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  1. I really like it. What is the instrumentation? Could you post a score? That would really help.
  2. In film scores oftentimes, you can hear really cool sounds, and sometimes a wonder how they were made. I know a lot of the time, composers will use electronics to augment the orchestra's sound. (That's why band arrangements of Hanz Zimmer in my opinion are pretty lame.) There's an effect that Alexandre Desplat uses in The Deathly Hallow. It's a slide from one pitch to another. You can hear it in the song "Snape to Malfoy Manner." You hear it for the first time at 0:51 in the strings. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a way to make it happen in a concert band setting, besides using a trombone glissando. I'm open to anything. Obscure percussion instruments, pulling out tuning slides. I don't know. Also, is this slide in the recording possible on stringed instruments, or was that a computer? Thank you so much for you time in advance.
  3. Hi. I submitted a grade 1.5 concert band song for possible publication, and got the following feedback: The element I found not too interesting was harmony. There were too many sections with the same (or very similar) harmonic structure. I would recommend you seek out some subsitute, more colorful chords in some spots to "spice up " the harmonic language. In my opinion, that would make it a much more appealing piece. The Mp3 Can Be Heard To Here The Score Can Be Seen Here Thank you very much to anyone who is willing to help me find out how I can "spice this song up."
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