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  1. Stop having these white people arguments. Pick up an instrument and play
  2. I agree about the teachers, they should, you know, help you develop what you're passionate about.
  3. I usually finish a piece and can't stand to listen to it anymore. Imagine the pleasure I get with the thought of the ideas I didn't finish. I am for reworking themes though. I've resurrected themes from string and piano pieces to make weird electronic music. Kinda cool I guess.
  4. Somebody make this kid a mod already, he cares more than they do. I like the top 3 pieces idea, I think there should also be 3 picked every month that you think are underrated/overlooked.
  5. Not only a great performer and composer, but he freely gives his time and talent to a brittle internet community. Sonataform, you are an awesome human being.
  6. Try writing for piano and piece by piece orchestrate what you come up with.
  7. You'll get a performance and a unique opportunity (which is hopefully inspiring) to write for that particular ensemble . What's the issue again?
  8. I hope I continue to have experiences in my life that inspire and channel new music out of me, regardless of any lucrative pleasures that may come my way.
  9. Nice, now queue the trash talk. P.S. Ya'll suckas goin down
  10. And a well here ya go: http://www.youngcomposers.com/music/listen/6528/how-i-miss-indiana/
  11. True. It's like... words, man. They just... come out wrong, and stuff. I was referring to the feeling Sonataform was speaking of in the original post, the one where we as composers don't get why the beauty we often hear in obscure music to the masses is looked down upon, like we are some grotesque malformation of societal nitwits that don't care about the garbage spewed from Skrillex's speakers. I'm sure other forms of art lovers know the feeling as well. P.S. Fact: Skrillex is garbage, ask any competent musician in that scene.
  12. A painter may put passion, emotion, and skill into a work of art that I don't understand and disregard as something I don't like. The same can be said for music, architecture, sculpting, whatever. The night sky is something that I find beautiful; it may not be to someone else. I'm sure others find beauty in things I'm not as interested and knowledgeable in.
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