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  1. In fact, not even I can put up a banner ad — but I can put up a shoutbox notice, which might work better anyway!
  2. Not helpful for you since you use Finale, but this has been a feature in Sibelius for a while now — look up their Ideas functionality. This is exactly how I use it.
  3. 6 pages worth of John Williams scores for study: http://www.alexanderpublishing.com/Departments/Composing-and-Film-Scoring/John-Williams-Study-Scores.aspx?sortorder=2&page=1
  4. Both of those were fads that lasted longer than a month, which was my point about Gangnam Style. Not sure why people default to dismissive attitudes about cultural fads...I would think that folks would be more interested in learning from the events that capture the attention of so many at a time rather than trying to trivialize them despite their obvious successes. That they don't capture your attention I completely understand, but to be so resistant to the notion that there's anything to learn from or appreciate in these things is a bit narrow, in my mind. Even if all you gain is more fuel for the claim that most mainstream musical appreciation is retarded.
  5. The song was released more than five months ago and has been steadily increasing in popularity, public awareness, and remix attention since. So while it can be called a fad, it's well past the point where one can trivialize it as a short-term one.
  6. If your sense of humour is tuned to the limits of high art then you'll find very little redeeming value in PSY's work — or most other mainstream modern artistic expression. As it happens, the song is deeper than you might originally imagine given that it's essentially a self-aware critique of the Gangnam culture. That said, humour is the one thing no one can reveal to you in a situation if you didn't find it there yourself, so my recommendation is to just accept this as a cultural artifact that falls outside your realm of interest and focus your energies on the ones that do. :thumbsup:
  7. Megan, this is a community of composers; you're very unlikely to find work here. It's like walking into a garage and asking who needs a mechanic. Your time would be better spent reaching out personally to producers and/or directors and/or studios you admire and speaking to them individually instead of carpet bombing forums with template messages. Good luck with your search.
  8. This is definitely impractical; an excellent cross-platform app already exists, called Tapatalk, and all we need to do to have YC accessible is tie in some code: http://www.tapatalk.com/ Then we have a fully functioning mobile access point for the forums, without fussing with a dedicated app.
  9. How much is your time worth? There are some useful calculators (like this one: http://freelanceswitch.com/rates/ ) to help you figure out a baseline that makes sense for you. Unfortunately, it's hard to give you meaningful answers since your rates must reflect your situation. The "going" rates for this kind of thing will be tough to track down, but depending on your experience level I would estimate these being worth about $250 per exercise to you. That's assuming your time is worth about $50/hour and it takes you 5 hours to write one — not that you'd charge hourly, but it's a useful way of estimating costs. Alternatively you could negotiate a package deal for a bunch of exercises. This is all very subjective territory, so really the best answer to your question is this: figure out how much you have to charge in order to have the work be worth your time — and then charge that.
  10. In the interest of providing you with a relevant answer, could you maybe clarify a bit what kind of music career you're hoping for? You've described it as "career musician and sound designer", but those are very very different things if I'm understanding you correctly. A career musician is a performer, and a sound designer is an entirely different creature. One of them by definition requires mastery of an instrument, while the other does not.
  11. Then the answer is EWQLSO. Go for the Gold version. If you're going to start working with these kinds of professional tools, do yourself a favour and don't do it in a notation program like Finale. It's not designed for it. It's designed for making engravings. Using something like EWQLSO in Finale is essentially using it at less than half its potential power. Producing respectable audio renderings is the realm of the Digital Audio Workstation (or DAW) software packages like Cubase, Logic, Reaper, etc. Reaper is cross-platform, extremely powerful, versatile, and dirt cheap. It's a great one to learn. And there is a LOT of learning involved because sequencing and mixing and mastering are all distinct skills that have nothing to do with music writing skills. Don't be daunted, but be prepared for a steep learning curve. Nothing in this industry is plug-and-play.
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