone is gathered around. The air is bleak, solemn, and quiet. The last few seconds is the final good bye as their soul leaves the body. I tried to make it as minimalistic as possible, with very few chordal changes, with the E-F# theme playing over and over. It's a very simplistic piece but I think the soundfonts really bring out the emotion. Influences are Ryuichi Sakamoto. Let me know what you think!
  5. Quartet(?) Piece

    Thank you ilv. Do you find that certain sections move to another too quickly, as that is my main concern for my pieces -- I find that I have an idea but never truly flourish it, quickly moving to the next idea. I'll keep working on it. I don't play the violin, but do you recommend not playing the pizzicato, if the transitions aren't doable? And perhaps switching to spiccato?
  6. The Terminal

    Dang this is great. I could definitely hear this in the Terminal movie too. I have no critiques, except for make it longer.
  7. Been playing around with different rhythms and attempting to create something catchy, but minimalistic. I think I need to extend certain sections, and not move to different themes so suddenly. What do you think?
  8. Musical Batch Pt. 3

    State of our world: Cryptic video, and perfect music to fit. Great use of the choir around the minute mark, and nice cue to the planet exploding image. Overall, very impressed. What sample are you using for your choral, to get the lyrics? Through the devil's gate: Great use of sound in the intro, but was pleasantly surprised by the melodic major theme when the doors opened. The female vocal didn't really match the piano background, but it did give a sense of grief. Very good piece overall, lots of powerful imagery. Great work!
  9. Forest at Night Theme

    Thanks ilv! Darn, I wasn't making a sneaky feeling, but I suppose the jumpiness of the pizzicato brings that out. Thanks for listening!
  10. Piano Concerto No.1

    I'm not sure if it's the sound fonts but I found it very difficult to distinguish the sounds of the strings, it sounded a bit cluttered and muffled to me. The beginning was hard to understand, but when it reached the D section. It was beautiful legato section with romantic sounds. G section reminded me of Bartok, very nice. Overall, it's a very interesting piece but I had trouble understanding some sections as they became cluttered with sound. Might I recommend thinning out the orchestration, and expanding as you develop versus having everyone come in at once at the beginning.
  11. A Peaceful Skit

    I like this. It has a very solemn quality to it; it really puts me at peace. Nice work.
  12. A whole Soundtrack

    Sounds easy enough! As a starter composer, are we expected to do charity work to build up our portfolio? Thanks :)
  13. A whole Soundtrack

    These pieces sound very lovely. I haven't had a chance to listen to them all, but for the ones I did, they're well made for a video game. Favourites are Dense Forest and Memories. Mind if I ask, how did you get in touch with developers to help create the music? It's a small dream of mine.
  14. At the still of the night, you walk within a harmless forest, surrounded by glowing fireflies and friendly creatures. This is meant for a JRPG of some sort. For added effect: Please listen to it with
  15. Loneliness

    I tried to encapsulate loneliness into this (very) little theme. Hope you enjoy it.