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  1. Falco_sparverius

    Hairpin Playback In Sibelius?

    Thanks Cadenza, that worked. I thought I had tried that already, but I must have been doing it wrong somehow the first time.
  2. Is there any way to create a decrescendo on one note? I have several instruments holding long notes, connected by ties, and I'd like them to dramatically decrescendo during the note (IE, fade out). I have put hairpins under the note but it has no effect on the playback. However, when the notes are not connected by ties, the notes change volume individually, and not gradually. Is it possible to change the volume of a held note while it is being played? I can upload an example if necessary. Thanks in advance.
  3. Falco_sparverius

    Beginner: having trouble getting started

    Rosenskjold, that's exactly my problem. My mind is faster than my skills at notation, and when I write something it never sounds like what I was expecting when I play back the audio. I guess I just need more practice. I'll try doing some variations. Thanks so much to everyone, this is really encouraging.
  4. Falco_sparverius

    Beginner: having trouble getting started

    Thanks for your advice.
  5. I'm a violinist in high school, and I really want to learn how to compose music. I seem to always have ideas for pieces in my head, and I recently got Sibelius, but whenever I try to write something I get frustrated and I usually can't write more than a few measures. I'm taking AP Music Theory next year so hopefully that will help me, but I'm wondering if anyone here could give me some advice as well. Thanks in advance.