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  1. Thanks Stephen. I listened to the audio demos and, yes, that's an impressive package, but unfortunately well out of my budget (and that pretty much answers Elliots question as well). JM
  2. Sure ! Problem is getting them to play along ... If there are any sax players reading this and willing to give a helping (free) hand, I'd be chuffed to bits :-)
  3. Hi, I've been working on a song that has a sax solo (that more or less drove me nuts). I'm pretty happy with what I have (NI Komplete 8) bit I still think the sound could be better. This is what I'm checking against (there's a little bit of sax at the beginning, but the solo kicks in at 1'50") Hope you find time to listen Thanks for your feedback ... JM
  4. Hi Ken sorry i didn't reply earlier. I thought i had an automatic email upon reponse on this post but apparently not ... Thanks for listening to my tracks. I've put some newer ones out there since. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "more ambience". Could you possibly explain in a little more detail ? I listened to Roseland and enjoyed it. Nice blend with the photography too. I am French by the way and am familiar with at least a little of J Greco's repertoire. Good luck with the Mac (have you bought a fire extinguisher ?!) Cheers JM
  5. Hi everyone Still happily busy working with Loegria and digging a little deeper into the library : At first I overlooked Stephenson's steam band and Fentons Reversals but in fact they are extremely useful. Look out for them here ... http://soundcloud.com/jean-michel-george/all-you-are-about-to-destroy I also find that Loegria blends extremely well with my other libraries (EWQL Silk, Symphonic choirs and Voices of passion + odd FX and pads from NI's Komplete 8). if Spitfire's true to their word, I'm only five days off from receiving my 25% voucher that will be going immediately towards purchasing Albion I !!! Can't wait ... :D JM
  6. Hey, be fair Locrian, that's hardly an opinion ! That's merely saying to other people don't bother going there ... I'm not saying that this is a high-street but how would you feel if someone walked out of your shop and painted "nothing interesting in here" on the window ? If you have any constructive criticism or advice as to how I can improve on my work I'm all ears. That's why I posted here. Otherwise please have the common decency to simply walk on by ... Thanks
  7. Hi all and greetings from France Just wanted to share some of my recent compositions with you at : using Spitfire Audios latest Albion Loegria library. These are "Autumn Stroll" and "Pride at Dawn". I find Loegria very inspiring. If you are curious, here's the complete list of sound libraries that were used on these songs and instrumental work : -Spitfire Albion II (on "Autumn Stroll" and "Pride at Dawn") - EWQL Complete composer's collection (Symphonic Orchestra, Goliath, RA, Silk, Ministry of Rock, Gypsy, Symphonic Choirs and Voices of Passion) - Native Instruments Komplete 8 - Spectrasonic Trilian I'd love to have your feedback on some of these tracks. I believe there's a little something out there for everyone so I hope you'll find at least one or two to your liking. Please feel free to comment (positive or negative, it's always useful) and follow me on the SoundCloud if you like what you hear (I update on a weekly basis). Enjoy ! Hope to hear from you soon. JM
  8. Hi all I'm an amateur composer from France with a lifetime's devotion to electronic musical instruments since my very first analogue synthesizer way back in the mid 80's (the wonderful "duophonic" Yamaha CS40M). I was brought up on a mixture of Jean-Michel Jarre (to whom a modest tribute may appear obvious to some on the track "Brave New World" in the link below), English New-Wave and various classical influences ranging from Tchaicovsky to Gabriel Fauré. Since then the industry has changed (slightly !!) and so have my musical tastes and expectations. Leading to which I recently dumped some of my older gear that was gathering dust and after a lot of research and hesitation finally purchased the following products : - EWQL Complete composer's collection (Symphonic Orchestra, Goliath, RA, Silk, Ministry of Rock, Gypsy, Symphonic Choirs and Voices of Passion) - Native Instruments Komplete 8 - Spectrasonic Trilian (all bass sounds) Though I'm thrilled with the three of them and they have been keeping me very happily busy composing these last few weeks, I'm not so sure how they blend together sonically speaking. I'm not much of a recording engineer, but nevertheless I 'm under the impression that the reason for some of my rendered mp3s sounding "flat" and lacking in dynamics may have something to do with the samples themselves and not just with my mastering capabilities (that being said I'm only using Ableton Live's native plugins to achieve this so I'm conscious of their limits ...). I'm also highly concerned about how people perceive and react to these sounds : Do you consider some of them to be over-used (EWQL's "Voices of Passion" used on "Fretless Lullaby" for example is probably a dead give-away ...), dull and boring, or is the overall impression a pleasant one ? So here's the link ... http://soundcloud.co...n-michel-george I'd be very interested to have your comments and ideas on these particular issues. Also I'd love to have your feedback on the compositions themselves obviously, in which case please bear in mind that they have all been done in the last three weeks, so consider that work is still in progress ! Happy summer holidays to all. Cheers !
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