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  1. Noah Brode


    That’s fine about the prizes! It’s great to just get such detailed and thoughtful feedback. You are right (as usual) in your criticisms. I would like to get Finale or Sibelius soon, although it is so expensive. It seems like it will be a necessary step forward if I want to progress (and have real people play my music). Thank you for the review!
  2. Noah Brode


    My submission for the Winter Competition. It was written pretty hastily over the past week or so, after previous attempts for the competition didn't pan out. All things considered, I liked where it went in the time that I had to write it. I hope you enjoy it.
  3. Noah Brode


    After totally restarting a few times, I am working on a version of mine now that I think I will be happy with. There’s nothing like a deadline to wring out the creativity. Mine will be bare-bones and rather short, but I do expect to finish it.
  4. Noah Brode


    Is there an approved list of emotions we should stick to? I have plans to use some more advanced/nuanced emotions as inspiration, if that’s okay.
  5. Noah Brode


    I have been MIA for a while, but I’d like to enter if it’s still going forward.
  6. Noah Brode


    It was very close between 1 and 4, but I had to go with the last one! Well done, everyone. EDIT: Oh no, I meant to vote for #3! I’m sorry for messing it up! I hope we can edit the results somehow ... :/
  7. Noah Brode

    Metal Soundtrack for Game

    Thanks for the feedback, @LostSamurai and @ilv! I guess I could've gone with another full run-through on 'Boss.' These would've been looped in the gameplay, so they were just for sharing with the game design team.
  8. I wrote this handful of rock/metal songs as the soundtrack for a computer game my friends and I were creating. Unfortunately, we weren't able to finish the game due to everybody having pressing responsibilities elsewhere, but here are the songs I 'finished.' Not my usual scene, but I think they're fun. No scores available, sorry.
  9. Noah Brode


    @Monarcheon @punintentional @Luis Hernández @Gustav Johnson @luderart @Maarten Bauer
  10. Noah Brode


    Noah Brode's full commentary:
  11. Noah Brode


    Maarten Bauer's full commentary:
  12. Hello everyone, Thank you to all the entrants for your hard work in completing the Summer 2017 Competition! The judges -- Maarten Bauer and myself -- have also worked very hard since the submission deadline to provide you with helpful critiques and commentary. Detailed commentary will be posted below. Everyone should be proud of themselves for their good work. Without further ado, here are the final scores for the Summer 2017 Competition: - Monarcheon: (TIED FOR FIRST PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 40 / 50 Noah Brode: 44 / 50 TOTAL: 84 / 100 - Punintentional: (TIED FOR FIRST PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 40 / 50 Noah Brode: 44 / 50 TOTAL: 84 / 100 - Luis Hernandez: (THIRD PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 37 / 50 Noah Brode: 42 / 50 TOTAL: 79 / 100 - Gustav Johnson: (FOURTH PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 35 / 50 Noah Brode: 40 / 50 TOTAL: 75 / 100 - luderart: (FIFTH PLACE) Maarten Bauer: 32 / 50 Noah Brode: 35 / 50 TOTAL: 67 / 100
  13. Noah Brode

    Mondaufgang am Meer

    @Monarcheon - True, your time constraints are pretty challenging. Judging by how quickly you produced that waltz, though, I bet you could pull it off. @Maarten Bauer - Thank you, Maarten. I wish I could've kept writing. I realize it's kind of a 'First World problem' because composing is just a hobby for me, but it has been too emotionally draining to sit down and come up with nothing, night after night. On a lighter note, my house has been really clean lately.
  14. Noah Brode

    Mondaufgang am Meer

    Thanks, @Monarcheon. Really good analysis as usual. I was a little worried about the overuse of the raised fourth, but I figured it would be okay when it was balanced by other feelings in other movements (obviously that didn't happen). I wrote the little codetta in F last, and I was wondering if I shouldn't try to go back and use some of the stepwise lines in the bassoons there in the earlier passages as well to provide some more melodic material, but I thought it might interfere with the ostinato. I have a couple other little fragments and ideas that I thought were worth keeping, so I may revisit this piece someday. Friedrich really is one of my favorites. His works depict nature in this really mystical, spiritual way that I love.