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  1. Arranged and sung by Singers Unlimited. Sounds a little like Satie but it's not.
  2. @TheCluelessClariney Oh no! I kind of stepped into this. I didn't mean you in particular. Really. I just mean in general that people have gotten into the habit of not acknowledging the comments they get. And that is just my personal experience. I am always happy to comment when I can.
  3. ***** Anyway I've already commented on this person's efforts several times with no acknowledgement or thanks when I really should be putting time in on a project even if stalled by this latest virus thing) so I won't be commenting again. . ***** @Quinn, I get maybe four acknowledgments out of ten comments I leave. It's a problem around here, and it's just bad form.
  4. If your bass lines are going to be melodic, and it's great when they are, they will necessarily be playing the 3rd in both major and minor chords along the way. And maybe the 5th. But mostly the 3rd. It's a hard and fast rule to not double the 3rd when it's in the base. Never double it an octave above the bass in the cello! That is a recipe for mud. If you want to double it, make sure the bass and cello are playing the same pitch. And even this can sound muddy. These 6/3 chords are meant to be passing. They are unstable. Playing the cello a 6th or 10th above the 3rd in the bass is a good sound, but just remember the lower you go the 6th will sound muddy and the 10th not so much. This rule also applies to chords you have redefined as M6 or m6th chords. It is still a 6/3 chord for purposes of doubling the lowest note - even if you are considering it the root. There are many examples of this online.
  5. Yes, but I don't have an example of staggered 16th notes, only 8th notes. Doesn't matter. With rests it would look like this. Note that in this example in 6/8, it takes both staves to account for 6 beats.
  6. The specific meaning is that Democrat's Modus Operandi is to politicize everything, especially savoring crises because they are particularly adept at using them to their advantage.. Generally speaking though I'm just venting about the Democrat party. I've had it. #walkaway
  7. Why did Rahm Emanuel say "You never let a serious crisis go to waste."? 3 Answers Geoffrey Widdison, Been following US politics as long as I've been able to vote. Answered Apr 1, 2013 · Author has 9.5k answers and 44.6m answer views The quote is simply a comment on political reality. When there's a serious crisis, people are more driven to get things done, more willing to compromise and more attentive to politics. Hence, when there's a crisis in place, it's the perfect time to try and make the changes you want to make. Now, if those changes are good, this is a brilliant way to accomplish good things. If you those changes are bad, you're manipulating a crisis to force changes the country doesn't need. (my 2c follows) Democrats, and their complicit and irresponsible allies in the Press are busy rubbing their germ ridden hands together in glee as fears rise exponentially among the public, and as their quivers are kept full and potent with arrows of blame directed at the usual targets: Republicans and Free Market Capitalism. This particular crisis is just too good to be true! It's a veritable gift given to them. Satan Himself could not have done a better job. Markets crashing, economies tanking, people turning against one another in panic, Bernie Sanders demanding government takeovers of "Methods of Distribution." (Gee, where have I heard that term before? Carl Marx?) To Bernie it's like a shot of B-12! It's a perfect crisis for them because it gives them cover. The origin is unclear, the ramping up seems, I don''t know, a fairly normal reaction, right? Meanwhile the arrow fly at their intended targets. Think about it. Is there ever a time when they are not at war with Free Markets? Trump, or rather, the public, has been giving us all an object lesson in the success of the free market. It's happening right before our eyes. And to Democrats that's like a stake through its heart. That's why the Coup. Not because Trump is crude. I am including all forms of Leftism here, like Globalism, Presidential Coups and the like. Democrats have a lot of company in this regard. The anti-Brexit coalition in Brussels is one. But in this country Dems are merely the host organism for all Leftist, that is to say, Totalitarian, thought. And Oh, my God are they good at spinning it. You will call me a Conspiracy Kook, I'm sure. But I'm not. I'm an absolute cynic, granted. Hospitals overburdened? Naturally. Bringing down the system has always been the plan of the power mad. (see Cloward-Piven.) Flooding the border, etc. Do you think Democrats actually care about those children? They care not. The problem is what's in their hearts. Or what's missing. Control freaks have no room in their hearts for anything but the goal for power. At any cost. Who cares if hundreds or even thousands of people die when the payoff is worth it? Totalitarians have killed far more than that in the past. We can solve this "crisis." But let's not give away the store.
  8. Sorry for the frequency of these posts but there's so much music out there and we may not be aware of it because we are busy and think there is nothing to learn from pop music. But there is! Huge currents and voltages Potential for fire, for fire yes (potential!) You take the heat on the rooftops You make it sweet oh please don't stop Protector and a messenger Don't throw in the towel before (protector!) You've done what you're called to do You'll never be done if I know you Drawing fire Fire from the clouds Drawing fire Fire from the clouds Ben Franklin could have been killed With key and kite up on that hill (electric!) Devotional experiments In spirit, you are much like him (experiments!) A writer, a scientist You sing your song as a servant (science!) To gods whose voices speak through you From somewhere in that troubled blue (devotion!) Drawing fire Fire from the clouds Drawing fire Fire from the clouds Drawing fire Drawing fire Source: LyricFind Songwriters: Laura Veirs Lightning Rod lyrics © BMG Rights Management
  9. Well, this is a lovely somber piece with what I would call "bits of intrigue" added to good effect. You have lines of varying length weaving in and out, something I admire and try to do myself. But there is always the danger, if you would call it that, of jarring dissonances in the longer held notes because of all the moving lines around them. And of course the more lines you have the more probable these dissonances. It's an odd conundrum which could be solved by a/ having less voices or b/ being less adventurous. I don't recommend either! Because the long held notes are beautiful. The opening organ is a good choice, I wonder why it did not make a return at the end?
  10. It's a nice song but the drums are too loud relative to the guitar and your voice. It's interfering with your voice a little.
  11. I love this mini Opera by Gilbert O'Sullivan so much I can't think straight!
  12. And Every Purpose Under The Heaven
  13. The combination of fourths (and the one 3rd) facilitates a very nice and playable instrument. You can play an octave and a half scale without changing the position of your left hand. (If it were tuned in 5ths, given the distance between frets, you'd be hopping all over the place.) You can play 1st, 2nd and 3rd inversion chords easily. In third inversion (with the help of frets) you can play a single chord with one finger! That's why the third. This makes the guitar good for melodies AND accompaniments, AND you can do them both at the same time. Throw in adding a bass line to it and Voila! One man band. (see Joe Pass). The radius of the fingerboard helps here too. Your post is a little strange because I'm hearing someone complain about an instrument he has no familiarity with. Good luck with your studies. You'll see.
  14. It's a pretty easy question for me. But at first it was not a question at all because I was already a professional drummer early on. I also played guitar. But being a drummer can be a grind and I wanted something more, as you do, and my musical quests were expanding faster than my environment would allow. So college was the next logical step as I was already on the trajectory. I have never been bothered by a desire or a curiosity to be other than a musician, and I had already firmly acquired one overarching principle and that was to "get good." And I chose composition to get good in. Thinking back, being with other musicians who were so good that they had their whole futures planned out in advance, was like a dream. Concert pianist, playing in a symphony orchestra, or just teaching, being with other kids who were at their best game, walking down the hall and hearing the cacophony of two hundred years of music, all at once! I would definitely choose music school again, but I warn you, it's probably not best to go in thinking as a jack of all trades.
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