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  1. A few years ago, my DAW crashed while I was saving or importing a song. Can't remember. But during all that, Finale created an entirely new piece because of the crash. This was the end result. So, I saved it as I found it very interesting. Credits to my computer for composing this. All sounds generated by Garritan.
  2. Contemplation

    Great music. Try putting the accents on the offbeats, if you haven't already considered.
  3. Vivace in C# minor

    I don't think the midi does it justice. This would sound well on a real piano. Good Job!
  4. Spirit for Time

    Thank you ilv. Did the ending seem to long? I listen to it and I wonder.
  5. Here's a piece that I experimented with the Common Tone modulation. With the CT modulation I can constantly manipulate the key to create a bitonal sound.
  6. New version up. Back to the roots.
  7. I think you're right Luis. With the energy of a live performance, it changes a bit. After searching for a Tenor Saxophone pro rendition of the SSB I was able to find nothing. But, I did find this (it is heavy with the embellishments, but it's charged by the performance): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmnHDHNndRo
  8. Thank you for the input. To be honest, the piece feels 'half-baked.' I need to shape it a bit more. When you hear the pros do the SSB, they keep it real simple, and play with the octaves..usually, higher is more impressive. Rarely, do you see a performance of this on tenor? I have yet to find that. I may research that further. Sometimes there's no embellishment at all, like how Arturo does it. Measure 23 is a jazz run. I made this as a diversion instead of taking the D up an octave or two (it doesn't have the same effect on Tenor unless you're Lenny Pickett). I can barely keep up with my imagination. When I play this on Alto and take the altissimo I get the crowd reaction of whistles and cheers, but on tenor I have yet to find that..On Tenor I tried everything including a multiphonic on the high D..and split tone, but it's not as punchy as the Alto. Jazz techniques overexaggerated. Got it. I'll tone it down. I know what it's like to hear a saxophonist doing too many scoops. Before I arranged this piece I listened to Arturo Sandoval and Miles Osland. I picked up the bluesy sounds from Miles, and also the altered C# then added the Bbs as altered predominants..measure 14 and the last measure for example.
  9. Here is an arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner. I'm getting ready for performance on July 4th. It's coming soon.
  10. My Little Suede Shoes

    I added the accompaniment. Hopefully, this is the context you wish for.
  11. Palaman City - Bielka

    To my ear, the voice is low. Not hard to hear through the music, but I would like to hear the voice up a bit. On the same subject, the voice sound needs more production. It sounds underproduced compared to the rest of the music. This is my ear I lend you. The lyrics are perfect, I think. Very clever.
  12. Here is a solo I made for Charlie Parker's "My Little Suede Shoes."
  13. The chorus in this context refers to the solo cycle. In this case it would be a 20 measure form that the solo is played. Close, it is an E7 pedal although I play a lot of #9's to make it sound minor.
  14. Surfa Joe

    The excess music is a solo I wrote. It's bad, or it was badly executed in my part. I left that out intentionally, and will probably rewrite it. I'm sure what you guys are hearing is the fact that I messed up the blues form. I carried the F7 in parts where it was supposed to be C7 and harmonized incorrectly. I now see that.