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    Just an amateur pianist that happens to compose music quite painstakingly. Negligible music education/formal training, but I'm tryin' real hard not to suck.
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    Board games, card games. Any game that isn't a first person shooter basically.
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    Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Edward MacDowell, Judd Greenstein, Missy Mazzoli, Jeremy Zuckerman, and um oh yeah a lot of folks actually on this site
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    I don't know, man.
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  1. Clearly! 😋 I'm trying to listen to more of the music in this section of the forum, so I just clicked on a title. Didn't know what to expect. I'm both bewildered and amused by what it ended up being. It's definitely playful and comical. There were a few moments at the ends of certain phrases where it seemed like it was ending and then it just kept going, so that threw me off. Other than that, not much to say. Hard to tell how good it sounds given I had to listen through clunky laptop speakers, but it seems like a successful end product to me!
  2. Nice. Dramatic, but like low-key dramatic. The notation is a little odd for me. It's not terrible but I think the time signature should reflect the rhythmic pulse of the music. This would look and feel more natural in 3/4, like Monarcheon said. Other than that, nice work!
  3. @Noah Brode I kinda like that idea too. If y'all add that as part of the criteria, I'd think it was really fitting. Obviously none of us (probably) have actual fear regarding composition, but we all favor certain styles and boundaries. I'm certainly very pop-oriented and don't dabble outside of traditional tonality. I'm very happy in my bubble but it's also fun to pop bubbles.
  4. It's no surprise, I'm sure, that I prefer the fear prompt. It's just easier. I don't dislike the idea of pitch classes but I didn't vote for it because it's completely new to me. I'd have some learnin' to do before I could even start writing. Frankly, I'd still be willing to participate despite the ruinous end result. But the dice fall where the dice fall, and I think people are always going to prefer a competition where you can choose your poison a bit more freely.
  5. My man did necromancy on this thread just to plug himself. At least you've got self-esteem though!
  6. Beautiful playing! This is such an energetic piece, I love every bit of it.
  7. Very dramatic! The structure and atmosphere seem very theatrical to me, so this could be well suited for a movie or tv score. Maybe some kind of documentary about space? That's what it sounds like to me at least. That was a very satisfying moment at 1:48! Nice job and I hope you keep posting here! Feel free to review others' music also, even if you don't feel confident about it. People like to hear feedback even if it's something simple!
  8. I don't have answers for all these questions but here are my thoughts. I definitely don't think it's a dog's breakfast. To me, there isn't actually too much going on at once. If I can wrap my head around it without getting tangled, then it's not too much. I liked that little bit in the violin and viola at measure 260. I think it appeared more than once but I wasn't following the score the whole time and I kept replaying sections that I liked so I kind of lost track. The main theme grew on me pretty quickly and the whole thing didn't seem to meander too much, so in my book that's good work!
  9. Sounds cool! I hope you're planning on posting the finished product for us to hear once you're done!
  10. Glorious. I was going to replay it but then there was a repeat at the end. How did you know that was exactly what I'd want!?! 😛 There's so much going on here! I love how you made the descending bass line from the original so off beat in this version. The rhythms in general were just really enjoyable. Lots of color and energy! The chords you ended on were also great. This whole thing was just very satisfying to listen to!
  11. I am in no way the sort of person who could possibly draw any connection between this and your alleged source material, but it was pretty fun to listen to. I'm not familiar with all the extended techniques possible on... well on any instrument. So I loved hearing them in this! So many little touches that I wouldn't think of! Very creative and beautifully played!
  12. This is so sweet and I love it! Every part, sappy lyrics and all! It fits the holidays perfectly and captures feelings that I can very much relate to! Great job!
  13. I normally don't visit this section of the forum. The title is what really drew me in. I'm very sorry to hear about what you're going through! I can't offer or say anything that would help you, but I can tell you how much I enjoyed hearing your music just now. Your feelings came through very strongly, and I'm hoping for the best for you! Please take care and keep composing if you can!
  14. This is such a cool idea! So creative! Like how salt helps bring out the flavors in a dish, your music enhanced his words quite a bit. Dangerously zen though, I'm reclined on the couch and nearly fell asleep because I was so relaxed by his voice and the music!
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