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  1. Update: Cleaned the track a bit Added more synths to the mix Made it sound darker
  2. I'm making some sort of motivational theme music for a certain scene in my horror film project where one of the main characters stands in front of the soldiers to try and raise their morale to fight againsts nightmare after nightmare of inter-dimentional entities Inspired by Lux Aeterna
  3. I am making a looping music for a scene where scientists are experimenting on teleportation technology but then they accidentally unleashed nightmarish entities from another dimension. Suggestions are appreciated
  4. A revision of my first one. I had this idea while running home late at night, car broke down and the moon illuminates the way.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to listen. I'll remake this piece soon.
  6. perhaps sound thumping beat and some repeating drum tom toms can give the feel of of the horse
  7. A looping drum track for duel game in the jungle
  8. A music track WIP for a scene in my film where the character walks in the streets of a desolate town called Silent Hill. I will call it Silent Hill for now for a lack of better name.
  9. A looping track for a scene where a group of people are riding horse through a blizzard on a thick snowy terrain at night armed with lamps and rifles seeking for shelter.
  10. A looping background music for a scifi scene where space ship fleets arrive and the outnumbered ground forces rejoice and their morale sky rocket.
  11. New version of the track with strings (virtual) and some electronic choir effect
  12. A music that was inspired by some fast drumming beats I heard from the radio and the second part is a relaxed suspense music inspired by Akira Yamaoka's music.
  13. A looping tense music for a scene where an astronaut was inspecting a hallway and then sees some dead bodies of the Aegis 7 crew that they came to rescue but suddenly, they sprung back to life, possessed by an alien parasite host.
  14. A short music when the hero and his people pack up their things and started moving out to the rescue zone. It was inspired by Celtic music. I am trying to get the tropical island feel. Instruments Used: (MixCraft 8 Virtual Instruments) Flute Orchestral Pad Piano Water Flute
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