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  1. Thanx Emanuel - those are wind chimes. Yes they could be more subtle. I'll try to tweak it down in a remix in a day or two. There are a few spots, where some volume adjustments on individual instruments would benefit.
  2. A Point Of View An incident/mis-understanding with a friend, caused me to rethink what and how a relationship worked, and also how I viewed the world in general. The piece was originally sadder, but i lightened the tone somewhat, and as the different motifs came to me, and the instruments used. I realized it represented how I viewed myself, and how I perceived life in general and how it has drastically changed over the years. While not excited to have turned 70, I realized my mother set an example of how to age gracefully. Without getting worked up over losses, both physical in my health, friendships, shrinking finances, the state of society and the world. So my mom was like the branch that bend with the wind and survived longer. My Dad was more rigid in his thinking, and did not deal well with the changes and losses that were happening to me.. No judgement on my Dad, we are each as emotionally different as we are physical. It’s just that one can’t immediately judge the emotional makeup of a person. where as its very easy to see physical makeup. I hope that point comes across in the music. I wasn’t directly thinking about that, but as the piece matured, and I worked on and refined certain sections. I realized this was what I was subconsciously doing,
  3. Hi... Good work.. Yes I agree with Arthur and Monarcheon.. Percussion gets overwhelming, actually distorted. .. You might consider letting it cut in/out more i.e. with low male voices. But as your first post here. It is impressive.
  4. Nice work.. Melody line sounds a bit loud (and a bit mushy) towards the end. Although I understand the Blues is not about 'clean' sounds. Like the bass part. A technique I've been employing for a while now is that as the song matures, and arrangement, becomes complex. I sometimes 're-voice' an instrument or part'. A slightly drier, darker snare, will let the listener pay attention more to the desired instrument. I might find another patch for the bass to stand out more, or make it more muted, or even switch sounds for different sections. I tend to think of a song, as a 'guided walk thru the musical landscape'.. So when the lead guitar does a solo. the other instruments, might get a bit softer, of with a few less notes. This way you subtly guide the listener what to pay attention to. So in the piece the different instruments ebb and flow in the complexity and tone of the instruments. Once in a while, you might want 2 or more instruments playing more 'frenzied' for an effect.
  5. ambitious.. good. You might focus more on the technical quality of the music, to get your point across better. The voice often is lost and too awash with reverb. (for my taste anyways)..
  6. This is a more aggressive song than your others. In that I mean several of the instruments, 'demand' your attention. In one way a bit overwhelming. Still considering the song, and your attnention I get what you are trying to do... Maybe subdue a part or two, or a section of it. As evidenced by your previous uploads, you do have quite a knack for embedding hooks into every instrument.. and wow, I'm still very impressed with your voice. A perfect rock voice. Clarity, phrasing, tonality, and your control (did you study vocals or just your own learning from doing). High quality.. thanx
  7. Nice stuff. I listened to several pieces from your collection. You might be better served to upload only a piece at a time. Not a lot of people are going to sit thru 19 minutes.. Also don't get discourage, with little feedback.. It would be nice if more people who uploaded, made comments on other's work. You don't have do be a music analysist. And anyone can comment (it doesn't depend on your musical experience or knowledge) .. I'm not knowledgeable with classical music, but I can comment on the emotional impact it made on me, and the imagery it evoked for me. Hopefully people here will support each other more , and make this a better site for all. Keep up the good work
  8. Very beautiful.. A good mixing trick is to gently keep lowering the volume, and notice how the various instruments 'drop out'. If as you keep lowering the volume, and instrument goes out too early (or fast). bring the volume of the early drop outs. The fewer the instruments you have, the easier the mix is As you use larger arrangements (more parts) mixing becomes more of a challenge. Try a few mixes in one session, with some instruments at a different volume.. Listen the next day. A lot of times, I have to remix, changing volume, EQ, panning of instruments, that only becomes obvious to me after a number of listenings. I sometimes put my DAW on loop, and sit with a pad of paper taking notes. For me anyways, when I compose, I am being more emotional.. Mixing requires a different 'hat'.. not that of a musician per say.. Your pieces so far, really favor the piano. And your piano playing is fine.. My observation would be to lower the piano volume a bit, to let the beauty of your voice, and the strings in this piece to shine out. You pieces, musicianship, and writing abilities are quite excellent. Welcome here.
  9. I LOVE your voice.. This song like your other are well constructed chord, melody wise. The piano accompaniment you used 'OOM-PAA' might be more effective if somewhat different. The piano style, is kind of comical. While I get the song is 'light hearted'.. Just a consideration.. it is still fine as it is. Keep up the good work. Your music is like a 'fresh breeze of air'
  10. Very nice song; I would like to hear your beautiful voice a bit louder please.
  11. Hey Oliver - on a Mac Pro with OSX 10.14.2 and Safari 12.0.2 (the latest). The link does not work. It does work with Firefox browser however.. The music is quite good.. strange, and dark.. adventuresome, yet, with a slight foreboding to it. (nice balance of emotional state.. clever with the backward sounds. video great too.. A really well done piece of work.
  12. I have studie music, but a whole lot of it has been, teach myself.. You could start by re-creating pieces that you like, When working on a piece outside of my usual area of knowledge, I often write a very detailed critique of everything. chord progressions, show instruments come on, how other instruments answer, respond, Then at some point, writ e piece in the style of a piece you like.. Try to discern the writing devices, and processes the composers used. Being very analytical about it is a very helpful tool. Once you have done this enough, it becomes a muscle memory, or subroutine, you do not have to consciously think about. After a few years of writing out orchestral scores of my compositions, I can now edit, add, move notes on the staffs. I do not have to listen to the note to know its right.. (well I still do once in a while, but a fair amount of time I just know where to put notes, on the staff. without verifying them by ear.
  13. The Orchid Lounge. Again a large pallet of instruments. I experimented with making 'subordinate tracks'. These are other instruments, sometimes doubling, or playing a simpler version of another track, with some voice movement.
  14. I agree with Antonio.. The music is decent. My Dad always impressed on me, to get the best tools I could afford. Unfortunately sound libraries get expensive. Keep up the good work, look at reviews of libraries. https://vstbuzz.com has some good deals. Google something like' good deals on Kontakt libraries'. You might be able to benefit from better EQ'ing. Depending on your DAW, there may already be presets. Some high end 'sheen' would help significantly. You've got a bunch of instruments playing in the mid range, making it a bit muddy there. Your ears can be your greatest teachers. I'd download some commercial releases, or just find other music on soundcloud, Load a different track (that sounds good to you) and solo some of your instruments with the commercial. Try some 'gentle EQ' (notching out frequencies, bands, can be more effective than boosting others. Try matching 'sound wise' your tracks, ignore, pitch, tempo differences. get the EQ, limiting to 'fit'. Arrangement wise, playing wise, I think you are pretty right on. The thing to focus on right now, is getting a better sound out of your equipment. Doing good work here
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