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    Illustrator, writer, and photographer based in Northern Indiana with exhibited artworks around the world from photography to photo-manipulations and sculptures. See the website for further details, my portfolio, and short biography. Currently open to commission-based work.
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    Indiana, USA
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    Music, Photography, Drawing, Graphic Design, Video Editing, Creative Writing
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    Two Steps from Hell, Audiomachine, Hans Zimmer
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    Hybrid, Cinematic, Orchestral, Singer/Songwriter
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    Cubase Pro 10
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    By Ear - (Self taught)

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  1. Once again I need your feedback. This is more of an epic/cinematic piece I have been working on for the past few days and would like your opinion. I am not sure I like the beginning. The pad seems to not have enough dynamic to it, too high...etc. but I'm not sure. The piano seems a bit off sync, but it seems to be in the pace of the repeating pattern I use throughout, so I'm not sure whats happening there, or if my ears are hearing something off when it isn't. Title suggestions also welcome. Thank you for your time! https://soundcloud.com/karisalclark/the-storm-chaser-wip/s-YtSyLFuFiLk 5/24 UPDATE: I posted an updated version so you can compare the two: https://soundcloud.com/karisalclark/the-storm-chaser-by-karisa-l-clark/s-f7MfjWF5dQm I have a sort of habit of dropping a song right at the height of it (sudden drop of the song). Is that what I did here? Or did I end it alright?
  2. Alright. I need your opinions and feedback!! I am nowhere near finished. I don't want to be too repetitive (although, it does repeat and build off of that repetition). It is lighthearted and happy, almost like a romantic waltz between the flute and oboe... BTW. I am fine with blunt responses. If you don't like it, or have criticisms, please... I don't get offended easily. Also would appreciate feedback on the quality of the overall audio. (Also not set on the title of it yet... perhaps it needs more refinement before a title will present itself?) Thank you for your time and effort in your responses! https://soundcloud.com/karisalclark/dance-of-the-flute-wip/s-SOQ67NxEeMu?fbclid=IwAR3dtQI8V7n6D4vrte7v573QoNwxH0VdBLC7sJjwTL3Ob2IyrQZrM3juADA
  3. Ok guys. I need your ears! I am still working on this and I would appreciate feedback! I plan on adding more vocals, lower (men vocals) perhaps... And easing off of the high notes...? To be honest, the ending (which isn't the planned ending and I'm hoping it will gravitate toward a bit of a theme) isn't right, and is almost a bit annoying but I can't tell why... The story I envisioned: A mad scientist in a haunting scene as he is injecting himself with his own formula and becomes the monstrous antagonist. The hero discovers the plot and is too late as the antagonist demonstrates his strength (hence the key change). Basically, I want to audibly illustrate a 'twist' in a science fiction scene. BTW. I am fine with blunt responses. If you don't like it, or have criticisms, please... I don't get offended easily. Also would appreciate feedback on the quality of the overall audio. I just purchased Cubase 10 Pro and already notice a difference, but I am VERY new to the program, so I am still learning how to space out instruments accordingly and how to even use the instruments. https://soundcloud.com/karisalclark/transformation-complete/s-0IP3EmwdNYf
  4. Does the choir seem too indistinguishable, or does it smoothly blend in harmony? What about the violin? I tend to be a perfectionist, but then again I know I have a lot to learn in the music realm, so any feedback or critiques you can offer I would greatly appreciate! How is the overall beat? Is it too prominent/ not prominent enough? Not enough instruments or too many? Spacial awareness of the instruments? Vowels of the chior? Just a bit to contemplate while listening. Thanks in advance for your time! Here is the song: https://soundcloud.com/karisalclark/return-of-the-king-by-karisa-l-clark/s-RRMEI Bonus points if you can tell which artist and song inspired me for this piece!
  5. Ah, I think I hear that now. Thanks. I initially heard the violin/voice not matching up but wondered if it was just me being too nit-picky... now I know that might not be the case. I "finished" the song right before my computer crashed (It's not the ideal computer for all the software I have) and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to load it back to continue, so I posted it as is... now that I have everything running again, I will take this feedback into account. I do like the 2:15 melody, but I can hear where it might be off-putting. Take note I do create completely by ear so I am still learning the techniques and have lots to learn. Thanks for your feedback and time!
  6. Here's the first song I've created using Cubase! I love hearing your feedback and I haven't posted in quite a while. I now have a degree in illustration and am wanting to improve this as a medium for telling stories so let me know what you think!
  7. Starting to work with my new Cubase Pro 10! 😄 Glad I made the switch!

  8. Ah! it works! 0.0 seriously.... it was that easy.... There are so many projects where this has happened and I've just moved on to the next idea since I didn't think I could build on them anymore and I couldn't share it to the public since it wasn't decently created yet. I'm SUPER excited to continue working on some of those projects now that I realize this is all that was needing to be done. Thank you SO very much for your help. So simple... I can't believe I didn't know this.
  9. Not sure where to post this (on & off the site as I finish my degree in Illustration/Visual Communication Design this year) but I was wondering if anyone knew how to export FL Studio to .mp3 without it muting/cutting out the VSTs. I constantly have the issue of adding all the instruments that I would like, sounds normal, then after exporting to .mp3, I test the .mp3 version and find it muted/cut out some (of not most) of the VSTs in the final exported piece. It sounds normal in FL Studio (sometimes it still cuts out when playing back the piece in FL Studio - but the issue is guaranteed on export). This is likely a simple fix, but I'm not sure how to solve this issue. I don't create elaborate pieces (as I am self taught and still learning the process), but I'm wondering if there is any way I can salvage the music piece I have created at this point... It is only 1-2min long... and I would like to continue building on it. If you would like to know the VSTs that give me the most issues they are Symphonic Orchestra and Kontakt player. I am using FL Studio 10 (extended memory). Also, If I understand correctly, FL Studio only allows around 4 RAM of room for me to create a music piece - if that is even a factor in the related issue. Let me know if I can provide more info. Like I said, I'm not sure if this fits in this forum, but since I use the VSTs, i figured perhaps someone might be able to help... Thanks! Karisa L. Clark
  10. Things have been slower than usual. College consumes most of my time and very little has been applied to getting my music files completed. While it was a bit of a tragedy when my computer crash deleted the majority of my current projects, it's been a relief to have a new/fresh start on my music... However, I am also focusing on other forms of creative storytelling such as graphic designs and photography, and am attempting to write my first novel series. To see updates follow me on twitter @KarisaLClark and also visit my website for the latest announcements and new content: http://karisalclark.wixsite.com/karisalclark 

  11. Thank you! But I cannot take credit for having the magnificent vocals you hear in this piece. I used the VST HeavyOCity's Vocalise 2 for the vocals and the vocal phrases. I also use Symphonic Orchestra from Steinberg for the strings and the cello.
  12. I keep trying to change my profile picture back to my logo, but the photo continues to reset to a "K"... :/ --- never mind.... I tried it just now and it seems to have changed back... strange indeed
  13. This is my latest cinematic orchestral piece "Gone". I would appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Click the YouTube link below: "Gone" by Karisa L. Clark
  14. Was a logo established for this yet? I have been away from this website for a while focusing on college and just seen this advertised. I am finishing up a Bachelor's degree as a Graphic Designer and would love the opportunity to design for Young Composers. You can view my portfolio here: http://karisalclark.wixsite.com/karisalclark/portfolio If you are still searching for designs or need help coming up with ideas, contact me through my website or reply to this post.
  15. New cinematic orchestral song "Gone"

    Would appreciate your feedback.

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