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    I know 370 digits of pi.
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    Pi-Reciter, Debater, Violinist
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    Prokoviev, Stravinsky, Shostakovich
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    everything in the classical genre from species counterpoint to twelve-tone
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    Finale 2011, iWriteMusic 2 for iPad, Sibelius 6, Finale 2008 Notepad, Finale 3.0
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    Violin, Viola, Piano,

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  1. theviolinist7

    Collaborator Wanted

    Write a post in your profile, like facebook, about this. People will see it more. This is quite hidden, right now.
  2. Does anyone else see two moons in the sky right now?

    1. Austenite


      I used to see two to four moons before realizing I was using the wrong glasses.

    2. theviolinist7


      Sorry, I didn't realize I was invading your privacy, Buckaroo. Better pack up.

  3. theviolinist7

    Challenge: 88

  4. theviolinist7

    Entering/submitting Guidelines For Competitions!

    Just wondering, does a midi count as an audio file?
  5. theviolinist7

    Post Your First 'composition'

    My first "composition" is long gone. It was probably written when I was 7 on Finale 3.0 (yes, it was old. The computer was older than me). Then the computer crashed. My first real composition is Quartet No. 1, Mvt. I. http://www.youngcomposers.com/music/3018/quartet-no-1/
  6. theviolinist7

    November-December 2012 Monthly Competition

    Sorry but I have to drop out. I have no time
  7. theviolinist7

    Discussion About The "phenomen" Gangnam Style

    The song doesn't do anything for me, mainly because there is basically zero pitch (which is why I don't like rap in general). However, since rap is pitchless, it is incredibly easy to sing; that is probably why Gangnam Style and related songs are so popular.
  8. theviolinist7

    Challenge: Fugue

    Ok. I saw in the rules something about it being in D, but then, it gave me a chord progression with b and f#. So which is it? And if any tonal baroque-style fugue works, (which I see it doesn't), go to my quartet no. 1, and listen to the third movement. It's a baroque-style fugue.
  9. theviolinist7

    Introducing: Challenges

    ok then.......
  10. theviolinist7

    Introducing: Challenges

    People can be banned from YC?
  11. theviolinist7

    Challenge: 10-Bars Piano Miniature