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  1. Transmatic Coptifactor

    grooovyyyyy. Love the kick
  2. Epic Tribal Celtic-ish

    You don't deserve to be starving that's for sure. Please go make some money with your talent.
  3. Calling All Composers

    Are you still looking for a composer to do the job, or have you already found one? I'm just wondering because there have only been two replies to this post, and if you've already found someone for the job, I will not be expecting a reply any longer.Thanks, Jason
  4. Calling All Composers

    Hey there, Emmanuel! Welcome to the forums! My main participation in the musical community is in piano teaching, but over the last few years I've delved into composing a variety of styles from electronic to orchestral to video game music. I won't exaggerate and say I'm a professional game/film composer, but I'd love to learn new things and gain experience in a collaboration situation and devote myself to making quality music for your RPG. I'd be thrilled to get the opportunity to help you realize your vision of this Pirate game through the use of an effective mood-setting score! You can check out a few of my works done on software here: My email is: jason_mr.47@hotmail.com In case you to not see this reply, I'll also message you on YouTube. In terms of my fee expectations, I'm honestly looking more to receive credit and get experience than to make a lot of money. Anyway, I hope you consider and good luck developing your RPG! Jason
  5. What's Your Process?

    I usually find great inspiration by listening to a variety of other composer's works, then I sort of make a collection of all my favorite chords and rhythms and start creating something from there. As they say, good artists borrow, great artists steal. If you can take someone else's creation and re-invent it into an original work in and of itself, then I think that's one way of making good music.