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  1. This is a fun little piece! Another catchy melody. The start reminds me a little bit of Beyond The Sea, but you definitely went.... beyond... that. 🙂
  2. Thanks for your comments Caters and bkho 😊 I agree about the relative simplicity of the piano, but I just didn't think I could maintain the balance between the parts otherwise. I guess it depends on the piece!
  3. Beautiful piece. I really enjoyed this. A nice main theme, and well written lines, particularly in the A section. The one nitpick I'd have is the translation back to section A, which, for me, could have been smoother. Only a minor thing, a truly delightful piece! Congratulations!
  4. Thanks for the review, glad you enjoyed it! 🙂
  5. Here is my new piece, a Piano Chamberto (Chamber concerto), for Piano, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon. This has been a long project, my most ambitious piece to-date in terms of complexity - I'm really glad to have finished it at last! 🙂 The goal was to use a format similar to Classical-era Piano concertos, but with a reduced set of instruments. Please let me know what you think! Dan
  6. Catchy piece - I like it. 🙂 Quite modern in it's irregular phrasing which gave it a sense of momentum, but you balanced that with Classical / Romantic harmonies. I definitely think that catchy motif in the bass could be even more effective it was syncopated (e.g. I kept wanting that second note in the motif to arrive just before the beat it lands on.) I also think there's easily room for some more material in between the main theme. Also, you could vary that texture a little bit more as there, in my opinion. Great piece - well done!
  7. Thanks for getting back to me! I didn't know what I had done wrong! Ha I WON'T be using that Synthesia visual in future!
  8. This is brilliant. I think you achieved exactly what you set out to achieve. It reminds me of online role playing games and also, and I mean this with the highest of praise, How To Train Your Dragon, or in this case, how to train your music notation software. I absolutely loved this.
  9. Which score are you referring to, the notes displayed in the video or the pdf? The video is just showing midi notes as generated by Synthesia, which I can't control. Is the beaming in the attached pdf better?
  10. Here is a new video for a fun little piece I wrote in 2017, intended to represent a battle. Would love to hear feedback on either the music, score or the video!
  11. Thanks everyone for taking the time to go through this, really appreciate it. Absolutely agree with the concert pitch comments: if this was to be performed it'd need to be fixed, however I personally find it easier to read and write music this way (as a pianist!) But what's the issue with the beaming?
  12. Good evening! Here is a short woodwind duet in sonata form I wrote a few years ago with a new video on YouTube, hope you like it! YouTube video
  13. Hey! I'm looking to upgrade my sound setup with Sibelius. I currently use NotePerformer which gives a nicer sound than Sibelius Sounds. Also, it requires no configuration at all after installation, which is a big bonus for me, as I'd much rather spend time composing than tweaking. However, I would like to see if there is anything better available. Does anyone know of any alternatives that work with Sibelius and are straightforward to use? (Up to a budget of about £200, or ~250 USD.)
  14. Enjoyed this alot! It's not my 'scene' so all the more impressive that it worked for me so well
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