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  1. Concertino for Trumpet and Concert Band

    @Rabbival507 Hello! I tried to re edit the mp3 I published here as the reverb was too much and it could not be understood too well... Anyway, I hope the trumpet does sound more here :)
  2. La noche de mil estrellas

    Hey, thanks for the comment. I do have some more publications here on this site. I have been a member for a long time but haven't published until days ago. Again, I appreciate your comment!
  3. Danza Jibara

    Small piano piece influenced by Puerto Rican rythm from the folk mountains mixed with an "classical" language.
  4. Cuarteto para Trompas

    A short Horn Quartet inspired by hunting music with a mixture of Waltz light music. Any criticism and opinions are welcomed
  5. La noche de mil estrellas

    This is a song that I composed a while a go. The audio is live from a concert back in January. The poem is written by me and it's in spanish. Youtube: Tenor: Julio Cesar Betancourt Pianist: David Lopez
  6. Small concertino for trumpet in only one movement, inspired by Alban's variations. Any criticsm and opinion is welcomed!
  7. This is a "light" music symphony. It's inspired by the European danceable music. The Scherzo (Danza, Mov. 3) it's made in a folcklore music genre from Puerto Rico (which is where I live) Any opinion and critics are welcomed. I. Andante - Tempo di Valse II. Adagio III. Danza IV. Con brio