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  1. favi

    Angler Fish

    Thank you for that reference! I listened to them and it was great and very inspiring.
  2. favi

    Chaconne and Fugue

    Thank you!
  3. favi

    Notte Splendida Notte

    Thank you all. I'm very happy with it.
  4. Here's a fugue by Two-Leaf Clover. I wrote the chaconne while my friend complimented it with a double fugue. It has a kind of Gothic vibe.
  5. favi

    Masterclass: THEORY 201 - Harmonic Extensions

    Some really great stuff here! @Luis Hernández I can hear so much improvement in your sound!
  6. favi

    Spaceship Fugue

    All of this is a variation of the firefly fugue: All the sounds are a spaceship. The firefly fugue heard in its original form is the farewell. After that the ship returns from its trip with tragic results with a really funky fugue.
  7. favi

    The Prodigy

    Make it a backing track for saxophone and I'll make it a live recording for you.
  8. favi

    Angler Fish

    Here is Angler Fish that was also developed in the same way Notte Splendida Notte was. Andrew Uher Sound Engineer, Producer, Composer Wayne Pawlowski -- Guitar David Harper Saxophone, Producer, Composer, CSounder
  9. favi

    Notte Splendida Notte

    I couldn't find the version I've uploaded before, so I've uploaded it again with a working score this time. I've also attached part of the method in composing this chart entitled, "Composing the Music of the Stars Using Braille." Braille and the stars came naturally as the stars kept reminding me of what Braille was. So, I began sweeping the sky, collecting stars, and putting them into a pitch matrix. Eventually, a song was born. Lyrics: "Notte Splendida Notte" is featured on "Le Viole Stelle", poetry book by Loretta Scarazzati, LietoColle publisher, Italy. Here the original text, and its translation by David Harper and Loretta Scarazzati. For courtesy license by LietoColle. notte splendida notte profonda e misteriosa insondabile splendida notte che mi chiami al tuo mistero di silenzio credevo di averlo scordato ma esiste, ancora! * * * night wonderful night deep and mysterious unfathomable wonderful night you‘re calling me to your mystery of silence I thought I ‘d forgotten but it exists, still! Credits: David Harper -composer Anne Fuchs -voice Daniel Barton -piano and sound engineer Charles Hagaman -sound engineer, composer Loretta Scarazzati -poetry My experimental piece. This composition took 4 weeks to create as a summer project. It required a lot of professionalism to create and a lot of communication. I had a lot of fun because we made this as a team from all over the world! I experimented with using Braille as a means to interpret astronomical symbols into musical pitches. So the dipper part of the Big Dipper is an F-eigth note in musical braille. Some fun was had when Draco's head met with Gemini, Cancer, and Leo aurally. Sounds were created from CSound, inspired by Blue Cube by Kim Cascone. Check his music out when you have the time! More information can be viewed here: https://www.astronomy2009.org/resources/multimedia/audio/detail/notte_splendida/index.html Program Notes: Notte Splendida Notte was imagined through the interpretation of stars. The composer, interpreting the night sky, then took these visions and applied them to Braille, a system of reading for the non-sighted community. It was through this process that the interpretations were set to music. This was one of the many objectives of the composition of the piece, to try and provide some understanding of the night sky to the non-sighted community. "Art Inspires Art" The piece is a symbolic work, meant to portray an "audio vision" of the night sky. The original content for the piece was acutually not more than a minute long, then stretched and eleaborated upon to invoke a dark, vast, open atmosphere. This process of elongation creates large "clouds" of sound, also described as "nebulas," words often used to describe the sky, stars, the world, the universe....... Even more than trying to invoke this feeling in the non-sighted community, the composer wishes to invoke it in anyone who has ever felt this way about the night sky. ANyone who has ever sat and looked at the stars and felt some kind of awe, or inspiration. "You become legend when you become a composer. Every sound is defined by its meaning through you, and ultimately, the composition as a whole becomes self referencing through its parts even. A piece of your being is reflected in the music: who are you? where do you come from? what are your available resources? However, while you are creating, this identity is completely irrelevant to you at the time. There is something else held deeply in your immediate attention, and the identity of self is a small, simple notion working on a subversive level outside of consciousness (a very dangerous form of existence). Your identity returns when your composition becomes the key, realizing that any question about the music you live in contains in it a solution for all questions about music that you may ever have. The solution reveals itself. It is then that the argument is made for the idea that even though a cymbal may contain all sounds and pitches within it, the symphony is still not yet defined. Like the homosapien may contain all forms of emotions, the human is still not yet defined. "Notte Splendida Notte" is a music made of sounds, ideas, words, and even footprints too. But, can you accept it as music? or could you consider it as incidental sounds like the one that grows on the pumpkin vine. A collaboration among musicians: maybe it is simply an effort to define the work of an ensemble scattered across the earth we live on with a human shape..."
  10. That's Cool! I just wrote a fugue about flying! We must be on the same wavelength.
  11. To me the computer came to life and was trying to express itself. A glitch that shows signs of life. On a bigger scale, I feel like I captured a glimpse of the Universe being created in the music. At the moment of the composition coming from my computer, I didn't feel alone anymore. The process was another mundane task of creating music that fits a formula, probably a fugue, and my computer managed to surprise me. And surprised, I was. The only thing missing was a breath of life and I wonder what would have happened if I were electrocuted while the music was being made..Would a piece of my body be reflected in the piece? Maybe the Universe is constantly trying to communicate to us. I felt very lucky that this piece of chance music was created.
  12. A few years ago, my DAW crashed while I was saving or importing a song. Can't remember. But during all that, Finale created an entirely new piece because of the crash. This was the end result. So, I saved it as I found it very interesting. Credits to my computer for composing this. All sounds generated by Garritan.
  13. favi


    Great music. Try putting the accents on the offbeats, if you haven't already considered.
  14. favi

    Vivace in C# minor

    I don't think the midi does it justice. This would sound well on a real piano. Good Job!