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    I am a 33 year old secondary music educator. I have two BA in music (Vocal Music Performance/ General Music, Secondary Music Education Choral/ General). I have long had a desire to compose, and always find it difficult to notate my thoughts correctly. Looking for any advice, suggestions or just overall help with making my ideas come to life.
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    Newburgh, IN. USA
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    Secondary General Music/ Choral Music Educator
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    Music, music and more music! Film scoring, theatre/ acting, photography
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    Beethoven, Stravinsky, Rutter, J. Bassi, E. Goldenthal
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    Umm... Don't have a style.. I like dark music, I tend to write in the key of dm frequently. I have composed pieces using a simple Dorian Mode chant style and integrated modern sound effects for a nice, haunting sound.
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    I have none and would love advice where to get some and what would be the best value.
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    Drums/ percussion, piano, trumpet, guitar, voice.
  1. I am fairly new to composition. I have been using muse score for a few years, first when in grad school for a couple projects and recently started using it for studying composition and putting thoughts to page. My issue is the sound fonts that my laptop uses. Horrible midi sounds! I have had people here tell me they can't decipher anything about my music because it is midi. They have asked why I don't use real sounds? Where can I find real sounds? I honestly do not know what I am doing and don't know where to start. Could anyone please help me? I would really appreciate it! Andy
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