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  1. Stay with me

    Hello @Maarten Bauer Thanks for your enlightening comments. I'm glad that you liked it. I'd also consider your feedbacks when I revise the track. Dear @Monarcheon You are right, I transposed the song! I admire your ears, I wish I had your ears :). I also thank for your comments, I find them quite educative and professional. You are a great reviewer.
  2. Stay with me

    Dear Friends, Yesterday I finished a piano composition. Here I post it to get some feedback. I hope you enjoy it. I'm not sure if there are too much repititions and transitions are smooth enough. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFcLbezcBKI&feature=youtu.be
  3. Dialogue with an angel

    Hi @Ken320, Thanks for your message. I think you misunderstood something and I want to clarify it here. I didn't post the song in this forum but somwhere else. If had posted it here I wouldn't have done the same since I'm aware that the forum deserves this dignity. I became a member of this forum long ago but I didn't posted anything for a long time. Since I started to share my songs in this forum recently, I noticed that it gives far more and professional feedbacks than any other platform I encountered. In my opinion, receiving high quality feedback is quite important and beneficial especially for those who didn't have any professional music education like me. In this respect, I beleive that this forum also acts like an education platform for those who didn't have opportunity to study music. I'm sure that now you understand me well :) Best regards,
  4. Dialogue with an angel

    Dear Friends, Here I share one of my piano songs composed several years ago. Since then I have never gotten any feedback for the song. I'd appreciate if you listen to it and share your impression with me. Thanks in advance for listening to it :) Here is the youtube link of the song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNx7GfqZDkM
  5. A Rose in Winter

    Hi @Monarcheon, Thanks for your comments :) It was an experimentation for me to use quite different harmonic patterns in sequence. I agree with your comments on cadences. Maybe next time I should try softer transitions while keeping the variety of the patterns.
  6. A Rose in Winter

    Hello Friends, I'd like to share the composition that I finished today. So it is very fresh :) I am looking forward to receiving your feedbacks.
  7. Crying Alone

    Dear @Luis Hernández @Adrian Quince and @Martim Manuel Thanks for your constructive comments. I understand what you mean and I'll remember your suggestions when composing my next song.
  8. Crying Alone

    Dear friends, I've been working on a romantic piano song for a while. I've just finished it and wanted to present you. I've been inspired by popular piano song "it's hard to say goodbye" when composing it. I really want to know the strong and weak parts of it. I will really appreciate if you take your time and send me a feedback. Best regards, Selcuk Ozer
  9. Heartbeat

    Dear Monarch, Ken and Martim, Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate your comments since there is noone around me that can give such useful feedbacks. I think you're right about the arc. I'll keep working on this piece and consider your suggestions.
  10. Heartbeat

    Hello, I composed this piano song six months ago. I decided to share it here to get some feedback. I love this community because somene listens to my songs and share their impressions.
  11. Don't leave my small dream land

    Many thanks for your extensive feedback. Such comments help the beginners a lot. I'll keep your suggestions in my mind and try to revise the song accordingly. Please critisize my future compositions as well. Thank you for taking your time. With regards.
  12. Hello, Please listen to my piano song. Tell me if you like it. Also check my youtube channel