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  1. @Ken320 oops, I may be a bit arrogant and ignorant right there. (Was lazy adapting to new finger patterns) I was figuring out the reason of such tuning system. Sometimes it could relate to resonance and range of the instruments...and you explained it well! Anyways, I am glad to hear that:) I am now practising the scales and double stops since I feel like it is a better way for me to understand and memorize the 3/4-note chord patterns. lol Not sure if that's an efficient way to practise, though.
  2. I know more about my identity when my fellows comment on my music. There are always some difference how people perceive my work vs my feelings, and I choose to embrace it. I feel like I am a modern composer, with little use of functional harmony. My works are usually full of altered and dissonant chords. And many people have found my music jazz-y because of that, despite I am classically trained in Violin. Usually full of contrast (at least I think I did) in characters. I am quite a fan of Prokofiev and Shostakovich, so I would say I am kinda influenced by them. My music is also influenced by Rachmaninov, so you probably find heavy use of blocky chords and chromaticism. I usually think of the melodic lines before I harmonize them. And to be honest, I don't have a well-planned structure for most of my work. You may say I am always improvising on papers and develop motifs in a free-form way. I am currently exploring the boundaries of modern music... I have been using complex rhythms, micro-tonalities and serialism lately. Do you think I am describing myself accurately? 😄 @aMusicComposer Great to hear that! I wish I have more chances interacting with musicians in my city... But I have also attempted to engage more in the international music communities lately.
  3. One more question about the delay: How fast, or in what way, does the echo decay? The quality of the soundtrack is good, by the way.
  4. @Monarcheon @Sepharite hmm... I guess I am not doing too well this time... Seems that many people are perplexed listening to this work. Would you mind sharing your the reason behind this feeling (e.g. The rhythm, thematic development or the harmony...)? I have been writing in similar style lately (including this work in progress^) and I am quite concerned about it. Thank you! ^https://www.youngcomposers.com/t39179/toccata-in-progress/
  5. @Luis Hernández I agree with @jawoodruff. You really have a great use of the timbre the instruments. This work sounds like a theme for ancient civilizations. I actually admire your writing style here... The texture is not too thick, but the piece has a rich sound and clear development.
  6. Twelfths on Violin are impossible unless an open string is involved. Otherwise, violinist can only play tenths.
  7. Dear all, This work is written and dedicated to all persons who wish to love. The latest Valentine's Day has passed, but the ones who desire love still have dramas going on. The first 2 bar is a theme proposed by a Facebook user. It was a challenge for me at first, but soon it became a journey with fantasy and some memories of mine. I guess the work is relatively tonal compared to others of my works? What do you see from my work? Hope you enjoy this work. Thank you:) Best, HoYin Just soundtrack: https://soundcloud.com/hoyin-cheung-1/valentines-dream-dedicate-to-all-persons-to-be-loved
  8. Dear all, I am happy to share I am learning guitar as my second instrument! My friend donated a Classical (Nylon) Guitar to me yesterday and I had some fun with the guitar. However as a violinist, I am rather frustrated with the widened fingerings and inter-string distance. Is there any way I can cope with this? Also, is there any reason the open strings of a guitar is not separated by a fixed interval? How come E-A-D-G and B-E are perfect 4th, but G-B is a 3rd? This makes fingering a bit weird (Imagine a guitar with all open strings being stacked perfect 4th, which unifies the fingering with the same interval; Also, notice that perfect 5th is the common stacking interval for other string instruments) Thank you. Best, HoYin
  9. Dear all, I am writing a toccata for a piano composition competition. I just wonder if this piece is technically challenging enough to be a competition piece? Are the 3-against-5 unnecessarily hard? It certainly add some spice to the work, but I think most ppl will prefer 3-against-6/4/2 (lol) Surely I am not running out of ideas, but do you think the development is good? Btw, do you think the soundtrack has improved? (I applied the Spitfire SoftPiano VST for my first time, also studying those reverb plugins) Thank you. HoYin
  10. Thank you for all your comments. I think I get your suggestions. Turns out I have made it too artistic and missed the point of a Corporate music. Such a hard balance to achieve. Aww, I guess I may have made it overly complicated for such music and I should focus on the sound quality. Anyways, I am waiting for HR officer's response and see if she likes it. I will fine-tune it when necessary. I guess it is also a good opportunity to explore the synthesizer settings.
  11. Dear Everyone, Before I introduce this work, I would like to give you some background of this work. As a trainee, I was asked by the HR officer to add some background music to a slideshow that is presented at the reception of the company. But my company don't have a unique brand soundtrack. So, yes, I probably should search for some Corporate Music. Surely, I can just search for some copyright-free (canned) music for this easy task. But somehow as a musician, I just feel unnatural and sinned having the receptionist listening to the "canned" music all day long. A friend and colleague knew the situation and then asked me, "Why don't you compose one instead?" And that's why I wrote this piece of music. Since I am not sure if the company wants to take it as a brand music (sort of?), I shall only show the score of my motives below and explain with some words. Sorry for the inconvenience. Style: Mostly energetic with a uplifting and outlined theme; but I tried to make this Corporate Music less repetitive and more pleasant to listen to. Orchestration: Crystal Synthesizer, Grand Piano, Violins I/II, Violas, Cellos Overall Structure: ABAC Form Part A: The piece starts with a bass ostinato played by the Crystal Synthesizer (CS)(*). Then Violin I introduces 2 main motives (^,#) of this work. Piano and other strings then entered to thicken the texture. A 4-bar intermission consisting of only CS and piano follows. Part B: This part is initiated by Cello's motive(%) , and mostly led by Strings, with a textual contrast to Part I. Piano then enters as the double of the strings. Part C : Coda. It re-introduces the theme and ends the work quietly. I don't expect too much for this work. But I do hope you enjoy it and appreciate you take time listening to it. Best, HoYin (*) (^) (#) (%)
  12. @jawoodruff I am glad you like it! And that's a good mention of Charlie Brown's Christmas. I listened to that work and found some similarities: Crystal-clear, high register theme and Arrangement (piano+bass+drumset). Certainly jazzy right there. Also, I do appreciate the nice effect done with the piano by sweeping the strings directly at the beginning, which I haven't thought of applying such extended techniques to my works. Btw, I was referring this video: @Monarcheon Thank you for your kind words... I am not too confident on notating the percussion part, and you definitely helped me on that:) And please don't mind my poor playing lol. I haven't touched my violin for a while and by improvisation I really... improvise.. without practicing or warm-ups haha.
  13. Dear everyone, I come up with this (short) suite in response of @Left Unexplained's Christmas Music event:) The first part is written for 2 pianos and percussion, where I tried to apply serialism based on the "Joy to the world theme". The second part is my improvisation on the "Silent Night" theme, with a violin. It is a Theme and Variation work. (I tried my best to score my improvisation) Hope you enjoy it! Best, HoYin
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