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    I'm a composer, a writer, poet, and philosopher by hobby.

    I make Baroque and Classical music, mostly sonatinas and berceuses. I specialize in soft, quiet music, rarely doing louder or grander works.

    I've composed about 60 or so pieces I can stomach listening back to. That's out of 200 total.
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    Wouldn't you love to know?
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    Music, Writing, Philosophy, Psychology
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    Liszt, Widor, Bach, Beethoven, Sorabji
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    Baroque, Classical, very rarely Electronica
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    MuseScore, formely FLStudio
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  1. The error was why I said they were lost. It prevented me from reclaiming several works (although, I do not remember if they had MIDI attached or not). The frustration did not come from the change, but the poor implementation of the change.
  2. I have decided to write this, as I am livid and enraged at what has been done by this site. This site was the lone site that had the sheet and MIDI files of my works. Now, due to this... butchering of this site, many of them are now permanently lost. Countless hours of work, years of blood, sweat, and tears... all for nothing. The archiving was so poorly done as to irreparably damage the works, and now, I no longer have access to my own creations any longer. Very few were able to be salvaged, and all this comes with not so much a sorry from YC. I have suffered extreme loss on part of YC, and I have no remote form of reparations from them. I want my works back. After that, I will no longer use this site, as I now know it to be unreliable.
  3. I could use pretty much a helping or two of everything. I know jack squat about theory. All my compositions are made by observing geometric patterns and applying math to everything.
  4. There is a lied, Prächtige Liebe, that I have been working on for quite a time. All the liedtext is written, as is the melody for the singer, but I simply cannot seem to make the piano accompaniment for the lied. I was wondering if someone could take a look at it and help me out a bit. Prächtige Liebe (Lied).pdf
  5. Whatever the "Disney Formula" is, I must have stumbled across it. For quite a few of my compositions, I constantly either get "Sounds like something out of a video game" or "Sounds like something out of a Disney movie". I tend to notice Disney's music formula is very embellished. For the soft parts, they use quiet and saccarhine instruments, like flutes/panflutes/piccolos and lighter strings. Emotional parts use swelling strings, occasionally trumpets swelling as well. Happier music is light-hearted and quick, like a toccatina or a fantasy, with instruments with light, higher-pitched instruments being common (like chromatic percussion, woodwinds, strings and pizzicato), at a fast tempo and a key signature with more beats. That's the lighter aspect. For the grand pieces, they usually use dramatic instruments, depending on what emotion is being conveyed. Parts of tension and painful emotion are usually very strong and wildly chromatic, using instruments like organ, brass instruments, operatic or solemn voices, timpani, bass drum, among others. They stick to dramatic chords, slow builds, and steadily increasing dynamics. When resolution comes, you turn back to halycon instrumentation, usually with vocalization alone or vocals and soft strings. At least, this is what I gather.
  6. Something about this seems very foreboding and ominous, but I cannot figure out why...
  7. I've been wanting to make some melodies for the Christmas season on clavichord, but unfortunately, I can't find a soundfont with a good sound for it. If I google it, it only gives harpsichord soundfonts. I've downloaded many GM soundfonts, and all of them sound like clavinets (I am NOT looking for a clavinet). Does anyone here know of a soundfont that truly sounds like a clavichord?
  8. This is basically a hipster thing. People really don't like hipsters.
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