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  1. Zimr Music

    Tip Toe Through the Night

    Yes silence will make the player more tense as a sudden creepy sound would be more noticeable and a sudden loud bang would make a player jump. But I prefer a combination of silence and tense music inserted in tbe right moment like for example the player is being chased by ghoulies.
  2. I had this dream where I am moving silently through a gloomy small village in the desert from scary cult soldiers. So I made a track inspired by that dream. It was an experimental tracks with an atmosphere. Those quirky scream-like sounds you hear are simply just woodwinds. I applied an overdrive filter and used Audacity to add a reverb effect. All edited and mixed with Audacity enjoy...
  3. Zimr Music

    Menu Music

    Yeah I will try to improve this prject. Thanks for the input.
  4. I was composing some space age music for my futuristic space station scene but then I remembered the Moonlight Sonata. I thought it will be a nice touch for a certain scene in my short film where the camera hovers in a lobby with a view of the earth from a far. It is a photo slide-show music video: https://youtu.be/Psod4i48jLc I am studying these modern soundtracks from scifi space movies... I am using MixCraft 8. I added some electronic instruments and synth effects to make it sound more techno. I added a slight flange filter and subtle delays to the track for more atmosphere.I sped it up to 15%. Ambient effects are inspired by Stranger Things title opening music.
  5. Zimr Music

    Finest Hour

    I have removed some conflicting beats like the snare drum sfx. Added strings to accompany the brass. Added spaces in between and added audio mastering filter for more balanced lows. and highs. I might extend this one to a full 3 minute track if I have some ideas.
  6. A menu music for SH game. The game is suspense and mysterious.
  7. Zimr Music

    Frozen Wind

    My first attempt at space electronic music and digital landscape design. I try to make music represent the mood and style of the scene. All is done with samples. No actual instruments used. Europa moon surface
  8. A looping music depicting an hostile environment where cosmonauts "star men" explore. (Think of Star Wars planets) Version 1
  9. I am experimenting with various sound mixing devices and synths. I created this tension track for a suspense game where the player's chopper crashed on a deserted village in Arizona in the middle of the night.
  10. Cannot think of a more fitting title. This music is for a cutscene in my game where a group of people are being rescued via a futurist transport jet that hovers like an helicopter from a harsh stormy terrain.
  11. Zimr Music

    Echoes of the Past

    I found the midi from silent hill website and loaded it on my Magix Music Maker
  12. Based of Silent Hill soundtrack. This music aims to capture the feel of Silent Hill. It is going to be a medley soon... Drums at the center, guitars and bells at the sides and strings at the background.
  13. Idea inspired by horror videogames like Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark I am making a music for my suspense game where you fight monsters in the foggy streets of the abandoned town.
  14. A music with overdriven drive I am trying to compose for my friend's "A Trip to the Abandoned Town of Chernobyl' I'm trying to fuse art with musical art so that it rhymes with the visuals. First track for the album
  15. It was foggy outside so I composed this.