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  1. The Serpent which Mendelssohn used in the finale of his 5th Symphony.
  2. Hello all! I've just joined the YoungComposers forums and was wondering if I could have some advice? I've been composing for one year now and have progressed rapidly in terms of musical knowledge in these past 12 months or so. I've composed a few pieces but none I want to add to my "official list of compositions" as most of them were composed when I didn't know that much about theory or form. Lately though I've been having a few problems composing. I usually don't find it hard to compose music (in a writer's block sense) but I find it hard to get motivated to begin/continue composing a piece. I often procastinate by going on my computer to listen to music instead of starting my own piece or continuing the piece I've just began. I really need to get over this because I know Iove composing dearly and have hardly composed anything this year. Thank you -BenPritchard
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