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  1. Hi Locrian7.. Nice piece, I really love when the song picks up. Although I'm not versed in Band arrangements, I composed written, produced mostly pop for a long time. Sonically the beginning feels somewhat 'bottom heavy for quite a while. I greatly appreciate the score. Monarcheon and Maestrowick certainly covered all the points. Well done. Perhaps the close disonance should remove quicker. in the beginning riffs. The interplay of motifs is very nice.
  2. Hi Noah: This is great.. It could start as a great Jazz tune, but with Xmas feel, you give it double duty which is perfect. Possibly the kick a bit busy. In two places at 45 seconds and 1:13 the chord makes my left eyebrow go up. It's really a small detail. The melody and chords really give it a very valid 'sentimental' quality, which I love. I should learn this piece, to see if I can get some insight into emotion you invoke so skillfully.
  3. Thanks Maestrowick and Monarcheon. I greatly appreciate your thoughts. I will go back and put some more effort. I tried making the pauses more exaggerated, (glitching, weird snd effect etc, but then realized simpler seemed more effective. As I worked on this, the piece seemed to expose it's 'personality' to me..
  4. Can't remember the last time I wrote in 3/4 time. The piece is rather humorous, with the rhythm, and the grasshopper sounds (kinda twisted)
  5. Hi Seraphs. This is quite a lovely piece. What is your method of composing? Into a DAW I would imagine. There are/can be two perspectives. I usually record what ever come out of me be first. Letting my fingers do what they do, not being too analytical about it Then I assume my 'observational' mode. I listen any number of times, looping the song. Then after a while, I begin to notice patterns in it, I was first not aware of. Like I've used one instrument too much, or repeated something too much, or stuck with the same instruments too much. Or find I've stayed with the same 'density' of notes too long. With a DAW, you can go in there and re-work a segment without breaking the composition. Just take one of the instruments you've used and give it a descending line, or a slight variation of what it previously did. Very good work
  6. Very lovely.... Perfect the way it is. Each music composition is an entity in itself. There is a boundary between creation, sculpturing of notes, and just relaying a feeling inside you. when I hear this lovely piece. I suspect it was an emotion, that came out out you. And as such is really right there. It truly creates a great yet fragile emotive state. Music serves may purposes. It doesn't always have to make a distinct STATEMENT. It doesn't have to start at one point and distinctly arrive at another. It can just 'amble' around. Like some people do in the life. I don't know how you arrived at this piece. But it has that feel to me, it 'arrived' to you. I like how it doesn't really resolve itself.. it leaves you hanging. excellent
  7. Thank you Luis - I always value your opinion and ideas.. Making a climax by revisiting one of the earlier motifs, will be my next experiment. Each piece I do is an experiment, to work on an idea or area. I am currently trying key modulations in 2 - 5 chord changes to get there. I was taught that when I was about 14, but most rock'n'roll songs/pop songs our band did only ever modulated in one step, and I 'forgot'.
  8. The Landscape of Dreams I continue to compose in genre more of a musical landscape. A lot of instruments, but sparse parts, builds/down in complexity. Using UVI libraries, Kontakt libraries, Yamaha Genos, Logic Pro. Genos and Kontakt provide real sounding instruments, Falcon UVI libraries, the more synthetic. I enjoy synthetic sounds the have an organic feel to them. Tried to get a floaty feel with backwards instruments, also sparse drumming, placing Kik on different beats. Your brain wants to assume the kick is beat 1.. aha ha - got ya. Some parts have 'layered' softer parts under them, trying to create a 'smear' almost..
  9. Yes, a very nice song, I usually think of lullabies as elementary or simple.. This has a fair amount of sophistication.. I LOVED the tempo changes. Chord progression is very good. Great percussion. Keeping the strings back is great too. cause you keep the listener focused. The arrangement is phenomenal. As instruments start to stretch out, (get busier) you through in different chords. E X C E L L E N T.......... I often create parts by writing in the piano roll editor or score editor. It's tedious, but can come up with really fine results. worth the work.
  10. Good first attempt. I suggest you find songs you like, and take ideas from them. I recommend you get some graph paper. colored felt tip markers, and 'map out' the arrangement and production of songs you feel are in the same vein.. I take each instrument and use a different color to represent where they play, and where they leave out. Also sit down with pad and papers and listen about 20 times. On each pass write down the time, where something happens you like, or don't like. On each pass strive to notice something you didn't before. Not sure where you'd go with production. Could be a folk song, with just guitar and voice. You could lay down a few guitar tracks, strum on one, play some sing note riffs, Just pick the top four strings, or bottom 3.. The point is you want to add things, that fit with other tracks. You could also write out the lyrics, and number the measure number across the graph paper. This is to visually give you an overview of song.. Keep writing, and keep listening to music, to get ideas from.. You can also find some great free video tutorials on everything from guitar playing, singing, arrangement, production. Be patient, learning to become a great musician, song writer, can and will take the rest of your life.. if it is your passion.. The beauty with music. Is picking up a guitar and starting to write songs, doesn't take that lone,.. Three chords, and some strumming, and you can write a hit. Refining the process is a forever learning process. Good work, Keep it up.
  11. On listening again. I would practice your guitar fingering, lift you fingers slightly so you don't get all those squeaking sounds. Also you have a lovely voice, don't be afraid to sing out. Other finger picking patterns would spice up song nicely.. Either write a vocal melody for the long instrumental, or shorten it, and come back to voice again.. This song is a good foundation to put some more work into. Also you could consider saving it, write more, and come back to it, when you have more ideas to add to it. A fair amount of people write things, keep a good reference audio of it, and some kind of notes so you can re-create it. I sometimes get stuck on a song, and can't seem to compete it. I put it aside, and then one day, I find I have some new techniques to apply to it.
  12. It's very nice.. Don't be worried about how long it takes to complete. I've discovered many artists who spend a LOT OF TIME on a song. The Beachboy's 'Good Vibrations' took something like 7 months, and $150,000 in studio time. Unheard of in the 1960's. The Beatles would often re-record a song many many times in different styles, keys, tempos to discover what was best. One of their hits, they used the 100th take of the basic rhythm tracks.. Prince would often continually re-record the basic parts of his songs. He'd get the rhythm tracks down, record a new bass part, which then needed a new piano part, then a new guitar. Often going several rounds till the ending piece, didn't sound much like the first version.. I spend a lot of time using the same technique. As I redo the parts, I fill in the holes, or improve and refine the parts. And I realize I had to go thru that process to find the 'essence' of what I was trying to say the first time. It's wonderful when one can brag, this was the first take.. and yes that happens some times. The real magic is in the work itself. Keep up the good work
  13. Hi Muhammadreza: The song is beautiful and sad. It certainly reflects your message. I might like this the best of all your posts here. I too have battled depression/anxiety for decades. I take psych meds, and counseling. I'll go for a while, feeing neutral, or even good. Then I might really fall deep into an emotional hole. A lot of people don't realize MENTAL HEALTHis a real issue. Your brain is an organ in your body, and it can go from states of health, strength, depression, or weakness. And some people mental health is something that should not be talked about. There are various ways to deal with depression. There are coping strategies you can learn to use.. Like you did here, I sometimes use music to express an emotion I'm feeling. The process of creating a piece, helps you process your feelings too.. You are in my thoughts
  14. Like descending structure, and the melody, makes me think of being somewhat drunk, and the floor is starting to tilt, things on the wall, are starting to drip down like a Dali painting AND I'm a be melancholy. It certainly evokes certain emotions.. I like your pieces, usually short, but very concise and to the point. Well done.
  15. Yes, the piece is beautiful, you're playing great.. The arrangement is also right on too. And I love where you made the video.. Keep up the great work.
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