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  1. mark styles

    The Orchid Lounge

    The Orchid Lounge. Again a large pallet of instruments. I experimented with making 'subordinate tracks'. These are other instruments, sometimes doubling, or playing a simpler version of another track, with some voice movement.
  2. mark styles

    Music to a picture

    I agree with Antonio.. The music is decent. My Dad always impressed on me, to get the best tools I could afford. Unfortunately sound libraries get expensive. Keep up the good work, look at reviews of libraries. https://vstbuzz.com has some good deals. Google something like' good deals on Kontakt libraries'. You might be able to benefit from better EQ'ing. Depending on your DAW, there may already be presets. Some high end 'sheen' would help significantly. You've got a bunch of instruments playing in the mid range, making it a bit muddy there. Your ears can be your greatest teachers. I'd download some commercial releases, or just find other music on soundcloud, Load a different track (that sounds good to you) and solo some of your instruments with the commercial. Try some 'gentle EQ' (notching out frequencies, bands, can be more effective than boosting others. Try matching 'sound wise' your tracks, ignore, pitch, tempo differences. get the EQ, limiting to 'fit'. Arrangement wise, playing wise, I think you are pretty right on. The thing to focus on right now, is getting a better sound out of your equipment. Doing good work here
  3. mark styles

    Resident Evil Inspiration

    I think you did a very good job here. Music for this situation, is a very delicate balance between a musical statement and something being 'musical wallpaper'. You don't want to bore the listener, but you don't want the music demanding his attention either. great job
  4. mark styles

    Main Theme Opening

    Great start.. I'd be inclined to EQ the white noise (wind I presume) or find another sample to make it not so overpowering.. So it could be thinner, and exit faster.. You just need to 'imply' that it happened, and then get it out. Noise fills everything, and doesn't always convert well to other sound systems. Possible some thunder drums. certinally bring up the ones you have (I guess) Now I never play video games, or listen to the music that accompanies them. So I might really be 'off base'.
  5. Will check out Slaney.. I remember it has been used in commercials, also as musical references sometimes. I got to spend a day with Badfinger as a 20 something year old. I worked at a Holiday Inn, They came to Salem, MA to do a concert at Salem State College.. Since I was a musician, my boss gave me the day off to drive them around.. I took them to rehearsal, back to hotel, and then to concert. It was probably their first tour.. Really nice guys, and great musicians. They were really like a version of the 'early Beatles'. great singers, songwriters, excellent players.. It was an honor to spend time with them. "Without You" was originally two songs. Pete Ham wrote the verses, but the song lacked a strong chorus. Evans had a song, so they just used his chorus part.. Their version was kind of mediocre. Harry Wilson, really brought it to life. I love when some one does a cover, and gets into the 'soul or the intrinsic kernel' of the song. and builds on that. Without You is of course a GREAT song. To me another example of someone really getting into a song, discovering, and amplifying the power of it is Naturally 7's version of 'In the Air Tonite' by Phil Collins.. In the Air Tonite is a pretty profound song, it has a power I can't quite get my finger on. Naturally 7, were bold enough to add considerable additional material to it. Of course the 50 piece orchestra playing this version adds greatly to its impact. I'm also a real Beatle fan, saw them perform live in 1966, in Boston MA. What I've found over the years, is that there are no 'wasted notes' in their songs. While their songs have been covered thousands of times, and some very good. There is still a 'strong core' to what they released (nothing could be released unlesss all four agreed). The last 15 years of so, McCartney has had a GREAT band.. His covers of Beatle songs, are for the most part 'note on' for everything. When there is something different. He (the band) took what was originally recorded and refined and improved it. The Beatles often did different versions of their songs, to find out what was the best interpretation of what they had written. There is a cassette taped that surfaced of John Lennon working on a very rough version of one of his later hits. He sings two lines, with guitar, over and over, methodically changing various pitches of words, until, he's satisfied. It's very interesting, he continues singing, then he sings the melody that is later used in the released song. Very powerful song construction tool. If you use a DAW and MIDI you can easily do this. I employ this technique a lot now. I keep moving notes, (pitch, and position).. I eventually come up with what I think is the most interesting version. Keep up the good work, Epic.
  6. mark styles

    Swing! Time

    very nice.. yes, I like the happy feel too.. wasn't the main riff similar to one used for shopping commercials, back in the 50's or 60's. Or was that music done by Ivor Slaney. I admit, I know nothing about him.. going to check it out. In any event this is quite catchy, quite humorous, I love the responses to the harmonies pitzacattos. brilliant.
  7. mark styles


    I like it, ... some great ideas. I could imagine a prog-rock band working this too Like Yes, with Chris Squire bass, and Jimi Hendrix's jazz period drummer, on the verge of overplaying. Excellent riffs
  8. Very nice... I hear some 'Gilbert O' Sullivan' in there and Beatles of course. Sophisticated chords, good.
  9. mark styles


    DAMN you are GOOD.. Arrangements = IMPECCABLE. And you don't even bother to rhyme the lyrics - don't need to. It would detract. Is this all you, or a band?
  10. mark styles

    The Indigo Dream

    Hi DFox - This is quite nice. and WELCOME.. I usually don't come to this section of site. I hang out it 'rock, pop' section.. Don't be discouraged if you don't get too many replies (or any). I don't know younger folks just don't have the manners the previous generation had. The Indigo Dream has love, attention to detail, and heart in it. I get that. Nice transitions to different sections, motifs. very smooth. Don't think it matters if you post here or link to soundcloud.. cause quite a few folks do link.. I was drawn to this, cause I wrote a piece a couple years back called 'Shades of Indigo'. Indigo is an intriguing word and color. Keep up the good work. Mark Styles
  11. Yeah, I agree with Quinn, the music might be demanding that too much attention be paid to it. I had done similar music for some museums many years ago. I call it 'musical wallpaper'. I made it palatable, pleasant, but it did not call attention to itself. What you've done it good, however it does subtlely ask that you pay attention to it. Of course ultimately the client will decide that. It might be that you want music that adds excitement to the atmosphere of the place. Your melody parts are intricate and catchy. You might want to make a simple motif, and repeat, and have different instruments state it. The Brain likes to find order in things. so when you have music with a fair amount of activity, the brain is going to turn it's focus on it, to find the pattern.. With something constantly changing, it engages the brain to pay more attention.. If the music is too static, the brain will pay less attention to it. You want to find that happy medium.. I suggest checking out what others have done, and study that. When analyzing a new genre of music, I use graph paper, and multi colored felt tip pens. I mark out different instruments by bar.. I don't notate notes, just activity. I have a bit of heiragliphics - more squiggly lines means more activity. You can find your own symbols and short hand. After doing that to a number of pieces. I gain a better understanding of what I am trying to do. Because you have much going on, the brain wants to pay attention to it, to be able What you've created here is very good. To me it requires me to pay attention to it. I cannot ignore it. I think you could turn this into an epic type piece, just in it's scale, length, variety. Very good. Also consider where it is being played, are there a lot of other sounds, people talking music coming form ride attractions etc. Noises etc. If there are those factors, the brain will struggle with what to pay attention too. My own theory is that the brain can process 4 - 6 different data strands of music. More if the addition strands are closely related to one of the main ones. Once you get past that, the brain doesn't have enough CPU power and speed to process more audio input, so it might get frustrated, and lose interest in it, or not like it, in which case, it is tuned out.
  12. mark styles

    Icy January

    Comment - one word - excellent. Great violin line - the woodwinds are the sparrows darting around.. Use of different techniques and flourish is RIGHT ON. Your orchestration, and mixing are quite good. Are you going to leave us hanging at the end like that. The first listening, the ending sounded rough, but on later listens, Yeah, it has merit to it. There is so much music out there now, it's hard to come up with something that doesn't sound like a quote to an earlier work by another composer.. I can hear sense your understanding of earlier composers. Yet, what you have done, it yours, it's not a 'clone' of an older composer. GREAT WORK
  13. mark styles

    Gestapo Reinforcement Arriving

    Very nice. Has just the right feel.. How about the next section, is the disobedient citizens 'clashing' with the police?.. You could get some raw obnoxious sounds in there. With your brief explanation.. I can almost see the scenerio unfolding.. Can't wait to hear the finished piece.
  14. mark styles

    Frantz quartet Vol.1 No.10.29.18

    This is nice and smooth.. I really enjoy watching you guys play it too. One question - where are the smoky solo's?.... come on.. they are there somewhere waiting to be heard. What you've got now is good.
  15. The piece is very nice. I hear little snippets of familiar things in the melody. And I recognize chunks of chord progressions from a 60's or 70's song. But you've been clever enough, so one cannot figure where or if it came from something. And let's face it, there are a limited number of chord progressions that are really great. So there will always be songs with them.. Can't copyright chord progressions, no worry there. Pauld McCartney went around for months playing what would become 'Yesterday' for friends, The basic idea came in a dream. But he wasn't sure if he generated the song, or had re-constituted a song that already existed. After a month or two, of everyone, assuring him it was original - he moved forward with it. What you've done does sound good. Choice of instruments, arrangement of parts, is quite good. YES