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    Just an amateur pianist that happens to compose music quite painstakingly. Negligible formal training and music education, but I'm tryin' real hard not to suck.
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    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Edward MacDowell, Judd Greenstein, Missy Mazzoli, Jeremy Zuckerman, and um oh yeah a lot of folks actually on this site
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    I don't know, man.
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    Finale, although paper's been lookin' fine lately
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  1. KJthesleepdeprived

    Maja (Bowed Guitar Solo)

    What an atmosphere! I'm not hugely into guitar but I'm a real sucker for novelty. Bowed guitar checks that box for me, this was nice!
  2. KJthesleepdeprived


    Oh Luis, your video starts at 36 seconds instead of at the beginning. Not a big deal, just letting you know. Anyway, I really enjoyed this. I know it's to be expected at this point but your writing is lovely and your dogs are adorable!
  3. Hopefully, this video embeds properly. I tend to have bad luck with that. Oh and hi, long time no see everybody. This isn't a typical classical post but I think it's really good and I need more of it in the world.
  4. KJthesleepdeprived

    Masterclass: THEORY 202 - Adv. Harmonic Extensions

    @Monarcheon My computer troubles have resurfaced and made it impossible to get any work done for this. Actually my computer is totally unusable at this point. I would have said something sooner but frustration drove it from my mind. I look forward to participating in these classes when this issue of mine is resolved. In the meantime, I'll still be checking out the threads on my phone and playing around with these ideas on my own. If I get a chance to somehow post my exercises on here, I will. And if it pleases her ladyship or anyone else to do so despite my lateness, I'll graciously consume any feedback that comes my way. Anyhow, my apologies for leaving you hanging Monarch!
  5. KJthesleepdeprived

    Judd Greenstein - Change

    WELL I AM GLAD YOU ASKED ... *contains sudden enthusiasm* He's actually had quite a lot of his work performed and recorded. His record label (New Amsterdam Records) in New York specifically aims at putting out contemporary music like this. Their Soundcloud page has some of his work there and he has a personal one as well, though I discovered him through Spotify's Indie Classical playlist. There's a ton of good work by other composers as well, so I'd recommend checking them out. If you'd like I can recommend specific works/composers but I want to keep this particular thread on topic since we're talking about Judd Greenstein. Which reminds me... Interesting bits of info: He's a member of the NOW Ensemble and their albums typically include one of his compositions. In my opinion his stuff is usually the best part. He initially wanted to go into Hip Hop music and hit the streets rather than study music. He's been quite vocal in calling for more frequent performances of living composers and for other reforms within the musical community. These are my other favorites of his. If I had to pick an absolute favorite from him it would be one of the four I've shared in this thread. I can't narrow it down any more. https://soundcloud.com/newamrecords/now-ensemble-city-boy https://soundcloud.com/ymusic-official/clearing-dawn-dance https://soundcloud.com/newamrecords/jasper-string-quartet-four-on-the-floor-composed-by-judd-greenstein-1 His personal Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/juddgreenstein
  6. I didn't notice we have this forum so here's my contribution for anyone who isn't already aware of him.
  7. KJthesleepdeprived

    Masterclass: THEORY 201 - Harmonic Extensions

    All right, I thought that might be what you meant but I wasn't sure. Having tried it out, I like the way it sounds. I'll do that then.
  8. KJthesleepdeprived

    Masterclass: THEORY 201 - Harmonic Extensions

    @Monarcheon To clarify, I should try replacing the E Major chord in measure 18 with a French Augmented 6th?
  9. KJthesleepdeprived

    Masterclass: THEORY 201 - Harmonic Extensions

    All right, this is what I've got. Turns out I've run into these chords before (actually just the German one) without knowing their right names. Decided on a short waltzy thing because it's just easy and I figured I should be focusing on using the chords effectively. Hopefully I managed that. HarmonicExtensions1.mp3 HarmonicExtensions1.pdf
  10. KJthesleepdeprived

    Labyrinth for prepared piano

    You're so good at making interesting and well conceived music that's also really fun to listen to! Also I can show this to my non-musical friends as an example of what prepared piano is and what it can do without showing them something boring or scary.
  11. KJthesleepdeprived

    City/Large Town Theme

    Yep @EveryThingMonarcheonSaid It sounds pretty good just the way it is. If I were your friend, I'd be pretty well pleased. One teensy weensy question though: Will the track be needed for a longer period of time than its actual length? I'm thinking of certain game soundtracks that were written specifically so they could loop their tracks and keep going as needed. That wouldn't work quite as well here because of the key change, but it wouldn't be hard to make an adjustment towards the end to allow seamless looping. It's not really necessary but just an option to keep in mind if you can't control how long a player is going to be hearing that track repeated, which is likely to be the case in a game like this.
  12. KJthesleepdeprived

    Children of a Dream (SSAA + piano)

    Oooh, this really is beautiful! Everything about it works so well that you don't really need program notes to tell people what it means. That's the best thing any composer can hope to achieve in my opinion. Wonderful work, and thank you very much for sharing it here!
  13. KJthesleepdeprived

    Op102 Untitled

    I'm bad at orchestra stuff so I will just point out the few things I noticed. I'm not totally sure that these are all valid criticisms/comments, and I'm operating in largely subjective terms. So here goes: It was nice. I enjoyed it. The first melody is my favorite and I genuinely looked forward to hearing it again each time while reading the score. Certain places where you're clearly going for the big, fun tutti impact we're all so fond of and familiar with (m. 163-166, m. 267 as examples) seem a little odd and unnecessary to me. I feel that those moments aren't built up like they could be, and they themselves don't lead to much of anything. That could just be the MIDI recording though. The places where the orchestration gets real sparse real fast (m. 53, m. 120, the general area after m. 253, immediately following that big note in m. 267) are a little too sudden for me and that makes it a bit awkward. Again, that could be the MIDI recording. I'm not sure how a live performance from actual humans would alter the way those parts really sound. I'm not really sure what m. 167-174 are for. Those chords seem out of place. Not that they don't fit harmonically, but I mean that suddenly there are just strings playing chords and I'm not sure what they're there for. I'm having trouble communicating this thought without it sounding stupid, so I hesitate to even include it with the other criticisms. It's a real nitpick, and this must all seem pretty cheeky coming from the guy who just said "I'm bad at orchestra stuff" and "I'm largely operating in subjective terms." Those chords don't actually present a problem so you can ignore me if you want. Also I'm sorry. I'm a hater. I hate the triangle. It annoys me to death. Sorry. To end with, let's talk about the ending. It's a nice ending. It sounds weak though, in my opinion. I think it could and should be louder and more bombastic. Again though, I think that may just be the lame MIDI sounds. I'm not holding it against you at all, and that goes for all of my points. None of this seems all that problematic to me, I just think there are parts that can be made better. Also I always feel a twinge of sympathy for the unreviewed post. Hopefully this first review will lure some others in to give better comments* and even scold/correct whatever I may be in the wrong about. Overall, I enjoyed listening to this and I'm always impressed with anyone who can write reasonably for orchestra. Thank you for sharing! *EDIT: It worked!
  14. KJthesleepdeprived

    their drink offerings of blood I will not pour out

    I'm going to be really honest, I was worried when I saw the mere title of this post. I'm glad it's nothing sinister, he said as he processed the sinister atonal piano music. Kidding aside, it was lovely. I don't totally understand it but atonal piano music has a glimmering quality to it, at least to me. It's hard to describe and I guess it's just a general impression that it leaves on me. I suppose I'm doing the same sort of thing with atonal music as people who listen to classical music but aren't really that into it or don't understand it. "It's just really relaxing, mannn" "Good for studying, right??" etc. Ouch, I guess. It was nice, you're good at this, you don't need my input