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  1. Elara

    Hello Friends, I finished a new piece yesterday. I'd like to hear from you about it. Best regards Elara.mp3
  2. Carme

    @Luis Hernández and @ilv Thanks for your comments.
  3. Carme

    Dear Friends, Please check out my latest piano song. I had difficulty in composing a proper ending so I think it ends somehow unexpectedy at the moment. I'll try to fix it. But I was so impatient to have someone listen to it and I decided to post it here. Thanks for your comments in advance. Best regards, Selcuk
  4. Larissa

    Hi @ilv, Thanks for your comment. Chord choices might lead to some dissonances. Whether good or bad but all of them was intentional.
  5. Larissa

    Hi @Monarcheon Thanks for your detailed feedback. Your comments help me a lot. Best regards
  6. Miranda

    Hi @ilv Thanks for listening and your feedback.
  7. Larissa

    Hello, Yesterday I finished a new composition. Since I'd listened to it so many times, I couldn't decide whether it sounds OK. I'd like to hear your comments and feedbacks. Thanks for taking your time in advance. Best regards, Selcuk Larissa.mp3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wg0We749BVM&feature=youtu.be
  8. Miranda

    Hi Luis, thanks for your comment. I agree with your suggestions and I will try to modify the song as you suggested after finishing the piece I’ve been working on. Your feedback is really helpfull.
  9. Miranda

    @Rabbival507 thanks alot. I think you’re right about the monotonicity. With every feedback, I learn a lot. Thanks again.
  10. Miranda

    Hi @Rabbival507, Thanks for your comments. Actually I didn't compose this particular song in connection to a background story. I leave it to the listener. I'm attaching sheet score. I generated it using Musescore from the midi file and I haven't checked if the conversion is OK. I also uploded a video of the song to youtube so you can also check it. Miranda.pdf
  11. Miranda

    Hello All, Please check my new piano songMiranda.mp3. I'd like to hear your comments. Thanks :)
  12. Charon

    Dear All, I'd like to hear about your opinions on this song. Thanks for your comments in advance! Charon1.mp3
  13. Stay with me

    Hello @Maarten Bauer Thanks for your enlightening comments. I'm glad that you liked it. I'd also consider your feedbacks when I revise the track. Dear @Monarcheon You are right, I transposed the song! I admire your ears, I wish I had your ears :). I also thank for your comments, I find them quite educative and professional. You are a great reviewer.
  14. Stay with me

    Dear Friends, Yesterday I finished a piano composition. Here I post it to get some feedback. I hope you enjoy it. I'm not sure if there are too much repititions and transitions are smooth enough. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFcLbezcBKI&feature=youtu.be
  15. Dialogue with an angel

    Hi @Ken320, Thanks for your message. I think you misunderstood something and I want to clarify it here. I didn't post the song in this forum but somwhere else. If had posted it here I wouldn't have done the same since I'm aware that the forum deserves this dignity. I became a member of this forum long ago but I didn't posted anything for a long time. Since I started to share my songs in this forum recently, I noticed that it gives far more and professional feedbacks than any other platform I encountered. In my opinion, receiving high quality feedback is quite important and beneficial especially for those who didn't have any professional music education like me. In this respect, I beleive that this forum also acts like an education platform for those who didn't have opportunity to study music. I'm sure that now you understand me well :) Best regards,