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  1. thank you all for your advice! you were all very helpful. i'm not sure if i'm going to stick with just one staff for each voice for the whole thing or split like i originally wanted to, but the select-all approach should've been more obvious to me (my bad, .fseventsd--thanks for that) this is a great forum and i hope to read/write a lot more here. thanks again
  2. It's because for the intro to the piece, I have each voice part (1s and 2s) doing different rhythms and different syllables, and so I thought it would be much easier for the performers to read if I split the parts for that section (I was also under the impression that you can't write two sets of syllables to be sung simultaneously on one staff)
  3. Hey YC, Sibelius 6 question: I'm doing an a cappella arrangement, and just for the intro, I have five systems: Sopranos (two staves: soprano 1, soprano 2), Altos (two staves: alto 1, alto 2), Tenors (two staves: tenor 1, tenor 2), Baritone, and Bass. For the rest of the piece, I want a more traditional layout, with four one-staff systems (SATB). What is the best way to do this? I've already done the system breaks. I know that one way to do it is to use the "hide empty staves" tool, but because you can't use that tool in panorama, wouldn't I have to do that for 3 staves on every page? Thanks for your help! jbhartov
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