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    I studied percussion, piano and music composition at Roosevelt University in Chicago, where I got my B.A. I have played professionally with ensembles, mostly popular music, in both Chicago and New York. Later I got involved with microprocessors and telecommunications in Wall Street, then relational database design and back end web support. I enjoy composing more than anything else, recording and learning new possibilities, keeping up with fantastic new music technologies.
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    SQL Server Database Administrator
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    Making stuff up out of nothing.
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    At this point I have no favorites anymore. Although I never tire of baroque and good popular music. I also enjoy many modern film composers, and cinema.
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    Improvisational, cinematic, experimental, methodical
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    Sibelius 7, MOTU 9.13
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    Piano and Synthesizers

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  1. In my country such digs are common among friends who share common experiences and foibles. The insult is not as severe as you make it, not nearly the knife in the chest, but only the slap on the cheek. In any case, you shouldn't be inserting yourself in threads. Rather, you should be busy writing music to post here instead of listing all the reasons why you can't (shout box) .
  2. Edited Thursday at 12:47 PM by Austenite Perhaps the question isn't the best one, but was this really called for? Was what really called for? Just so you know, I speak from experience from many late night dorm room sessions on subjects just as nutty.
  3. Elegy, for chamber orchestra

    Well, then you have to ask yourself the question, what's more important, music or story? Square peg into round hole, etc.
  4. Elegy, for chamber orchestra

    I like the ambiguous figure that later made sense after the melody asserted itself. Then the melody repeated which was even nicer. I wanted more of this. In fact, I wanted only this. Just one single mood, like grief. But then the nice jazz chord(s) came in and ruined the mood. That's the only thing I would change, that and when the central figure returns at the end it should somehow be transformed, maybe simply harmonized, and not so naked as in the intro. In short I think it needs to be less "story" (intellectual) and more minimalist mood, if you get my meaning. Really nice.
  5. I was being direct, asking for clarification. But since it offends you so much, let me explain. Many people compose with not just notation programs, but actual pencil and paper. There's a thread on it here. It's a skill that they have honed over the years and they are not about to give it up. Does that sound arrogant too?
  6. *** This is the first digital piece i have ever composed. *** What do you mean by digital? Do you normally compose on paper?
  7. We Can Fly

    This piece has a lot going for it. nice work. I'll only address the mix, which is good, with good balance and separation of instruments, both in panning and depth. I guess there are a couple of ways to address dynamics. One is the terraced approach where you add more instruments to a section when you want it louder, as opposed to just adding volume to what's already there. And you've done this well too. I think it's necessary to be obvious with this because subtleties don't always come through in MIDI mockups. However, that doesn't mean that you don't need the subtleties. I'm referring to volume swells within each line with CC11. Do this a lot! It will make a big difference in enjoyment. Are you familiar with Wendy Carlos' music? an early pioneer of electronic music. She said, regarding expression in synthesizers, "Everything that can be controlled, must be controlled."
  8. I think you are making a lot of assumptions as to what is easy and what isn’t. And then confusing that with the motivations of talented people as to why they would choose the difficult over the easy. Let me just say that there is no such thing as easy. And even if there was, no one would want it. What do they want? They want to touch Jesus’ feet, they want girls, they want respect, they want more money. Beethoven wanted simply to be equal to Haydn and Handel and Mozart. There is no one in the history of the world who made everything as difficult as possible for himself, than Beethoven. You speak of funk as empirically easy. OK, that’s where you are coming from. (It's easier than a fugue). I’ve auditioned for all kinds of music as a drummer, including funk. It’s not easy. No one wants easy. Especially the audience, who is paying for something special.
  9. I like the vi-iii progression. But instead of going to C# every time, maybe go to F# once in a while, just for variation. That's what my ear wanted to hear. This reminds me a little of Beach House because they do some iii-I progressions and other odd things.
  10. Humoreske for piano

    My piano teacher had small hands, but she could tickle you from across the room and you'd never see it coming! Never a problem with Bartok.
  11. Oh, no. This is all JW. There is a shift in the tonality using the four notes.
  12. The Accidental Tourist is one of my favorite films, whose score is a remarkably prismatic theme by John Williams. Here are three different versions and I cannot remember where I got them.
  13. They didn't play the blues scale for the same reason they didn't drive a car. It wasn't invented yet. in any case, their god-like heads weren't full of bong resin, which, I am suspecting, yours might be. The question is, can you play a basic intergalactic rodeo trance? And should we cast a sideways glance on your ignorant soul if you cannot?

    I think you might be thinking of Cindy Sherman? There are many photographers who have raised picture taking to an art form. I can name many, but I don't want to influence the contestants.