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  1. All, please let me offer a few points of clarification... I currently have a network (that I am still buildling) of University Professors at schools including: USC, Northwestern, Julliard, University of Texas, and a few other smaller schools. They are proactively visting the project and will be viewing the new works - they are also helping this project grow. Additionally, I will very soon be advertising my project on various websites (this is developing and will be active soon). For each work that I highlight, I will make a youtube video to accompany the post. The video will include discussion, analysis, performance, and any footage from the composer that he or she might wish to include. I'm extremely close to a University Orchestra and am working on a tying agreement with them for performances, but where the music does not call for an orchestra I will perform it on the piano as it is discussed. Nothing is asked in return, except for the rights to have your music displayed on the page. Although, I will ask for various things to create your post, including: sheet music, any video footage of yourself or a performance that you might want to include, whatever contact information you might want to include (i.e. name email address, website, etc), and any other requests that you might have in posting your material. There is no preference to length, and the late late romantic style is very preferred. The video posting length will most likely be 10 minutes or less (so if the piece is significantly longer, it will be a summary with a reference to your point of contact where they can get more info). Of course, there will also be a written portion which will discuss the works more in depth. Thanks, Joe
  2. This is mostly true, though I am shy to directly admit it because I do not want to limit any more than I already am the content that people would like to send to me. But this is fair! Thanks! Yes, yes, and yes. It is incredibly broad. All forms are included: Broadway, Opera, Operetta, Libretto, Critiques, Articles, Everything. This is an excellent point which I have apparently not articulated very well. And it is not limited to works that are to be staged, though that is the primary purpose. It is here to give new, unkown composers a spotlight. I want to feature your music, so long as it fits in with the values of this project. Austenite, after listening to some of your pieces, I definitely encourage you to try your hand at staged works. Your style would definitely be welcome on my project. Thank you for your great ideas. I am not completely framiliar with this forum, but will definitely use it as an asset for new material for my project. Many thanks, Joe
  3. Treehugger, That's fair, it seems like it can be a bit ambiguous at first, but a read through of the mission statement will hopefully clear a lot of things up for you. Essentially, this project is looking to restore interest and buzz to new musical theater works that still have quality and offer an alternative to the "pop" or "rock" musical theater that is permeating through the market. I also created it to showcase the new music of known and unknown composers that I know are out there that can write high quality music. Thanks for the post! Please send it to me! I would love to hear it! joe@musicalrebirth.com Yes and no. I care less about the "style" and more about the quality. I know that is a terribly subjective term and extremely hard to define or substantiate, but that is also the purpose of this project in a way, to shed some light onto what I, and a large majority of people, have always felt was high quality music, worthy of study, interest, and attention. Thanks for the interest and response! This is the most correct post I've seen! Thank you Composer Phil! Guys, thank you very much for your interest. If you have any thoughts or ideas that you think would fit well on the site, please forward them to me. I am not only interested in original music, but also writings or articles on the subject. I am looking to draw from a wide variety of resources, and encourage you to submit anything that you may have. The project is up and running, but still being developed and added onto, so the site may change, be sure to check back regularly. This is going to grow extrememly large and fast and many new exciting developments are underway. Thank you all for your interest, support, and contributions! -Joe joe@musicalrebirth.com musicalrebirth.com
  4. All, I am writing to let you know about a project that I have created which serves to promote and support new compositions for musical theater in a unique way. I ask that you take a look and offer any comments, advice, or feedback that you can. It would be extremely appreciated. I am especially interested in any help in spreading my message and am eager to find original articles, music, or ideas to be shared should you know of any. www.musicalrebirth.com All my best, Joe Hargis Creator, Musical Rebirth Project
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