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  1. This is a cool song, you don't come across these that often. If I were arranging this I would add a couple of instruments to the mix. Maybe something atmospheric faintly in the background, and later, an accordion? Bring the electric guitar in earlier before it does the solo, also just in the background. It needs a counter melody to the bare guitar. Weave them in and out. I would introduce the drums and bass earlier and definitely give it a back beat on the snare. I make these suggestions in light of its length. Otherwise it will get boring. And the verse/chorus could be better delineated. I leave that up to you.
  2. This is nice all around. The dotted rhythm at a lower tempo would be tragic sounding but at this tempo it's ... I don't want to say humorous - but still sounding rather important. Like Pay attention to this motif!
  3. Nice work, Gustave. Congratulations on your win!
  4. Regret by Blue Nile. It's a song about a man who didn't get a chance to say goodbye to someone who died on 9/11.
  5. Thank you, Jean. I'll do some more soon.
  6. I agree that it's very well written piece, which I enjoyed listening to. It sounds like you took care to make it approachable, that is to say not too academic, and I think your audience will appreciate that. It's a shame this is only a mock up because this kind of thing would benefit from real players who I think would have a good time with it.
  7. I am using MOTU Digital Performer with the string section of East West Symphonic Orchestra. DP is the DAW of choice for film composers.
  8. Charming, witty and unique, each one a little gem.
  9. Thanks! But no, it is not live.
  10. It's pretty good, Joyce. And nice lyrics too. Your pitch needs a little work, that's all.
  11. It's got a lovely mood, whimsical almost like a Fantasia in parts. And of course many touches of Chopin. I like the relaxed feel of ti.
  12. It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there with just guitar and voice, cuz there's no place to hide. But it's good. Just keep on going. 😊
  13. There is no score. It wasn't conceived that way. Anyway, I prefer it when people just listen in their normal way, without distraction.
  14. Very evocative! I can see myself drumming on the steering wheel like a lunatic while I curse at everybody.
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