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  1. A looping track for a scene where a group of people are riding horse through a blizzard on a thick snowy terrain at night armed with lamps and rifles seeking for shelter.
  2. A looping background music for a scifi scene where space ship fleets arrive and the outnumbered ground forces rejoice and their morale sky rocket.
  3. New version of the track with strings (virtual) and some electronic choir effect
  4. A music that was inspired by some fast drumming beats I heard from the radio and the second part is a relaxed suspense music inspired by Akira Yamaoka's music.
  5. A looping tense music for a scene where an astronaut was inspecting a hallway and then sees some dead bodies of the Aegis 7 crew that they came to rescue but suddenly, they sprung back to life, possessed by an alien parasite host.
  6. A short music when the hero and his people pack up their things and started moving out to the rescue zone. It was inspired by Celtic music. I am trying to get the tropical island feel. Instruments Used: (MixCraft 8 Virtual Instruments) Flute Orchestral Pad Piano Water Flute
  7. I am trying to add some music to a scene where the hero sneaks up behind tall grass when a T-Rex is passing by below the hill. Instruments Used: Cello Violins Synthesized Flute Recording Bass Drum Sound Effect T-Rex Sound Clip from Jurassic World/Park
  8. I am creating a theme for the Gestapo enemy in my game. It uses violins, a snare drum, a regular guitar and a synth.
  9. Gestapo police reinforcements equipped with heavy exoskeletons arriving ready to fold disobedient citizens. This is version 1. I ideas and suggestions are very much appreciated.
  10. A music for when you are walking home late in the night on grungy empty urban town streets.
  11. I making a track after I woke up to a foggy morning. I am planning to create a short movie out off it where a guy was drawn into this mysterious town. I created this atmospheric layer to blend in with the fog. I then added this bell and the rusty echoing drums. Ideas and suggestions appreciated.
  12. An electronic guitar accompanied by a flute
  13. I am making a simple short jungle themed track for a jungle footage. Suggestions are appreciated
  14. MixCraft 8 It was all virtual instruments but some unconventional instruments were used such as recording the sound of scraping a rusty metal and synthesizing it.
  15. Looking back, I listened to it and I am annoyed by the music I made. At the time I finished it, it sounds good to me but then when time passes and I forgot about it, I listened to it as if I stumbled upon a piece from another artist. It is then I realized how bad it sounded. Lesson learned: Listen to your piece a couple of times before calling it done. Analise every detail and take note of the areas that needs improvement.
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