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  1. Nothing's wrong with it, but if I had to nit pick I'd say that the rhythm section should be more involved, more elaborate, more continuous. And also I think it's a tad to loud, recording wise.
  2. Very cool and aggressive. I like it!
  3. Really cool. Sort of James Bond meets Front 242. But you've got to have a solid bottom going through the whole thing. The drums are kind of naked.
  4. Yeah, maybe a Bossa Nova. A reverse Bossa. I used to know all my Latin rhythms. Anyway, as long as it grooves and has syncopation you got a lot of leeway. 🙂
  5. Just looking at Petroushka, Stravinsky indicates Bb or A. And that part covers all registers. But he also specifies Cln I for Bb and Cln II, III for A, even though they are both playing unison, on a high A passage. ?? I think you could ask the same question of the Double horn, F and Bb. Apparently this is for versatility, as a player can choose which 1/ is easier to play or finger, 2/ sounds better, or 3/ is more in tune. Lesser skilled horn players might choose the Bb for high parts. Whether it sounds better, I don't know.
  6. It's a fun piece! I imagined a cobra peeking its head out of a straw basket as a beautiful snake charmer danced a seductive dance. All in all a very "charming" piece.
  7. This is the first time I've heard this music, which I would describe as happily urgent, or urgently happy. It has a great sense of motion with what I would call the "telegraph" motif, used with skill and imagination in the various orchestral combinations. The brass parts were pure joy, reminding me a little of Petroushka if you don't mind me saying. And the tuba, well what can you say about a solo tuba part? It added a little humor here and there. It's a difficult - or should I say ballsy - thing to mix different styles in the same piece as you did here. But I think you pulled it off and made something unique. Bravo!
  8. That's because it's so slow. It's in the rhythm of the piano part.
  9. The first movement started out nicely until the chromatic note runs, which overall, seemed almost comical because of their distance of character from the nice chord progression you set up. You were going for contrasts here I see. Sometimes they work and sometimes not. I like the solemness of the 2nd movement and the vitality of the 3rd. But again, the infusion of chromaticism struck me as weirdly comical, maybe because of its juxtaposition. But overall an enjoyable piece.
  10. Thank you! No I used East West Hollywood Strings. I would like to try Noteperformer though. It sounds very good and it would eliminate a lot of the extra work I have to do.
  11. Thank you for comments, @maestrowick. I don't mind instructions, especially when they are correct and I'm being sloppy and in a rush. It won't happen again! I made the corrections. Which parts were muddy?
  12. I agree with you about the tuba, spot on. I don't know if this is helpful but damn it's good. Trumpets trombones sax AND horns. Enjoy!
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