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    I am the boy who used to run away when my father tried to teach me harmonium ,yeah my father knows music well but it never happened fro me to learn anything properly from him since as a kid I used to hate when someone forced me to do something.By the time I was a 11 the focus of my parents was more on my studies,they wanted me to be the best in studies and nothing else.So I tried hard to keep them happy that way but when I was 15 I had turned back into a mediocre student.I was really never satisfied with my life,so I spent my time drawing stuff...from cartoons to sketching ,colored and black and white..it was a good time pass and I was happy because I am still the best around my town in sketching..apart from that I only had a walk-man and 4 to 5 cassettes (eight songs on each side) of random hit songs of which I used to hear a few.The exams were over and it was summer vacations time and to kill time mostly I would hear songs from those cassettes but now even those which I never heard before.One night I had a dream in which I had a tape recorder ,I switched it on and pressed the play button and some beautiful melody came out..as the song in the dream progressed I became restless and woke up...I still had the tune in my mind..so I began humming it ..then I realized that I hadn't heard any song like it..I felt happy that I had created something of my own..I kept hmming it and slept..the next day I tried to recall it but I could recall only 5 notes nothing else...that day I decided,I'll learn music but afterwards my family faced huge financial problems and I could never learn properly, also the relationship with my dad is complex,I can't learn from him..4-5 years back my friend gifted me a sequencer but I could never properly work in it..so I didn't touch it often.At the current time I have learned how to work in the sequencer and some basic stuff about music.All I do is create a melody in mind and lay it out in the sequencer.I hope I'll learn a lot from you guys and the internet of course.I expect you all to criticize on my work
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    Sketching,listening and learning music
  • Favorite Composers
    Tchaikovsky , A.Piazolla , John Williams , James Horner
  • Notation Software/Sequencers
    Fl-Studio , Reaper
  1. I am writing a small piece and want to use the free Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra but as I was having a look at the instruments when laid out on keyboard, many of the instruments don't seem to be on the correct octave according to pitch (as guessed from instrument ranges).Am I correct in guessing that?Are the fixed sfz files available for it somewhere?
  2. Congrats! Autenite & Sonataform.Keep on bringing joy to our ears with your music
  3. I don't think I'll be able to make it :veryunsure: Feeling disappointed :(
  4. I wanna participate please keep the deadline in October as i have seen it two days ago and started working on it ...
  5. I wanted to hear something from you and I like your track.Just voted for it You are welcomed.
  6. I fixed my mix and here is mine http://www.hanszimmerwantsyou.com/tracks/5827
  7. The site says "Composers of any age, nationality, or institutional affiliation are eligible to submit scores." not only American-though your statement is valid but it leads to confusion for some
  8. Why is this competition closed already i.e. before the time mentioned on the website?
  9. Though I m a newbie too but two other things I found helpful as a beginner are 1.Change the instrumentation and listen to your scores (though they are short or long doesn't matter),often changing instruments give the idea on how to continue with the piece. 2.While listening to your music listen it again and again and play something on your instrument or sequencer or whatever you have at hand,very often i get ideas by doing this. A tip : While listening your music again and again is necessary for getting more ideas ,don't overdo it take short breaks ,you can even take long breaks (a week or a month) , if you feel you have had too much of it and listen to others work during this.This way (though some complain that sometimes they are distracted) i get more ideas
  10. Three hardest to play instruments I know , Jaltarang, Sarangi and Indian Tablas
  11. working on a waltz these days...I'll post as sson as I complete it

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