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  1. DanJTitchener

    Piano Sonata in E-flat Major

    Thanks, I'm glad you liked it.
  2. DanJTitchener

    Composition in F# minor

    This is an attractive piece. I do like the main theme and it did not feel repetitive because there was enough new material throughout to maintain interest. If your intention was to write a piece as an exercise for the pianist then I would say mission accomplished: this is a nice piece to play through as a beginner/intermediate to practice rolling arpeggios. However, if your intention here was a fully-fledged piece then I think your attractive opening few bars could have more impact if the music went off in a different direction before finally repeating the main theme again at the end. That said, the introduction of the right-hand doubled crotchets midway through were indeed effective in adding interest.
  3. DanJTitchener

    My works... destroyed...

    Hello, It looks like I have been affected by this and missed this forum thread when it was originally posted. Is there any way for me to recover works from this site before it was changed? Thanks Dan
  4. Hey all! It's been a while since I posted anything, but I thought I'd mark my return with this new piece! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlqDGZ5r0uw I hope you like it! Dan
  5. DanJTitchener

    Serenade in E-flat major, Op. 8

    Really beautiful!
  6. Very nice playing, however I do agree with some of the other reviewers that this sounds too Romantic compared with the Mozart material which bookends the cadenza. I would have enjoyed more Cantabile sections: let those beautiful Mozart themes sing as you write variations on them. Also, I was missing a more definite lull in proceedings before the return of the Orchestra to end. That being said, very nice job and really good work recording the performance!
  7. Hello - I'm back, with four very short piano pieces for your enjoyment and valued criticism! It's been a very sad year, but emotion is at the core of creativity ! The first piece is dedicated to my grandparents both of whom we lost this Autumn. Currently in the works is a piece for woodwind and timpani, which is intended to depict a battle, but we'll see how that goes... Dan
  8. DanJTitchener

    March Roll Call!

  9. DanJTitchener

    Do You Listen To Your Own Music?

    No, I hate it
  10. Hi all. what a fantastic song this is!

  11. DanJTitchener

    Yc Theme Challenge No. 4 (Returns!)

    Count me in! :)
  12. DanJTitchener

    Baroque String Writing

    sans vibrato, surely? (Ignorance Alert!)
  13. DanJTitchener

    Sad Chord

    A diminished chord followed by another one, a semitone lower, is a nice effect
  14. DanJTitchener

    Youtube Networking?

    Cheers dude! Yeah, whatever we choose to do, what would be good is to keep only one version of each video on YouTube. For example, I would upload a sonata on my channel and then, through some witchcraft, the same video can be linked to this new account / playlist (whichever way is best). Then if someone listened to a piece in a shared YC playlist on YouTube, then another piece by another YCer would autoplay afterwards! Everyone should get more views and subscribers. Genius! :P
  15. DanJTitchener

    Youtube Networking?

    Great, everyone should add one another on YouTube and I'll try to figure how to do this soon!