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  1. Deep in the Bowels - Experiment

    Thanks Rabbival507! That was actually the first thing that popped into my head when I was playing this, but went along with it because I love Joe Hisaishi so much. Monarcheon: Thanks! I will see if I can edit the soundfonts so it can reverb a bit more afterwards. I agree the second half does get boring after a while. I'll see if I can add some non harmonic notes.
  2. Dreams, I have

    What are some good way to increase tension? Increasing disonance?
  3. Dreams, I have

    Added a small bass line. More like this?
  4. Dreams, I have

    Thanks for listening. I'll add heavy bass and extend it.
  5. This is my interpretation of losing someone you love, whether it's a break up or death. And the feeling of overcoming reality. It's fairly generic, but just testing my ability to convey emotions, through the same chord structure but with different textures. Thanks for listening.
  6. [Alternative] Wayfarer

    I like it! It really builds momentum, and has a beautiful legato section. Great work.
  7. The Window

    Sounds great! Lots of interesting textures and rhythms. Sounds professional too. Around 1:50, I thought the drum beat (3rd beat) was getting a bit too much for me. Otherwise, great work.
  8. Ubi Caritas (now with Verse 2)

    Very nice harmonies. I think the intro is too short, and it starts the "cut time" abruptly. Perhaps you can stretch that part a bit more?
  9. I wanted to create something inspirational. I showed my wife she said it was missing something to give it that oomph. She's not sure what it is, but what do you guys think so far?
  10. I thought it sounded wonderful. Great themes, and had a lot of momentum the whole way through - lots of potential. Better than anything I can make! Good job! 8.5/10!
  11. It's a collection of various scenes, some horror, some suspense, and melodramatic, using Albion's Tundra. Let me know what you think!
  12. Earth Theme (With A Spinning Globe!)

    Absolutely beautiful. Is that Olafur's Strings?
  13. Farewell (Piano Composition)

    Very beautiful. Great composition.
  14. I wanted to experiment with just using one chord, to see if I can create an emotional impact. It somewhat worked, but I added another layer of harmony towards the end. Let me know what you think!
  15. Willow

    This is really nice. I love the colour changes, and the harmonic progressions. Very nice work, congrats.