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    I studied percussion, piano and music composition at Roosevelt University in Chicago, where I got my B.A. I have played professionally with ensembles, mostly popular music, in both Chicago and New York. Later I got involved with microprocessors and telecommunications in Wall Street, then relational database design and back end web support. I enjoy composing more than anything else, recording and learning new possibilities, keeping up with fantastic new music technologies.
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    Photography, reading, traveling, conversing about The Universe and the big old world around us..
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    At this point I have no favorites anymore. Although I never tire of baroque and good popular music. I also enjoy many modern film composers, and cinema.
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    Improvisational, cinematic, experimental, methodical. genre-blending.
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    Sibelius 7, MOTU 9.51
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  1. The hardest part of creating ambient music is keeping the ego out of it. It's a lot like minimalism, where you give up a certain amount of control in order to fit into a genre. Which is basically not intuitive because it natural for composers to put themselves into their work, more so for minimalism, but to a lesser extent for ambient. At the very least it requires a definate slowing down of ego and compositional intent. So the phrases and gestures are slow as yours are here, probably even slower! Check out Michael Stearns and the films he's contributed to for examples. I enjoyed the work here. Very nice.
  2. Ken320


    So many possibilities! I would like to enter.
  3. Ken320

    Before The Dawn

    Is there as way to adjust the volume on this soundcloud player? The music sounds nice but it's way too loud on my system.
  4. Ken320

    Steps to Follow

    The constant rhythm makes it easy for everyone to stay together but the tempo is too extreme. If you slowed it down it would not lose its charm because when you get down to it, the tempo is almost irrelevant, give or take. If you found some players who could find their own tempo, you might realize things and possibilities you hadn't planned on, some of which would be dynamics, because this is pretty much balls out all the time.
  5. Wonderfull! I wish I was there. Be sure to address Jonathan Tunick's orchestrations.
  6. I wanted to post this especially for those not yet acquainted with Stephen Sondheim's music, except for maybe Send In The Clowns.
  7. Ken320

    Ending on V

    Do you have any examples of this so we can talk specifics? The V ending is so rare! But I love a good fade, because it suits the concept of something cut in stone, as the recording, but goes on forever in your mind. So the I is there, as is the ii, IV and V. They are all represented in a package! And sometimes more. Some artists have transcended it from a convenience or device to something higher. Here's one. https://youtu.be/CsOmABqfDvo Or Wedding Bell Blues, which I consider to be a perfect pop sonng. https://youtu.be/XvKzCspqGgQ
  8. Ken320

    Melodic structure in Maqam music

    It looks like a double harmonic scale. https://youtu.be/7-HZXm61Cv4
  9. Ken320

    Listen to my last cry

    Part of the reason that it's confusing is because the phrases are irregular and not well enough defined. Plus, many bass notes in the left hand occur on weak beats, whereas if you kept them on strong beats it would help the listener make sense out of it, and it would help you as the composer as well. So it's not quite a song yet, but more of an improvisation, which as it is has a certain mood that is pleasant. Try to keep the phrases in multiples of 4 and 8, unless your melody is decicisvely asymetrical.
  10. Ken320

    Gymnopédie II

    This is nice. It's always an admirable thing to copy that which we love.
  11. Ken320

    Danza Jibara

    Love the fire and the syncopation! I kept thinking while listening that this would sound ever better if some of the lines - or whole sections - were played without the pedal. Just for contrast. It would be like ragtime, only without the tonal clichés associated with that style.
  12. Rick Beato analyzes the opening sequence of The Shawshank Redemption, music by Thomas Newman. Rick is one of the best youtube sources for learning music theory.
  13. Ken320

    Sicut Cervus

    It’s a very nice piece to listen to. You have a fine counterpoint going here with a lot of motion in the lines. The piano part is fine, but here are a couple of nitpicking suggestions if you like. You might have used half notes instead of tied quarters, the rhythm is very easy to follow. And in b51 make the last G a separate voice (see pic). My only real suggestion is in b30 and one other place. The F#-G movement in the alto just sounds un-melodic to my ear. Have you tried replacing the F# with an A or D or even just repeat the G, that might be best. This will sound great in your choir!
  14. Ken320


    The horns and strings sound great together. Starting with low strings then moving up the register, it builds nicely. In spite of the inherent cliché of the chord progression you made good use of suspensions, some temporary dissonances and generally good voicing throughout.