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  1. Cannot think of a more fitting title. This music is for a cutscene in my game where a group of people are being rescued via a futurist transport jet that hovers like an helicopter from a harsh stormy terrain.
  2. Echoes of the Past

    I found the midi from silent hill website and loaded it on my Magix Music Maker
  3. Based of Silent Hill soundtrack. This music aims to capture the feel of Silent Hill. It is going to be a medley soon... Drums at the center, guitars and bells at the sides and strings at the background.
  4. Idea inspired by horror videogames like Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark I am making a music for my suspense game where you fight monsters in the foggy streets of the abandoned town.
  5. A music with overdriven drive I am trying to compose for my friend's "A Trip to the Abandoned Town of Chernobyl' I'm trying to fuse art with musical art so that it rhymes with the visuals. First track for the album
  6. It was foggy outside so I composed this.
  7. Thanks for the review. I will no longer compose these music its sad tone makes me cry :(
  8. Ret (1).mp3 OK this is one of the looping exploration music for a game similar to Fallout 4. I am still expanding it to at least 3.5 minutes. The enemy is aliens so I added some subtle strange electronic sound effects. Critiques will be helpful thanks.
  9. I will give you the midi
  10. Very helpful. I'm nearing to stop composing if it isn't because of my friends.
  11. I know it is not fitting for the Christmas season but here is a scary track I'm working on. I started this on October 28th but decided to work on it more as my music-know-all friend decided to take Christmas vacation wit us. I have lots of advises so I am inspired to keep on music composing.
  12. So I tried composing my solo track for our instrumental album without help from my friends.
  13. A dark reflection of our reality. (The images are not mine. The music is mine)