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  1. Thank you for all your comments. I think I get your suggestions. Turns out I have made it too artistic and missed the point of a Corporate music. Such a hard balance to achieve. Aww, I guess I may have made it overly complicated for such music and I should focus on the sound quality. Anyways, I am waiting for HR officer's response and see if she likes it. I will fine-tune it when necessary. I guess it is also a good opportunity to explore the synthesizer settings.
  2. Dear Everyone, Before I introduce this work, I would like to give you some background of this work. As a trainee, I was asked by the HR officer to add some background music to a slideshow that is presented at the reception of the company. But my company don't have a unique brand soundtrack. So, yes, I probably should search for some Corporate Music. Surely, I can just search for some copyright-free (canned) music for this easy task. But somehow as a musician, I just feel unnatural and sinned having the receptionist listening to the "canned" music all day long. A friend and colleague knew the situation and then asked me, "Why don't you compose one instead?" And that's why I wrote this piece of music. Since I am not sure if the company wants to take it as a brand music (sort of?), I shall only show the score of my motives below and explain with some words. Sorry for the inconvenience. Style: Mostly energetic with a uplifting and outlined theme; but I tried to make this Corporate Music less repetitive and more pleasant to listen to. Orchestration: Crystal Synthesizer, Grand Piano, Violins I/II, Violas, Cellos Overall Structure: ABAC Form Part A: The piece starts with a bass ostinato played by the Crystal Synthesizer (CS)(*). Then Violin I introduces 2 main motives (^,#) of this work. Piano and other strings then entered to thicken the texture. A 4-bar intermission consisting of only CS and piano follows. Part B: This part is initiated by Cello's motive(%) , and mostly led by Strings, with a textual contrast to Part I. Piano then enters as the double of the strings. Part C : Coda. It re-introduces the theme and ends the work quietly. I don't expect too much for this work. But I do hope you enjoy it and appreciate you take time listening to it. Best, HoYin (*) (^) (#) (%)
  3. @jawoodruff I am glad you like it! And that's a good mention of Charlie Brown's Christmas. I listened to that work and found some similarities: Crystal-clear, high register theme and Arrangement (piano+bass+drumset). Certainly jazzy right there. Also, I do appreciate the nice effect done with the piano by sweeping the strings directly at the beginning, which I haven't thought of applying such extended techniques to my works. Btw, I was referring this video: @Monarcheon Thank you for your kind words... I am not too confident on notating the percussion part, and you definitely helped me on that:) And please don't mind my poor playing lol. I haven't touched my violin for a while and by improvisation I really... improvise.. without practicing or warm-ups haha.
  4. Dear everyone, I come up with this (short) suite in response of @Left Unexplained's Christmas Music event:) The first part is written for 2 pianos and percussion, where I tried to apply serialism based on the "Joy to the world theme". The second part is my improvisation on the "Silent Night" theme, with a violin. It is a Theme and Variation work. (I tried my best to score my improvisation) Hope you enjoy it! Best, HoYin
  5. That's very special! Definitely gives the "Silent" vibe... and eerie touch, haha. You've just made a different Christmas for me. I wonder if further experimentation can be done for this particular piece, like recording it at a tunnel/metro, or the lo-fi effect? Anyways, Merry Christmas!
  6. @KJthesleepdeprived For me, the main theme is like the main character of a drama and he/she just appear in every scene, haha! I respect Luderart's definition of Sententia, but I just use the Latin meaning of it... to make some favour to this title lol. Anyways, thank you!
  7. @Tónskáld I wasn't truely alerted by your question until I read your description of Aldor: I think I create a new mode everytime I write my music... I seldom rely on the common mode like Lydian modes... And perhaps your use of Messiaen's mode and your unique use of harmonic language enriches this work! I love the ambience you created here. It is also interesting to see, despite some similarities in the motives we chose, the outcome can be so different and I greatly appreciate that! 😄 Well done!
  8. I found the theme elegant and tranquil:) I also like how much contrast you bring in between Movement III and IV - The first, as a dance (?) is energetic and nostalgic while the Adagio have some cool colour changes! Nice work, @Noah Brode!
  9. I don't really limit/plan my harmonies by specific scales. I do change the mode intentionally for the subject every time it appears, and the subject leads the development. I am glad you like it:)
  10. This is my entry piece for the Poor Form Competition, Sententia for Solo Cello and Orchestra. Good luck!
  11. Dear all, This work is written as an Entry piece for the Poor Form Competition. Please check the playlist in Soundcloud: It's again a long time since I upload any of my new works. And yes, I faced many personal and social challenges, and probably I reflected those frustrations and fear in this piece. For the (fantasized) story, here is a short plot: Mov I - Born in Chaos: It is depicting the early life of the Prince born in a falling and chaotic empire. The Prince (As in the heroic theme, uplifting as in Strauss's Poems) is the only thing that gives hope for the empire. The rest of the passages are all dark and spreading horrors, mimicking wars and famines. Mov II - Prince's Troops: The Prince is now a young leader of the empire. The troops he recruit show their power to his people and march to the battlefield. Mov III - Rite for the Dead: The Prince has won the battle and settle the threats. In remembrance of the dead, he holds a ritual for them to praise their contributions. All souls are remembered and blessed. I am enjoying this challenge and I hope you enjoy this work, too! I have planned to write more movements on this theme, but due to the deadline I shall submit these 3 first. (Tell me if you think there can be more! :D) Best, HoYin
  12. On the time limit, are the movements of maximum 5 minutes each, or the whole suite should be under 5 minutes? I didn't realize this problem after I finished a 4:55 long movement...
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