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  1. Thozies

    Feedback on "Invasion"

    Not a seasoned composer so just some fragmented thoughts from me while listening to the music: 1. Nice variations of colours with the motif ongoing in the background 2. Some parts sound inspired by the soundtrack of Interstellar - not a bad thing 3. The constant use of an accented first two beats in the bar through the beginning till 1:50 can get a bit tiresome to listen to though (unless you intend it to a motif in itself?) 4. Contrary to Luis, I quite like the density of the climax 5. The title and the music do reflect each other, but only in the sense that they are both sci-fi-ish Good job overall, this would be great as a movie soundtrack (I gather that you are doing this?)! I would listen to it multiple times. By the way, what sound set is this?
  2. Hello! It has been a long while since I posted here, and whatever little I did post went along with the refresh (???) of this forum. Anyway, here is an unnamed (because I'm bad with names) concert march which I have been working on and off over the past few months. It is written in the Japanese concert march style if you are familiar with it. The marches are typically written for the All-Japan Band Competition as set pieces. They tend to have a slightly different structure and (sometimes almost completely different) feel from the traditional English and American marches. There's no particular inspiration or motivation for this piece - just a short work which I had fun working on in my free time. Admittedly, this isn't exactly a piece which less experienced bands should attempt. If this piece ever gets played at all. Notation may be weird in some places (notes for bari sax are halved in value rather than stacatto-ed, questionable dynamics, no slurs in euphonium part, etc) but that is to achieve better playback quality since the midi (Sibelius Sounds) do mess up at times, so please don't mind them! Do comment on the piece, and I hope you enjoy it. :-)