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    I started playing flute in fourth grade. got finale 2011 for christmas in 7th grade and went on to completely butcher every song i made. i then learned trombone for marching band later that year. learned bassoon in 8th for no particular reason, and fell in love. then i realized i was okay at composing and became more dedicated to it. next i learned every other instrument hidden in the dusty depths of (que scary music)... the STORAGE ROOM. now i play oboe in my community college's orchestra, and play mostly Bassoon in the 9th. through 12th grade band. i also enjoy making bamboo flutes and other random pan-pipes and oboes... story of my life
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    New York
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    nothing! woot woot!
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    Playing instruments, composing, singing... the usual.
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    John Williams, Robert W. Smith, and Eric Whitacre
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    Finale 2011, /MAGIX music maker, MAGIX music studio, Audacity
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    Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, and Piano.

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  1. Aquatunic

    Yc Theme Challenge No. 3

    So i've finally begun extensive work on JFTFT's theme. Hopefully i can have it finished by the end of the week, but i have a lot of auditions this weekend so im not making any promises. @JFTFT is it a problem if i change your theme into a major key, or would you like me to keep it how it is?
  2. I'm back after a short hiatus, I've posted a generally new piece on to here and i really would appreciate reviews. i think i've for some reason become better at composing after my long break just from thinking about it. Strange idea indeed, but maybe we can improve just by "thinking" about composing.

    1. JFTFT


      Yeah it's very possible to improve at something by just thinking about doing it, even if it's not actively. I'll definitely check out your piece. Welcome back.

  3. Aquatunic

    Yc Theme Challenge No. 3

    bkho. I'm not trying to force you into anything, but if you do decide to join in, do you think you could work on JFTF's theme. My normally busy schedule at this time of year has prevented me from doing any kind of composing. Chances are, i won't be ready in time for the big reveal of everyone's pieces and everyone will be waiting for me. i still plan on composing it but if you could do me a huge favor and do JFTF's theme as well it would make my life a lot less stressful.
  4. Aquatunic

    Composing Short Pieces Using A Theme By Danjtitchener

    I personally don't see the point of a deadline since this was never a very formal challenge. I think we should just do this how we've done it in the past and move on whenever everyone is finished. Im not sure about anyone else but all a deadline does is stress me out.
  5. Aquatunic

    Composing Short Pieces Using A Theme By Danjtitchener

    Also a great idea. I'm with Pateceramics, lets just pull names from a hat. Anyway, this is my entry http://www.youngcomposers.com/music/listen/7224/%2216%22%20Bar%20Challenge it's not really 16 bars because it's an old piece that i didn't know what to do with and just left it unfinished to rot in the deepest pits of my file folders.
  6. Aquatunic

    Composing Short Pieces Using A Theme By Danjtitchener

    We could have one person use the random name selector and put the results in the thread. https://www.teachstarter.com/random-name-selector/ i'm not exactly sure how it would work but i'm just throwing around ideas.
  7. Aquatunic

    Composing Short Pieces Using A Theme By Danjtitchener

    Don't start without me, i want to join this too.
  8. Aquatunic

    Regarding Low Register Flute

    I think so. Actually i'm just about positive they could. If they have their hands on an intermediate level flute they could even go down to a low B. so the answer to your question is yes, an intermediate level flute player should be able to comfortably play in a low range.
  9. Aquatunic

    Composing Short Pieces Using A Theme By Danjtitchener

    why don't we just choose a song from the previous pool of songs from the last challenge?
  10. Aquatunic

    2014 Autumn Competition

    So i'm confused right now. Did anyone else post for the competition? were we supposed to put the compositions somewhere else? was the deadline changed? I just don't understand what the situation is. Is the competition off?
  11. Concert got cancelled, so i spent the evening arranging happy songs into minor versions to express how i feel.

  12. Aquatunic

    Annoyance With Performers Edits

    I've never had this happen to me on this scale. i guess what you should do is find the parts that you especially want to keep the same, and tell him/her to play it as written. For example forget about the endings and tell them to play the harmonies correctly. or perhaps what you could do is slowly over a few weeks tell them to change small things until you get it to how you want it and hopefully they will never notice that you changed it on them :P i don't really know if it's normal to feel that way about a piece because i've never had it happen to me on that scale. although i do remember when i was in 5th grade i won a writing contest and got the little skit i wrote performed by a college group, but when i watched it they had completely changed it up on me. So instead of telling everyone that it wasn't very much like what i had written, i just laughed and told everyone i made it like that. Although that was just because they had changed it for the better. so i would say... if you think it sounds better, let the performer do what they want
  13. Aquatunic

    2014 Autumn Competition

    http://www.youngcomposers.com/music/listen/7108/Flute%20Quartets%20for%20Your%20Students Then it that case i'll post my entry. sorry i couldn't put everything in one PDF.
  14. Aquatunic

    2014 Autumn Competition

    I have a question. while reading through the rules to make sure i've done everything correctly, i noticed that at the top it states that we must have at least 4 instruments, but then later under "general rules" it says that we must have 6-10 instruments. which one of these is right? (I would really appreciate it if you said 4 instruments was right because i've already just about finished a series of flute quartets) :P
  15. Aquatunic

    Composing Short Pieces Using A Theme By Danjtitchener

    I think the only person still composing their take is danishali, so i guess whenever that one gets finished we move on. Unless somebody else says they are going to join the party.