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  1. Enjoyed this alot! It's not my 'scene' so all the more impressive that it worked for me so well
  2. Potentially stupid question, but where are my works? How do I find mine?
  3. (I'm no expert in Baroque, so take my comments with a grain of salt. Also, I hope this helps and you don't think I'm overly critical.) I think you've got the beginnings of something here, the first two bars have some reasonably effective counter motion but I first notice something amiss with the third bar's descending 7ths: as far as I understand the rules of counterpoint, these are fine as long as they resolve to consonances. In this situation, there were too many dissonances without a satisfactory resolution (the fourth isn't really enough - you need a third most probably.) Aside from this, two other aspects stood out: Rhythmic complexity and embellishment, I think some semi-quavers and dotted rhythms would work well, as would turns and grace notes befitting of the period. These could be focused on the main theme to make it more identifiable. More harmonic interest, ending a 'question' or 'call' phrase on the dominant, or starting the next phrase on the dominant is effective: that first section could be altered to end on the dominant the first time around, instead of just repeating it. Plus, try some more accidentals!
  4. This is really good, I love the energy of it, but I did find the transition at about 39 seconds to be a bit jarring. Since you're opting for an incidental style, what is the foreground that this music accompanies? For me, the first part of the piece was almost combative, and so maybe a good way to extend this idea is to represent a sense of impending peril beforehand and some kind of aftermath afterwards? In this example from Lord of the Rings you really the build up, fight (starting at about 3 mins in), the aftermath (5:20 onwards), and then the flight (at 7:20.) So, maybe map out a scene with individual 'beats' (or 'moments') and then write around the really good section you've already put together?
  5. Thanks for the review Monarcheon. I agree about the section after the counterpoint, that could do with a complete workaround. I'll experiment with doublings and update this post with a new version if I am still unable to finish it! Is there anything you'd like me to review in return?
  6. Hello How are you all doing? It's been a very long time since I've posted anything on this site! This short, incomplete piece is intended to be the first half of an exposition for a Classical-esque woodwind quarter + piano piece. The idea is for it to be a showcase for piano, in the same way as a piano concerto, but with only four woodwinds. To this end, I want the piano to deliver it's own themes, which is why when it finally arrives after a minute or so, it has new melodic material. Anyway, that's the idea, but I'm stuck with this one and think some feedback would be helpful. Is it worth continuing to finish? Dan
  7. This is an outstanding piece, with a beautiful melody and enough variation and contrast to keep me enthralled throughout.
  8. Well, I thought this was a nice piece in a style reminiscent of Ludovico Einaudi. Perhaps a little bit too much repetition,. Maybe a more concise and shortened version would have more impact, but I think: good job. One question, how do you create those piano note visuals?
  9. ...build a complex classical sonata? 😁
  10. Thanks for sharing these. I liked the first piece more - the main theme is quite distinctive. However, I would agree that there is too much repetition for such a short piece. At the end of bar 10 I wanted the music to continue developing those contrasting ideas more, instead of returning to the beginning. I agree with the previous comment on developing ideas - good luck and I look forward to hearing what you post next!
  11. This is an attractive piece. I do like the main theme and it did not feel repetitive because there was enough new material throughout to maintain interest. If your intention was to write a piece as an exercise for the pianist then I would say mission accomplished: this is a nice piece to play through as a beginner/intermediate to practice rolling arpeggios. However, if your intention here was a fully-fledged piece then I think your attractive opening few bars could have more impact if the music went off in a different direction before finally repeating the main theme again at the end. That said, the introduction of the right-hand doubled crotchets midway through were indeed effective in adding interest.
  12. Hello, It looks like I have been affected by this and missed this forum thread when it was originally posted. Is there any way for me to recover works from this site before it was changed? Thanks Dan
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