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    18-year-old aspiring composer. I mostly make instrumental music ranging from piano solos to full orchestrals.
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    Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, Ben Moon, Brian Tyler, John Williams, Feint, Peter Crowley, BrunuhVille, Adrian von Ziegler, Ludovico Einaudi, Jeremy Soule
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    Mainly Orchestral Film music
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  1. Umm, still makes no sense to me, unless you've got an old version of fl or something. At least in fl 12 it shouldn't matter whether you use Play, Engine, Hypersonic or Kontakt or whatever. All the channels are linked to the mixer the same way and can be changed to any mixer track anytime, and any mixer track can be routed to any other mixer track, although it does require some work to open the right effects in the new mixer tracks. For me it's just; insert PLAY, load a stormdrum patch, route to the mixer by changing the number next to channel pan and volume. What am I still missing?
  2. Ah okay! But, I may have misunderstood you, but as there are 99 insert tracks in the mixer I don't quite understand how you'd have room for only for either one?
  3. Nice work. The percussions sound like you may be having a similar problem as I: there are so many drums in SD2 that you don't want to go them all through and end up using a few you've become familiar with. More different instruments from several frequency ranges would make this sound a lot more alive! But it takes a while to get familiar with all the different instruments in SD2. At least for me they were all just drums at first xD ... okay I admit; I still ain't familiar enough with most of them...
  4. Heyoh fellow composers! This composition confuses me. It started as an expression for some feelings you can hear in the beginning, but escalated into quite big orchestral with quite a variety of emotions. But I still find it to be reflective - I just don't know what it's about. Just that it hits me damn hard. I don't know what to name it, so I left the original name at least for now. Any thoughts, associations or points of view this strikes in you would be interesting to know! Also, criticism is most welcome ^^ Cheers!
  5. Thanks for the feedback! I understand very well what you mean and I agree to some extent, although I'm not quite sure if I perceive it quite the same way. I actually aimed for some dissonances, as my intention was describe a struggle through depression, misery and pain - feelings not quite that harmonic. A few of them don't support my purpose and those I'll change, but many do in my mind. How this came into existence was while watching a documentary about people's struggle through heartbreak, and its neurology and psychology. One guy described one event as 'a step out of the darkness'. This allegory, my strive to understand them and my empathy it managed to create worked as my inspiration. This was named "from darkness towards light" in my project - that's what I had in mind. If this strikes up any thoughts, sheds some light on it or you interpret something differently, please let me know! ^^ Regards!
  6. Heyoh fellow composers! I just found an year old piano improvisation in one of my messy projects. I think it actually sounds surprisingly complete for an improvisation, but I'll surely need to learn play this and rerecord it. Meanwhile, I'd like to ask what you fellas think of the structure of this? How do you react to the fast jumps from higher sections to the lows and back up? Also, as always, I'm always curious on what associations music awakes in other people, so be free to share your thoughts! Anything else crab your attention? Hints on how to make it more interesting? Any feedback highly appreciated :) Thanks!
  7. Big thanks for sharing your views! Good points to consider :)
  8. Heyoh fellow musicians! What does this remind you of? I'm searching for a name... Also, how much does it bother you that it has the same chord proggression nearly all the way through? Thank you for feedback! EDIT: Thank you all for your responses! :) I chose a name and ended up writing a poem when searching for a fitting image. If anyone's still listening, I'd love to know how you think the name, image, poem and music work together! ^^ The Image is this: https://pixabay.com/en/piano-rose-yellow-1239729/ Past is what haunts us the most, meanwhile The nest we escape from its ghost Seeking what chains us with comfort Dreaming of all that we long for ________________________ Let us meet on Youtube too: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiDsdsnIOb3_GYfTnMEzP3A
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