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  1. Marc Deflin

    Little piece for chamber ensemble (strings)

    Thanks you very much Sabriel 🙂 Yes there are dramatic elements in this piece. I like to go rather dramatic here and there when writing in minor key 😁 Well, let us here this study for piano !
  2. Marc Deflin

    Little piece for chamber ensemble (strings)

    Hi Luis, Thanks once again for your constructive and attentive feedback. 🙂 Well on this bar 17 the chord is mostly a C7 with the E at bass, so with the F it shall become a C7 sus 4... ? I admit the chord wasn't my main concern here 🤐 Also my point here wasn't to resolve the tension, but just to let it disappear as the F procedes naturally from bar 16 and precedent motive : But you're right that it sounds a bit weird, I hadn't been shocked by it while listening-reviewing. This C7 chord with E at bass is the same as here (bar 10) : Regarding the second dissonance that you point out, it's obvious. Although I hadn't remarked it, I sometimes use this kind of dissonance as to "condensate a chromatism in one note". It can have various effects … 😉 I agree with you I should check my dissonances more deeply. I'm used to write what I hear for each part, which gives them independency as you say, but might also easily trigger harmonic issues. I've worked on it recently, and, though some problems are remaining, I can tell you things improved a lot … 😉 Aren't we speaking here of harmonic issues more than of counterpoint issues ? Thanks you Professor 🙂
  3. Hi all 🙂 Here's a new piece (adagio) to test EWQL Symphonic Orchestra's 4 violins and 3 cellos sections. Just let me know 🙂
  4. Marc Deflin

    Symphonic study n°2 in E Major

    Hi all A new version of the audio with EWQL SO :
  5. Marc Deflin

    Symphonic study n°1 in E minor

    Thank you @eternum1968 !
  6. Marc Deflin

    Study for string quartet °1 in G Major

    Ah ok, everything's clearer now I'm used to introduce here and there - sometimes weird - dissonances, trusting my ears more than theory. This can trigger miscellaneous effects if you see what I mean...
  7. Marc Deflin

    Symphonic study n°1 in E minor

    Ok , thanks for advising. I'll try to take this into account. Maybe a general theme missing ?
  8. Marc Deflin

    Study for string quartet °1 in G Major

    Hi, thanks for you replies @Rabbival507 : you're right : there are maybe kind of too many themes used here in the end. I wasn't inspired that much while composing this so I used this mean I guess more spontaneously... ;) I'm not used to these interval notation you use, so not able to understand properly what you say twice about intervals in your reply. @Luis Hernández : thanks for noticing, I hadn't myself.
  9. Hi all 🙂 Here's a short (2'30) attempt at a string quartet. Any feedback appreciated 😉
  10. Marc Deflin

    Symphonic study n°2 in E Major

    Thanks Rabbival, About "these notes [that] would be super difficult to play quietly" : this "mp" is not the original dynamic I had written (original was mf). But due to a software oddity, this sounded weird, so I decided to make it more discreet. But you're right about the difficulty. I had this "think about the poor players that'll have to seat there through these parts both in the performance and rehearsal" in mind while composing, and I thought I had managed to give everybody a part of the cake. Maybe it's not enough. Moreover, I often hesitate to add too many instruments at the same time while writing, for four reasons : - Finale/Garritan I'm using lacks clarity when playing many instruments together IMHO - I sometimes like to give the listener a little rest, not going always full orchestra - I may lack some writing experience/skills - I may get lazy sometimes towards the end of the work... I nevertheless will keep your commentary in mind for my upcoming works. Thank you very much for listening .. and reading
  11. Hi all 🙂 I composed this second study straight in a row after the first. I'm rather more satisfied with it. Please let me know what you think ; I also share the PDF if interested. Thanks for listening 🙂
  12. Marc Deflin

    Symphonic study n°1 in E minor

    Thanks for your feedback SGTwM, Yeah it's true this one lacks some ornamental things. I myself got aware of this while composing it, but carried away by the flow I didn't remedy it. I'll try to keep that in mind for my second study I'm currently in. This may also be due to my software, with which I struggle to make each line sound distinctly (I'm using simple Finale with Garritan). Do you think I'll need a proper soundcard or something ?
  13. Hi all 😉 I tried here to go symphonic (more used to chamber ensembles). Just let me know what you think Regards