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  1. It sounds good overall, but maybe I'd have seen a little more variations in those 4 mins
  2. I'd do the same if able 😂 Thanks, you just made my reputation rise a good 30% 🤣
  3. Hi, I never see any heart icon at the bottom right of topics and replies that would allow me to vote for one's reputation. The only case when it appears is that somebody has already voted, but then I have no possible voting action myself on it. Any idea on this issue ? I sign in with Facebook, for information. Would be glad to be able to thank reviewers as well as congratulate fellow composers when I feel like it 🙂 Thanks, Marc
  4. Gracias Luis por la repuesta 🙂 Si pudiera te añadiría un punto de reputación pero esa funcionalidad parece que no la tengo, no sé porqué... Glad that you liked it overall. About this dissonance, my question is : where does theory allows you to write it, and where it doesn't ? I don't have enough theoretical knowledge to answer the question. Sure this one was intentional ; doesn't resolution on clear E minor chord on next notes allows it ? I sometimes lack background to handle those questions theoretically... 🙂 Un saludo
  5. Hi Mikebat321, Never played this game, so... Thanks for listening 🙂
  6. French version : so lovely 😄 Merci ! I learned with your comment what "homophony " means, and listening again I cannot but agree with you regarding the construction of this piece, so I get your point 🙂 Will try to have an eye on this in the future...
  7. Hello Jared and thanks for reviewing again 🙂 About repeat bars here, I really meant to repeat the melody, with two separate endings. To include more variations? why not. True that to me writing this piece was already quite a work... But one can always improve 🙂
  8. A new rendering with EWQL Symphonic Orchestra. Tell me what you think about the difference 😉
  9. Hi Simen, I'm always interested in listening to your music since I like the style and wouldn't be able to compose in this language. Very pleasant. Which soundbank do you use? Got to learn from your PDFs 🤣 Regards 🙂
  10. Very short indeed ! I appreciated it but would have liked to hear more! "Je reste sur ma fin" 🙂 Bravo
  11. Hi all 🙂 Here's my last symphonic study in A minor. The wisest among you will still find some dissonances inside, but I confess I have spent for myself enough time on it. Hope you'll like some moments… 🙂 Regards
  12. Thank you Jared for your feedback 🙂 Yeah it's true it's some of my loopholes not to add enough mood changes in my compositions. I should care about that in order to, as you say, "add to the narrative of the piece". I will try to think more about that in the future. Glad nevertheless that you enjoyed it, at least in part ! 😉
  13. Hi all 🙂 Got an idea for a theme this morning which gave me the beginning of this piece, then I tried to issue something relevant... Hope some of you will enjoy it 🙂
  14. Hi all 🙂 Just wanted to give it a try to a duet between a recorder and a cello... Here it is ☺️
  15. Hi Monarcheon, Well I must admit I guess I don't understand properly everything that you say 🙂 even though interesting. Would be because my theoretical compositional skills are very poor, humbly comparing to what seem to be yours. I usually compose by ear, fixing some errors here and there, but surely not with the theoretical depth you seem to be in possession of. I issue my music when it seems ok with my hear, to an extent. I hope it doesn't bother your wisdom too much 😉 Currently I unfortunately don't have enough time to learn more theory, even if I'd like to have as an experienced eye as you seem to have. Maybe in the future. Until then thank you for listening and taking time to review 🙂
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