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  1. I never thought of it like that. This means, I have to study a lot. :D I will immediatly order some reasonable books and start reading... Thank you.... :happytears:
  2. Now I can see how important proper study is. :horrified: Thank you for your answer...
  3. I somehow knew that something like that would come :D A few weeks ago, the notes would simply come into my head, but now, nothing. Since I never took any lessons from someone, I have no ideas what I can do. It might sound silly, but it would really help, if you could just tell me, how you get your melodies. Sorry, if my english is bad.......
  4. Hi, I need some advice on composing a new Melody. I´ve already made some orchestral songs that aren’t half bad. But now I have problems to think of a new Melody. In the moment, I can only think of similar ones to those I already made. When I think back, I can´t really remember how I got those melodies. So, I´m in a bit of a loss right now. How do you composite new songs and how do you put aside your last project? Do you meditate until you get something new or do you listen to other songs, to get some inspiration? (Isn´t that like changing an existing Song?) So, what are the pro´s ways of making something new? But this isn´t my only Problem. I said my songs weren’t half bad, but they lack emotions. I want to get my emotions into the song. But how? Every time I made a new melody, I couldn’t feel my own feelings in it. I admit, this will get me to the same question as before: So, how do you composite new melodies? I hope this isn´t asking too much. Looking forward to your answers Thank you in advance. Greets Memoria
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