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  1. Spot on An Spot-on analysis, I think. Especially doing multiple songs in a row, I noticed such patterns and used reference less and less. Thank you for your input!
  2. https://soundcloud.com/matandteresa/8-minute-menken-an-all-star I decided to post this here because it's not an original composition or anything. Rather, besides serving as the backtrack to my wife's vocals, this was for me to study the orchestration and style of Alan Menken, get some ear training, and practice with my orchestral samples. Especially for A Whole New World, Menken makes use of a lot of acrobatic string and wind runs, which I really wanted to get more practice with. As such, the orchestration sticks to the source material fairly close, with some different decisions and style choices peppered in (obviously we had to come up with the transitions, as well). While well-known as a Broadway songwriter, I think Alan Menken is somewhat underrated as a score composer. In the end, I think what yields that classic "Disney" sound is a pretty genius combination of Tchaikovsky-style ballet mixed with modern Broadway theater. Together, they provide that distinctive mix of magic and energy, respectively. Do you agree? What do you think is the "Disney formula?"
  3. Nope, no iLok required. It runs in Kontakt Player, which is a free download from Native Instruments.
  4. Yep, he's using an iPad. But you can also use an iPhone or iPod touch. The app is only a few bucks, and you can control the instrument wirelessly! It even comes with editor software, so you can create the layout you want (what buttons, how many sliders, what to control, etc.). It's called TouchOSC. And a lot of other instruments and DAWs support it as well! Also, Embertone is coming out with a new solo cello that has even more articulations (sul ponticello, tremolo, etc.) in the next few weeks. And once they release it, they're going to add those articulations to the violin for free! I love those guys.
  5. You should also check out Embertone's Friedlander Violin: http://embertone.com/instruments/friedlanderviolin.php http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7akUpXOHZoQ You may be strapped for cash after purchasing EWQLSO and Solo Violin, but the Friedlander is a great deal for such an amazing instrument, and if you're a student they offer a discount. They both have different sounds of course, so it's largely a matter of taste.
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