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  1. A little selection of my tracks

    Listened to Blue Horizon, it's beautiful but I do agree Rabbi that it does get repetitive in the piano section. The layering of instruments, especially when the strings came in, was powerful and really brought out the emotion of the piece -- I'm a sucker for these type of music. Great work!
  2. Short, yet mighty

    Yet again, another amazingly epic piece! I hope you expand on it! Great work!
  3. "Rain showers over the Town of Hollow Mist. A small secluded town full of remorse and mystery." Little theme I created, after binge-watching the show "Dark". I hope you like it! It's a little different from what I'm used to -- I purposely stayed away from heavy percussion and bombastic spiccatos.
  4. Soaring Beyond, Triumphantly

    It is 8Dio - Liberis Angelic Choir. It's not bad, the higher registers sound a bit more airy than I hoped. Thanks! Thanks for the nice comment! Which string bass 6th note towards the end? I may need to change that lol. Haha yes it seems like it is Final boss week! There's actually a legato bass in 4 bars of the piece... I tried to extend it but I felt that it muddled the song too much. I may need to experiment with the voicing.
  5. Soaring Beyond, Triumphantly

    Thanks! I'm glad it fits the scene. I'm not too happy with the outcome of the emotion though, it seems a bit more docile than I would have hoped. I'm going to edit it tonight and add percussion.
  6. New epic boss battle theme

    Wow! This is amazing. The buildup was fantastic introducing themes and then reincorporating them in the final section, very nice. The climax was on point when the percussions came in, definitely had me on the edge of my seat. The only criticism I had was around the 0:40 mark, which I guess is the calm before the storm, felt a little out of place - especially the strings playing one note at the high register. Overall great work! PS I did hear Han's influence, particularly 160BPM but I was able to figure out Sawano's part. Is there a part in particular?
  7. Sadness

    Wow very cute lol. I can definitely see this in an Pixar movie! Great melody, chord progressions... have you tried writing musicals? I think you have a knack at writing songs!
  8. Final Boss Music

    Listened to Golem. Sounds epic! Great use of percussions! Not much to criticize as it's quite good. Dragoons - Not a fan of the guitar intro, but great work on the second part with the piano. Reminded me of Shoji Meguro's work.
  9. This is meant to be a small scene, flying over the ocean towards the final destination (final boss if you will). During the last seconds, the plane closes in on the enemy.
  10. Prelude in E for piano

    This is beautiful. Great harmonic progression, and beautiful melodic phrasing. Great work!
  11. Epic war music

    Nice! To be honest, I was a bit distracted by the repetitive nature of the chord progression. While the chords and the instrumentation are "epic', it doesn't build emotionally as an epic piece. I would recommend changing the chord progression or increasing the tension by increasing the instrumentation every 4-8 bars. Use of volume helps too rather than one singular dynamic. All in all, good job as it sounds like a well produced sound track, but it needs work on variety and build up.
  12. Short gameinfluenced piece

    Funny you mentioned Spyro, that's my first impression when I heard your composition!
  13. Short gameinfluenced piece

    Catchy! What kind of video game are you thinking of?
  14. Rendezvous With Destiny

    Great work! Very emotional and triumphant. Reminds me of the valkyria chronicles theme.