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  1. Thanka a lot for the comment, I'll genuinely look into it. Since this was for a game I made it straight for the sound I wanted as I have never written for harp, but this is VERY helpful. There are two instruments I fear most: Guitars and harp
  2. I only have heard like two of your posts here on the forums and I gotta say that you succsesfully mixed the "playful" melodic elements from the Classical period with contemporary harmony. Interesting and well done
  3. This is a piano Concertino that was premiered in December by a Chamber Orchestra composed by young artists. I couldn't record the event but I have a midi rendition. Any feedback is welcomed!!!
  4. Hello guys, this is one of my latest compositions. The purpose of this piece is to be a soundtrack of the menu for a video game but I decided to include all the melodies and motiffs that will appear later and therefore decided to call it an overture. Any feedback is welcomed! I have in my mind to keep developing the piece later and make a more established Symphonic poem. (The harp part might be impossible, I wrote with the intention of fixing it later, any teaching is appreciated)
  5. Amazing! Is this a recording or an library of sounds, if so which one? It sounds too real! I really like the dark atmosphere you create in the beginning. Man, the finale is epic!!!!
  6. Work in progress! Well... so this year is my graduation recital and I wanted to finish with something "big" (Yeah, some weirdly restriction that limits the amount of musicians we can have on the recital) Scored for a chamber Orchestra. Every comment is helpful! 1 Flute 1 Oboe 1 Clarinet 1 Bassoon 2 Horns Strings
  7. Well, the modulation can sound smooth and you keep the melodic material going on which is good. You could experiment with other rhythm in the left hand and keeping the Waltz danceable feeling to it. Syncopation or maybe focusing in other beat from the measure (beat two for instance) Nice short work!
  8. There's an orchestra in the audio? Maybe you can hear it because you know the piece. I don't think it is a good idea to use headphones right now, it is super loud. As an introduction it does work. It has like an epic motif for the organ. I can imagine a very festive and fanfaric piece for an organ solo
  9. Thanks for the comment! Que bueno es saber que hay personas que hablen español en el foro
  10. Sounds like a nice mixture of a Waltz and Tango(?) Nice obscure and dark colours!
  11. A small concerto (concertino) in a movement. It has a classical style mixed with a "romantic orchestration" It was composed back in 2015 for a 2016 premiere with the High school Concert Band from Escuela Libre de Musica The composition has some novice errors hehe, also I'm conducing, so I apologize for the dancing. I included the audio .midi and the premiere back in 2016 with the Escuela Libre de Musica Concert Band and Angel Cuyar as soloist. As always, feedback is welcomed!
  12. Winner of the 2018 Puertorrican Danza contest Composed for Woodwind quintet it's inspired by my beautiful baby niece! Hope you guys like it and any comments are welcomed!
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