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  1. So what if Beethoven never wrote the 9th and Tokke or somebody else (just using Tokke to make it vivid) would write the 9th today and post it on YC tomorrow. What would happen? Would this composition blow up and circulate thru the social media's, getting millions of views on Youtube and get performed by all major orchestras? Or would it get some recognision on YC never to be heard more then 40 times, because it's romantic and that's from yesterday?
  2. Although it is nice music, I'm looking for music with voice and interesting instrumentals, harmony, maybe counterpoint etc.
  3. Thanks guys! I found some cool stuff!
  4. I'm looking for pop music that is interesting on a instrumental level. The term 'pop' is a bit misleading. I'm looking for music with let's say 'normal' siging voices. So no opera-like singing. The band/person who makes the music has to be alive and kicking. Do you know any 'pop' music that is interesting harmony-wise, instrumentation-wise, etc.? And that is active at this point?
  5. Lol, It's kind of a romantic idea I have. To be able to compose a piece while making love under the moonlight. Now that I do I more often (spending time writing in my head, without the love making at the same time) I wounder what the hell I want to do while I'm at it. It's kind of boring laying on the couche all saturday thinking of music. I think I will start jogging... Does anybody have the same 'problem'..?
  6. Because I would like to be able to write 'in my head'. But the tempation to go to my piano or to playback with a notationprogram is so great, that I have to 'go all-in'. If I keep relying on other soundsources it will take longer to learn it. It's all just for fun, but it's a goal I have. That's why.
  7. A friend of mine didn't get accepted because he had vaque ideas about his life after college. He was vaque about his goals. What kind of profession he was persuing. So I recommend spending some time thinking about that.
  8. My inner ear. I promised myself never to write anything that I didn't write 'in my head'. I have a bad ear, but the progress is very nice. I'm writing a little trio at the moment and it's very fullfilling to write it without aid from a keyboard or a notationprogram.
  9. Sorry to bump the thread, but the deadline is well overdue now and Jade wants to start rehearsing next week. Has anybody been working on the commission? And, if so, how far along are you?
  10. The channel has been up and running for a couple of months now and there are indeed a lot of different styles on it. I do understand your concern and I'm not sure how to deal with it. I want the channel to be centered around 'classical music'. But that term is so broad it can be very difficult to draw the line. I write music in a pop-like way. I try to put more thought in the other voices, but still... What it comes down to is: I don't know. I don't want the channel to feauture all kinds of singer-songwriters, but on the other hand I did upload one that I liked, so I'm not really consice there. I quess I upload what I like and what people ask me to upload. Maybe some of you have a idea? What should the channle feuture in the near future. What should I and shouldn't I upload?
  11. Hello Yc'ers, I want to start a little inititiave to do a online collaberative composing project. I know it's been done before, but it would be fun anyhow. The idea is to come together with a few people under a flag and compose one or more pieces together. We can figure out what works best as we go along, but I think we can start out with a broad idea and all participants can bring in idea's and discuss them. For this to work we will need a 'leader', but we will see about that later on. I'll just start with an idea: A piece for violin, cello, (concert) flute and voice in D major. We will discuss the musical style and so on when we have formed a group. Who wants to join?
  12. Do you have a personal youtube-channel? If not, you can sent your mp3's (and sheets if available) to youngcomposerstube@hotmail.com
  13. I agree. I wouldn´t recommend trying to video it all in one take. I would make it more like a short documentary. You could film yourself sketching an idea on paper, improving it on the piano, trying it out in finale, improvising again, walking around the garden singing etc. It depends on your personal style of course.
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