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  1. Thanks @maestrowick, Yeah, about the cello it also was at very low volume in the rendering, don't know why. I couldn't pull it up as much as I would have wanted.
  2. Hi forum 🙂 I've been away from composition for a while, due to time and motivation matters... Anyway, here's may last one, a piece for string quartet I would qualify of neo-baroque-romantic… 🤔 Hope you'll like it 🙂
  3. @Tónskáld thanks ! 🙂 Glad you liked it. Btw : it is Indeed finished ! I had no intention to go further with it.
  4. Wow lots of work here ! Congrats I find this to be well constructed, with nice and peaceful harmonies. Sounds to me sometimes like those British funeral anthems from the baroque period 🤔, surely due to your large use of brass instruments. Have a nice day 🙂👏
  5. Liked it 🙂. Which soundbanks do you use ? Sounds awesome.
  6. Thanks @Jean Szulc for reviewing 🙂 Well as to follow your critic I could say that maybe this piece lacks more variations in intensity, more contrasts between a piano and a forte section for instance. Moreover, as being unused to this B Major tonality, maybe I stick too much to the tonic note. I rarely start a composition with an intention, at most may I have a starting theme in mind, but then I let the flow come out... Here the structure is ABACA. Thanks again 🙂
  7. Hi all 🙂 It's evening here in France, and I'm glad to present you my new etude for symphonic orchestra.
  8. Liked it a lot especially the first, slow section 👍
  9. Hi forum 🙂 This is my new symphonic study, in a rather romantic style, which I had started in August, but that has been delayed by other musical projects. Hope you'll like at least some moments 🙂
  10. @Guillem82 thank you very much !
  11. Hi Samuel 🙂 I really enjoyed your piece. You're quite a talented composer for sure 🙂 Hang on !
  12. Glad you liked it Luis ! Muchas gracias 🙂
  13. Hi 🙂 Yesterday I went for a short walk under the rain, and I crossed a pair of ravens, which I remembered starting my week-end composition. That's why it's called "Les oiseaux" (The birds). Good week-end 🙂
  14. Ah ok, as simple as that 🙂 Ok, thanks
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