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    Yves Feger actually continues his carreer as a composer, arranger & pianist in the fields of pop song, film music and jazz. He produces, edits and makes albums for various French and international artists like "Nilda Fernandez" ( interpreter of hits such as "Madrid Madrid" ), or the album "Longs les jours" for the Swiss singer "Carole Rich" in association with composers Roland Romanelli and Francis Lai. He participates in recording sessions at the famous studios "Guillaume Tell", "Mega" and "Marcadet" in Paris (France). He writes, edits and distributes more than 25 music methods in music theory, harmony, composition, arranging, classical and jazz piano, and created pedagogic reviews for French national magazines such as "Rock & Folk", "Keyboards" or "Classics".
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    Lyon France
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    Composer & Producer
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  1. Hello everybody, I post here below : - free classical sheet music : - free video tutos for beginners - free musical analysis in classical, song and film music styles Hope they will be helpful for you guys.. :thumbsup:
  2. Well I think the real question is what do you like more, or what your carreer plan is.. Do you plan to work in commercial music ? Many students began learning jazz arranging and composition without studiying classical writing.. For sure, classical composition study is longer and quite harder, but it can bring solid writing techniques to you and will help you for composition, orchestration and structural skills. But you are not supposed to do it. Some great jazz composers and arrangers never learned classical basics, right ?
  3. Well, quality and quantity are out of subject. Only sincerity and ..talent do really matter.
  4. Let's be clear ! first of all the harmonic and counterpoint rules you describe concern a little part of music history ( let's say the baroque and classical periods). Unfortunately school & conservatory classes are based on tonal harmonic and counterpoint methods that apply rules extracted from the music of 17th and 18th century ! Did you know J.S Bach never wrote a "scholastic fugue" ? No ! however all the fugues he wrote were fantastic ! at the end of the 19th century, do you think Claude Debussy took care about paralell octaves and fifths ? no ! Do you think modal music from antic period to renaissance respected the rules you are talking about for many centuries ? No ! Guys, the great composers always used the "exception" that makes a composition unique !
  5. Hello, I should say I love most of famous actual soundtrack composers, but I have a special appreciation for Ryuichi Sakamoto Who composed the music from "Furyo" starring David Bowie in 1982. But my favourite sountrack is the one he wrote for the excellent "The last emperor" from director B. Bertolucci because it is like a perfect synthesis between the traditional chinese instruments and the classical western symphonic orchestra. The result is brilliant ! Such a talent.
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